Hermione’s Kitty Korner #23: Debbie’s New Cat Book is on Blog Tour

Hello and Meow. Hermione here with exciting news. My grandma’s new cat book, Pet Posts: The Cat Chats, is on blog tour. Beautiful, full-color photos of me and my brothers Harry and Stripey are included with many of the Kitty Korner columns we’ve written. There are three other cats in the book with us whom I’ve never met — Floppy, Holly, and Oliver. These cats were before my and Harry’s time, although Stripey knew Oliver, Debbie’s Siamese, for several years.

What might interest you all, besides the great gift idea for any cat lovers on your holiday list, is the $20 Amazon gift card giveaway you can enter and win if you’re lucky like we were for having been adopted by Debbie and her family. That story is featured in Pet Posts, too.

You can follow the blog tour from the host blog that lists the schedule for the tour. It kicks off today, December 13, at Silver Dagger Book Tours. Don’t miss the excerpt and guest post that introduces all the cats in the book.

Here are Harry and I posing with the book.


I hope you will consider picking up a copy for yourself or giving one as a gift to one of your cat loving friends. It makes a purr-fect holiday book.

Sneaky Interviews Dep from Beyond a Reasonable Donut, A Deputy Donut Mystery by Ginger Bolton

Meow there, Kitty. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My full name is Deputy Donut, but my person, Emily, usually calls me Dep. My author is Ginger Bolton.

Mice to meet you, Dep. What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.






They’re all cozy mysteries.

Pawsome! I love cozy mysteries and am the main cat in the Cobble Cove cozy mystery series.

Are you in a series? If so, please give information about it.

            Yes. The series is named after me—the Deputy Donut Mysteries. Emily co-owns a coffee and donut shop with Tom, the kind man who is the father of My-Favorite-Man-Who-Went-Away. And—get this—Emily and Tom named the little restaurant after me! Yep, it’s called Deputy Donut. They designed it with a special home for me, with windows to allow diners to admire me without touching me and maybe getting cat hair in their donuts and coffee. (People are wimpy like that, Sneaky. They should be brave like us. I mean, if you get a hairball, you can simply cough it up, right?)

            Emily was a 911 operator, My Favorite-Man-Who-Went-Away was a detective, and Tom has retired as the police chief of our town, Fallingbrook, Wisconsin. Emily and Tom have many first responder friends, including Brent, who can come live with Emily and me any time. I’m afraid that My-Favorite-Man-Who-Went-Away is never coming back, and Brent is My-Favorite-Man-Who-Visits-Often. I try to show Emily that she should encourage Brent to move in with us so he can cuddle and pet me more, but she pretends to ignore me.

            Lots of first responders spend time in Deputy Donut. They seem to know a lot about crimes, but bad guys sometimes come into our shop, too, and Emily can learn important things from all of them. If I don’t trust someone in the shop, I glare at them through my window and puff up to alert Emily. By paying attention to me and to everyone else in the shop and also by going out snooping with or without me, Emily solves crimes!

Wow, Meow! Your series sounds great.

Are you based on a real cat such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

Ginger Bolton’s Grandcat, Wendy

           My personality is based on my author’s cat, Lucy, from a long time ago. Reportedly, Lucy was the world’s most cuddly and talkative cat. She was a tabby, but I am a torbie, a combination tabby and tortoiseshell. One of author Krista Davis’s cats, a gorgeous and distinguished kitty, has modeled for my splendid appearance on book covers. Sometimes my author’s grandcat, Wendy, appears in photos, as in the one I’m sending you, Sneaky.

Interesting. I’ve never heard of a torbie. My author’s cat, Hermione, is a calico tabby. I wonder if there’s name for that. I’m Siamese and was based on Debbie’s cat, Oliver, who went to Rainbow Bridge 3 years ago. I’m glad that, as a character cat, I can live furever in Cobble Cove. Thanks for sending the photo. I’ll make sure to add it to this post.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

            Here’s a scene from BEYOND A REASONABLE DONUT. I save Emily and her two best friends from a huge furry monster. And by the way, that monster was not adorable or cute or funny. Emily only thought that because he hadn’t attacked her. Which, may I say again, was thanks to me.

Dripping, Misty and I made our way back to the sun-warmed sand, walked across it, wrapped our towels around ourselves, and settled into our chairs. Dep clambered into my lap, closed her eyes, and purred loudly.

            The other three of us sat quietly enjoying one another’s company. I almost dozed.

            Something to my left jingled. With a joyful bark, a half-grown but very large puppy bounded toward us, his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, which was stretched in a happy smile. He was mostly white with large black splotches. A lopsided white streak snaked up from his nose to the top of his fluffy, black head. His ears flopped and his paws were about the size of teacups. Despite his speed, he wore an adorably bewildered expression.

            Dep leaped up and dug her claws into the towel—and into my legs. Arching her back, she made herself about twice her usual size. In case that wasn’t enough, she twitched her tail, flattened her ears, and hissed.

            Spraying sand, the puppy put on the brakes exactly like a dog in a cartoon. A whistle sounded in the distance. The puppy turned around and scooted back toward the lodge. At first, his giant white plume of a tail was down near his back legs, but by the time I lost sight of him, his tail was high again and waving proudly.

            We three humans laughed. The puppy had been very cute. “I guess you showed him, Dep,” I said. Still puffed up, she stared toward where he’d disappeared among trees. I had a feeling that, unlike us, Dep hadn’t found him either funny or cute.

Love it! Great job, Dep.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

            I like my partnership with Emily. We depend on each other for comfort, cuddles, and security. Plus, she feeds me.

I feel the same about Alicia, but I also like all the other staff members at the Cobble Cove Library. I’m proud to be a library cat and a mystery sleuth.

Are you a talking cat in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

            I don’t speak like humans do, but I communicate with meows, yowls, chirps, purrs, and an assortment of unique sounds. Plus, there’s the puffing up to make myself look big and threatening.

I do the same with the human characters, but I reveal my thoughts to the other pet characters in our books and the readers, too. I started doing this in our first Cobble Cove story, Sneaky’s Christmas Mystery and have continued it through our latest book, No Gravestone Unturned.

What advice would you give other cat characters?

            Pay attention and stay alert, even when you appear to be catnapping. Protect your person in creative ways if you need to. You don’t want to have to open cans by yourself.

MOL (meow out loud). Very good advice.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

DECK THE DONUTS, Deputy Donut #6, October 26, 2021

Concats! I will be sure to have my author check that one out. Love the title.

Are you and/or your author on social media? If so, please list your links.


Thanks so much for cat chatting with me today, Dep, and best whiskers to you and Ginger on your new release and upcoming books in your series.

Authors, do you have a pet character who would like to be interviewed by Sneaky? If so, comment on this post or contact me at debbiewriter@yahoo.com.

Harry’s Kitty Korner #23 Review of The Black Cat Who Only Wanted to Be Loved by Rosa Silva

Meow there. Long time, no paw this column. Miss Hermione is actually one blog post ahead of me, and even Stripey wrote a column recently. My sister’s been trying to purrsuade me to write, but I’m a lazy boy, handsome but lazy. What brought me out of my young retirement? A very special book about a black cat, and Debbie’s offer for me to review it. I’m honored. How many cats do you know who write book reviews?

Below is my review. I loved it, and I’m sure you, your kids, and your kitties will, too.

5-paws @@@@@

The Black Cat Who Only Wanted to Be Loved by Rosa Silva

I must say this author is almost as talented as my hooman, Debbie. That makes sense because they’re both members of the Cat Writers’ Association, after all. But I’m not biased. Debbie Shared this marvelous book with me, and it was obvious it was well written. While it’s geared toward kids from ages 8-12, I know Debbie enjoyed it very much, and I think even cats, especially those handsome, dark-haired ones like me, would like it, too.

Let me tell you a bit of the story. The main character is Pepper. You can see him on the book cover. He lives with the Humphreys. The lady is sweet, but her husband is a creep. If he was a bug, I’d catch him and eat him. He thinks poor Pepper is causing him bad luck. When his kind wife is out, he takes Pepper away and pretends he got out. I was so upset hearing Debbie read that. However, things get better for Pepper because he finds a nice street called Flower Street and befriends two kitties. I won’t tell you much more because you really should read this paw-some book yourself.

When you’re done reading this story, you’ll learn some important lessons and the reason black cats are the best.

Here’s the link. It comes in paperback, eBook, and is free on Kindle Unlimited. You, your kids, and kitties will love it.

Interview of River Holloway Merrick and her pets from Shrimply Dead, A Seafood Caper Mystery by Maggie Toussaint

Hello, there. This is a first. I usually don’t interview human characters, but I have a woman here who wants to speak about her pet co-stars, so I’ll make an exception. Hello, Lady. What is your name and your author’s name?

I’m caterer River Holloway Merrick, and my author is Maggie Toussaint. My newly adopted dog is Artie, and he’s a retired police dog. I have two cats. My black cat Major has been in all my books, and he’s quite the sleuth. My second cat, Ivy, has calico coloring, and she’s very shy.

My author has two real-life cats that are black and calico-colored. In our Cobble Cove series, I also have a calico, KittyKai, who joined us a few books ago. We also have Fido, a golden retriever and Ruby the beagle.

What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

This is my (River’s) third Seafood Capers Mysteries, a culinary cozy series. The books in order include Seas the Day, Spawning Suspicion, and Shrimply Dead. Artie the dog only appears in Shrimply Dead. Major is my cat with detective leanings.

Sounds great. My author doesn’t eat much seafood, but I love it. Most cats do.

Are you in a series? If so, please give information about it.

This series features my (River’s) catering business, Holloway Catering, and my hometown, Shell Island, Georgia. I’ve lived here my whole life. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Pete Merrick, and I have a brother with children and a wife. Everyone raves about my cooking and my yummy desserts but truthfully, I’m just barely getting by on my catering income. To raise my total income, I often help a friend with her housecleaning business. My goal is to increase my net profits so that I spend my time cooking, which I adore.

My German Shepherd Artie was inspired by a needy Labrador Retriever that my author once had. Artie’s tricks of eating off the counter and sleeping with his head on the pillow came from my author’s grand-dogs.

You sound like an interesting character and so does Artie and your other pets.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

Artie didn’t sleuth in this book, but my kitty Major did.

Even better.

“Stay back.” Pete told me as he hurried to the open doorway. “Anybody here?”

No response. I took the stairs two at a time. “Hello?” I called out from beside him.

His exasperated gaze spoke volumes. “I told you to wait down there.”

I gestured with my hand. “You did, but no one is here, except our cat.”

He stepped in front of me and called out again. “Hello!”

Not a sound came from inside the house, and I was tired of being protected. I ducked under Pete’s arm. “Major…Here kitty, kitty.”

The cat yowled, and my concern mounted. “Something’s wrong. I need to get him.”

A shot rang out. My heart stalled and echoes of that shot reverberated in my ears. Pete hauled me down the steps and wrangled me into the Buick. When I could speak, I asked, “What about the cat? We can’t abandon him.”

“That cat has nine lives. You don’t, and we’re not dying today.” Pete sped away from the Garr property. “Major will hide until help arrives. He’s a clever cat. He’ll be okay. Meanwhile, call the deputy.”

I glanced over my shoulder at the Garr place and swallowed around the lump in my throat. “Thanks for getting us out of there. That gunshot stunned me. I was so sure the house was empty, and Major had found another clue.”

“He did. He let us know somebody was in that house.”

Purrfect excerpt. Thanks for sharing.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

River will continue to answer… I like showcasing my home town of Shell Island, and I enjoy sharing my love of cooking with others. If you were to ask my pets, Major would say he loves protecting our family and finding things; Ivy would say she’s glad she has a new fur-ever home; and Artie would say I love having a new pack, even if there are cats in it.

Good answers.

Do the pets talk in your books or stay silent and only bark or meow occasionally?

The pets in the Seafood Caper Mysteries are super smart, but they do not talk in human language. They indicate danger, displeasure, and love with different animal sounds and behaviors. Trust me, there is a lot of pet communication.

The pets in the Cobble Cove books have recently started talking with one another but not with the human characters, but they also find ways of communicating with them especially Alicia, the main character, and Gilly, her friend.

What advice would the pets give other pet characters?

Artie insisted on answering this one! Don’t let the cats hog all the detecting glory. Your dog nose is much keener than any cat’s, so you can pick up the scent of anyone who’s intruded in your home. Your hearing is keener too. Regardless of what they tell you, cats do not rule, but it’s best to let them think that’s true.

Don’t give up if something happens to your human. My first person after I stopped being a police K-9, Duvall Shannon, was with me for many, many moons. I could smell his sickness on him when he brought me to the vet clinic for my surgery to remove a fatty tumor on my leg. I never saw Duvall again, and I couldn’t eat. My new person, River, came to the clinic, and I loved her right away. She smells like food, her voice is soft and sweet, and she doesn’t push me away when I need to hear her heart beating.

I like that reply. It was nice to hear from you, Artie, even though you’re a dog.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

My author Maggie is writing another paranormal mystery series, so Shell Island and all my friends are currently on hiatus and enjoying the seashore. If you want more books in this series, let the author know. She will have another mystery out in late 2021 or in 2022

I will share that with my readers and also your author’s blog tour and giveaway. Thanks for the interview, River and Artie.

Shrimply Dead (A Seafood Caper Mystery)
by Maggie Toussaint

About Shrimply Dead

Shrimply Dead (A Seafood Caper Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Publisher: Muddle House Publishing (April 12, 2021)
• Number of Pages 237 PAGES
Digital ASIN: B08V52RD4W

When veterinarian and amateur naturalist Jasmine Garr is shot in her yard, residents of Shell Island press caterer River Holloway into investigating the homicide. River dons her amateur sleuth cap and sets out to discover who killed her former catering customer.

Between Jasmine’s estranged cousin, a rival veterinarian, a wild animal trapper, the chicken lady, and a real estate broker, River has plenty of suspects to consider. As she peels back the layers of Jasmine’s life, dangerous secrets come to light.

Jasmine’s orphaned kitty, Iris, along with River’s cat Major, and her husband Pete help River sift through the evidence. At the same time, River recently expanded her catering business. She must service her regular catering clients, plus provide fresh baked goods for Pete’s ice cream shop.

The killer follows River’s every move relishing the thought of another victim. Time is running out. Will River solve the murder before she becomes a cold dish?

About Maggie Toussaint

Southern author Maggie Toussaint writes cozy and paranormal mysteries, romantic suspense, and dystopian fiction, with more than twenty fiction novels published. A multi-year finalist for Georgia Author of the Year, she’s won Silver Falchions, the Readers’ Choice, and the EPIC Awards. She’s past president of Mystery Writers of America-Southeast chapter and an officer of LowCountry Sisters In Crime. She lives in coastal Georgia, where secrets, heritage, and ancient oaks cast long shadows. Visit her at https://maggietoussaint.com/

Author Links

Website – https://maggietoussaint.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MaggieToussaintAuthor

Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/MaggieToussaint

GoodReads – https://www.goodreads.com/MaggieToussaint

BookBub – https://www.bookbub.com/authors/maggie-toussaint

Blog – https://www.mudpiesandmagnolias.blogspot.com/

Linked In – https://www.linkedin.com/pub/maggie-toussaint/30/1a5/572/

Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/maggietoussaint

Book Lovers Bench – https://bookloversbench.com/maggie-toussaint/

Purchase Links
Kindle Nook Kobo IBooks

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Sneaky Interviews Sweet Pea, the Dog from Paws for Alarm, A Canine Confections Mystery by Amy Hueston

Hello, Ms. Doggy. Nice to have you here on my character blog. What is your name and your author’s name?

Sweet Pea. Awthurs name is Amy Hueston.

Nice to meet you both. What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

Paws for Concern, Book Won in A Canine Confections mystery.

Paws for Alarm, Book Too in A Canine Confections mysteree.

Will be in the upcoming Paws of Death, Book Three in A Canine Confections mysteree.

Cozy mystery.

Sounds like fun. Are you in a series?


Please give information about it.

In Book 1, I meet my mom, Samantha becauze the nice owner lady I knew for one week got killed and her bodee wuz left on the floor of Canine Confections, my mom’s dawg bakery on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach Floriduh.

In Book 2, my mom and I get cumfy in our dog bakeree and get to no the naybors better.

In Book 3, I’m pritty shure the nooow cat we meet will hav a lot of conversashuns with me.

Your plots sound interesting. Are you based on a real dog such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

Sort uv, yes. She wuz a blak Labruhdoor and coker spaniel mix like me. I heer she wuz sweet too. My mom laffs at my wite paws a lot. I don’t no y.

Awww. I was based on my author’s cat, Oliver, the Siamese, who is now on Rainbow Bridge.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

Okay. This is part of a seen wen Detectiv Trumble is asking my mom questuns write after the murdur.

I was beginning to get the impression that Trumble wasn’t here to answer my questions. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the residents blame you for this,” he said. “People don’t like dead bodies showing up next to their luxury stores.”

“It’s not like I carried a carcass on my back.”

“There’s already a news story on you.” He picked up a remote on his desk and waved it at the television in the corner where ceiling met wall. A video of me, Sweet Pea, Trumble and the EMTs carrying the gurney with the headline: New Dog Bakery Owner Brings Grief to Palm Beach.

Excellent excerpt. Thanks for sharing.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

Awl the treets. And meeting uther dawgs. I’m not so shore abowt this cat thow…

I won’t take that as an insult. I like treats, too, but dogs not so much, although my pals Fido and Ruby aren’t too bad.

Are you a talking dog in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

Silent xcept wen I wine.

Cats don’t whine, but they do make plenty of other sounds.

What advice would you give other dog characters?

Opin your eyez reel big wen yoo wont a treet.

I’m sure that will be helpful to dog characters, but cat characters don’t beg. They have too much pride.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

Paws for Alarm came out March 22, 2021

Paws of Death June 2021.

Condogulations to you!

Are you and/or your author on social media? If so, please list your links.

I’m not but my author iz. Ex Sept shee duz hav dawg pikturs on her soshial media an awful lot.


I know what that’s like. My author puts lots of cat photos on her social media.

Well, thanks for the interview, Sweet Pea, and best tail wags to you and your author on your new release and upcoming books in your series. I’m sharing your blog tour and giveaway below.

Paws for Alarm (A Canine Confections Mystery)
by Amy Hueston

About Paws for Alarm

Paws for Alarm (A Canine Confections Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Publisher: Donelson Press (March 22, 2021)
Digital – Number of Pages – 196

When Samantha relaxes into her new role as a dog mom, finds a circle of friends in her new hometown, and sees her new dog bakery Canine Confections barking up business, she’s thrilled that things are going so well … until she hears a bloodcurdling scream from the pastry shop two doors down and runs over to find a dead body on the floor.

Suddenly Samantha finds herself in a race against time to find not only the thief who is stealing from the upscale shops, but a murderer, too. Samantha’s Lab-Mix Sweet Pea wags her tail through all of the clues, suspects and shenanigans. Both Samantha and Sweet Pea are aided in their amateur investigation by the other shopkeepers on the elegant Worth Avenue, and Samantha finds the suspect list growing at every turn.

To make matters worse, Samantha’s old boyfriend arrives in town, and mysterious people start showing up at the Sophisticated Pet and New Age stores nearby. Samantha soon finds that things are not what they seem, and she must figure out what’s going on—or become the next dead body on a bakery floor.

Includes an original recipe from the world-famous Three Dog Bakery!

About Amy Hueston

Amy Hueston writes mini-mysteries for Woman’s World magazine when she isn’t writing mystery and suspense novels. The first 3 books in her Canine Confections mystery series have an abundance of dogs and pastries, two of her favorite things, and will be available in 2021. Amy is also a professional singer who has performed nationally and internationally. A sought-after singer in South Florida, Amy draws on these experiences when writing.

Author Links
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amy.hueston.73
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amyhueston/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuestonAmy
Website: https://amyhueston.com
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20626879.Amy_Hueston

Purchase Links – AmazonB&N

My CD Download on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Lets-Talk-Love-Amy-Hueston/dp/B08C252M8D

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Sneaky Interviews Chanel from The Disappearance of Emily by Elizabeth Pantley

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is be74fba2-0ef4-4c2f-aa19-0f8e3e56e83e

Sneaky here with another pawsome pet character interview. Today, I’m speaking with a pretty Persian cat from a new release. Hello, Ms. Kitty. Please introduce yourself and your author.

Hello, so nice to meet you. I’m Chanel and my author is Elizabeth Pantley.

What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

I’m featured in all the Destiny Falls Mystery and Magic books. You can first meet me in book 1, Falling into Magic. You’ll learn more about me in book 2, The Disappearance of Emily. Apparently, I also have a big role in the upcoming book 3, as well. It’s called The Ghost Camper’s Tall Tales.

You sound like you’re a regular character in this series. Tell me more about it.

Yes, the Destiny Falls Mystery and Magic books are a series. I understand my author has enough material in her head for at least a dozen books.

Your author is like my Debbie who is brimming with ideas, but they don’t always include our series. I don’t mind. I need a break from Cobble Cove once in a while.

Are you based on a real animal such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

My author loves cats, but she’s never owned a white Persian like me. I think she would love that, though.

Debbie has never owned a Persian pussycat either, but she had a Siamese. I was based on Oliver who has since gone to Rainbow Bridge.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

I’d be delighted, thank you for asking.

My heart felt even fuller, and my yoga seemed like a message of gratefulness out to the universe. I took a deep breath in and out, then heard another deep breath behind me. I turned around and saw Latifa and Chanel stretched out into somewhat yoga-ish poses.

“Good morning, Chanel,” I said.

“She says, good day to you, Miss Hayden,” Latifa translated the meow.

The cats and I finished up our yoga session. (I was thankful no one was videotaping.) And oh joy! I had two fashion critics helping me select a meeting-with-the-grandmother outfit. At least Chanel’s comments were on point and helpful. Latifa was still on her Project Runway kick, which basically meant mixing odd colors and fabrics and trying to overload me with accessories, none of which I would wear this morning.

Pawsome excerpt. Thank you for sharing it, Chanel.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

I appreciate that my author captures my true personality and does an admirable job of describing my best features. She also respects the importance of my place in the household, as the cat of the grand dame of the family.

You’re lucky. I also like the way Debbie portrays me and also my cat co-star, KittyKai, who joined our series a few books back and recently starred in our Easter mystery that is on blog tour starting March 22.

Are you a talking cat in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

I don’t talk, but my very dear partner, Latifa can communicate with our main character. Therefore, my thoughts are appropriately translated when necessary.

KittyKai and I don’t communicate with Alicia, but we talk among ourselves, and the reader is privy to our conversations, which makes things interesting.

What advice would you give other cat characters?

Take advantage of feline stealth. Keep your eye on the villains and find a way to let your main character know what you’ve observed. That’s how you’ll become important to the book series and keep your place of prominence.

I agree completely.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

Our current book, The Disappearance of Emily has just been released, and ohhh my, the mysteries it uncovers! It’s quite an exhilarating read with twists and turns you’ll never expect and an ending that you’ll not soon forget.

I saw my author has it on her Kindle and is hoping to read it soon. Debbie said she loved the first one and wrote a review about it.

Are you and/or your author on social media? If so, please list your links.

My author is quite busy in that area! Here are all her locations:

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/24811.Elizabeth_Pantley
Website:  https://www.nocrysolution.com/books/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethPantleyNoCryAuthor
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elizabethpantley/
Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/nocrysolution/_saved/
Blog:  https://elizabethpantley.com/
email:  elizabeth@pantley.com

Thank you, Chanel for such a purrfect interview. Best whiskers to you and your author on your new release and the rest of your series. Here is a link to the interview my author had with yours for her blog tour: https://wordpress.com/post/debbiedelouise.com/12082