Hermione’s Kitty Korner #23: Debbie’s New Cat Book is on Blog Tour

Hello and Meow. Hermione here with exciting news. My grandma’s new cat book, Pet Posts: The Cat Chats, is on blog tour. Beautiful, full-color photos of me and my brothers Harry and Stripey are included with many of the Kitty Korner columns we’ve written. There are three other cats in the book with us whom I’ve never met — Floppy, Holly, and Oliver. These cats were before my and Harry’s time, although Stripey knew Oliver, Debbie’s Siamese, for several years.

What might interest you all, besides the great gift idea for any cat lovers on your holiday list, is the $20 Amazon gift card giveaway you can enter and win if you’re lucky like we were for having been adopted by Debbie and her family. That story is featured in Pet Posts, too.

You can follow the blog tour from the host blog that lists the schedule for the tour. It kicks off today, December 13, at Silver Dagger Book Tours. Don’t miss the excerpt and guest post that introduces all the cats in the book.

Here are Harry and I posing with the book.


I hope you will consider picking up a copy for yourself or giving one as a gift to one of your cat loving friends. It makes a purr-fect holiday book.

Character Guest Post and Blog Tour for Five Belles Too Many, A Sarah Blair Mystery by Debra H. Goldstein

Five Belles Too Many (A Sarah Blair Mystery)
by Debra H. Goldstein

About Five Belles Too Many

Five Belles Too Many (A Sarah Blair Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
5th in the Series
Setting – Alabama
Kensington Cozies (June 28, 2022)
Mass Market Paperback ‏ : ‎ 336 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1496732235
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1496732231
Digital ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09HRCV4TN

When Sarah Blair’s mother participates in a reality show competition for brides in Wheaton, Alabama, things get a little too real as a murderer crashes the wedding party . . .

Sometimes Sarah’s mother, Maybelle, can be higher maintenance than her Siamese cat RahRah. Maybelle and her friend, Mr. George Rogers, have been chosen to be one of five couples competing for a small-town “perfect” wedding and dream honeymoon on a Southern Belles reality show—and guess who has to be chaperone. Even more vexing, the producers have decided to put up the crew and participants at the restaurant/bed and breakfast owned by Sarah’s nemesis Jane Clark.

But when someone turns up dead with Jane kneeling by the body with blood on her hands, she goes from being Sarah’s chief rival to the police’s chief suspect. Neither Sarah nor her twin, Chef Emily Johnson, can stand Jane—still, they don’t think she’s a murderer. The producers vow the show must go on, but to protect their mother and the other contestants, Sarah vows to find the true killer before someone else gets eliminated . . .

Includes quick and easy recipes!


RahRah Visits Sneaky

I’m so excited to be visiting Sneaky today! We cats have to stick together. In my world, there is a dog and a lot of humans, but no other cats. My name is RahRah and even though Kensington refers to the cozy mysteries that I’m in as the Sarah Blair mysteries, they’re really about me.

Like Sneaky, I can’t complain. I’m well love and cared for living with Sarah. You might say

I’m living the proverbially “life of Reilly.” Sarah doesn’t seem to know it, but I rule the house. I’ve got my favorite spots to stretch out and catch sun rays, I know exactly how to rub her leg and purr for extra treats, and if I do something that is a definite no-no, like walking across the bar using my tail to make the hanging glasses tinkle, I’m so cute that Sarah usually picks me up and hugs me.

Besides running Sarah’s life, I also rule her rescue dog, Fluffy. When Fluffy moved in, I made it clear from day one that I am this house’s alpha animal. When Sarah needs to use me as a sounding board, I make sure to be still and listen until she finishes pouring her heart out or working out a problem. Otherwise, I play with Fluffy and Sarah or let her snuggle me, but if I decide I’ve had enough, that’s it. I can assure you no one in my world challenges me about anything.

They can’t. I’m rich. I don’t mean only in the love I get from Sarah and the adoration in Fluffy’s eyes when she follows me around, but at the bank. You see, my original owner, who was Sarah’s ex-mother-in-law, willed me the carriage house that Sarah and I live in plus a trust fund. Consequently, even the people at the bank think I walk on water. I don’t plan to disabuse them of this notion.

As you can see, I’m usually the center of everyone’s universe. This week, though, Sarah is busy chaperoning her mother while her mother competes to win the perfect Southern wedding. A TV show from New York is filming the competition here in Wheaton, Alabama and is requiring the five finalists to be chaperoned. Sarah isn’t thrilled – after all, her mother isn’t a twenty-something-year old. Mother Maybelle is over sixty – but good daughter that she is, Sarah is doing it. That means she is running from her day job to take care of Fluffy and me and then she is having her twin, Chef Emily, spend the night once Emily closes her restaurant. I’m working hard to make Sarah feel guilty for neglecting me.

Tell me, Sneaky, what do you do when you want your owner to feel guilty? Readers, anything your cats do to let you know you need to pay them more attention (or things they do that makes you melt)?

Thank you for that pawsome guest post, RahRah. In answer to your question, when I want Alicia to feel guilty, I give her a certain look. You character cats and real cats out there know what I mean. Our stares are stronger than words. Best whiskers to you and your author on your new release and blog tour.

About Debra H. Goldstein

Many, Four Cuts Too Many, Three Treats Too Many, Two Bites Too Many, and One Taste Too Many). Her novels and short stories received an IPPY award and have been named Agatha, Anthony, Derringer, and Silver Falchion finalists. Debra served on the national boards of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America and was president of the Guppy and SEMWA chapters. Find out more about Debra at https://www.DebraHGoldstein.com .

Author Links

Website – www.DebraHGoldstein.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DebraHGoldsteinAuthor/

Twitter – @DebraHGoldstein

Instagram – debrahgoldstein

Bookbub – https://www.bookbub.com/profile/debra-h-goldstein

GoodReads Link – Debra H. Goldstein (Author of Two Bites Too Many) | Goodreads

Purchase Links – Amazon KindleAmazon PaperbackNookB&N


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Hermione’s Kitty Korner #26: My Tribute to Stripey and Other News

Purrs, it’s Hermione. My brother, Harry, already posted the sad news about our older brother, Stripey, who traveled to the Rainbow Bridge on May 13, but I also wanted to add my respects. I had a love/hate relationship with Stripey. When we first got together, we hissed at one another. But I remember playing footsie with him under the door before we were allowed to be alone together.

I don’t have too many photos of me and Stripey because I always spent more time away from him and my brother. I preferred my own spots to those of “the boys.” Here’s one of us sharing the cat tree in the room where we have our toys and litter boxes.

And here is a photo of the three of us when we first got together. Debbie called us “the three Mouseketeers.”

I know that Harry also shared the good news about Debbie’s new book, The Case of the Cat Crazy Lady, the first Buttercup Bend Cozy Mystery, and her other forthcoming books, Sneaky’s Supernatual Mystery and Other Cobble Cove Stories, releasing June 1st. and Memories and Meows that will also be out soon.

For more information about these books and Debbie’s other news, you should subscribe to her newsletter, Debbie’s Drafts. You could even win a giveaway prize. Just fill out the pop-up form on her website: https://debbiedelouise.com.

Last, but not least, please look for my America’s Favorite Pet feature in the Sept/Oct issue of Catster Magazine that will be out the first week of July. I am very excited about being featured in a national magazine.
Before I end this post, I just want to share with you a beautiful painting that a friend of Debbie’s daughter did of Stripey. I think it’s the best tribute of them all. My humans will be framing and hanging it.

Harry’s Kitty Korner #26: Lotsa Bad News but Some Good

Meow, there. It’s Harry. I hate to write this column after all this time with bad news, but I’m afraid I have no choice. I’m a black cat, after all. However, I was lucky that I was adopted, along with my sister, by Debbie and her family three years ago.

The bad news I have to share involves my older brother, Stripey. While we weren’t from the same litter, like me and Hermione, he was a pretty nice guy. We weren’t exactly friends, but we hung out a lot. Debbie referred to us as “the boys.” Now I’m the only boy cat left because Stripey has taken that trip to Rainbow Bridge. He was 14, so much older than me and my sis, but time goes quick. That’s why I’m trying to enjoy my youth as long as I can.

Here’ are two photos of us hanging out together like cat buds. They were taken some time ago. Stripey started losing weight. They thought it was thyroid, but it turned out to be the Big C. Poor boy. I miss him.

And here is a photo of the three of us when we first got together.

The other bad news is that, right after I noticed Stripey was gone, my humans started sneezing and coughing, and I heard them say they had COVID. I don’t know too much about that disease, but I always saw them wearing masks when they went out, so I don’t know how they caught it. While Debbie was in bed with fevers, me and Hermione did our best to keep her company and make her feel better.

I hate to be the bearer of so much bad news, but I also have some good news. Debbie published her new cozy, The Case of the Cat Crazy Lady, which is the first of the new Buttercup Bend series, and I took a peek at her notes for the next book and see that me, Hermione, and even Stripey will be characters in it.

Here’s the purr-chase link: mybook.to/cclady

Please consider buying a copy. I give it 5 meows.

Debbie is also publishing two other books soon. One is a collection of Cobble Cove stories called Sneaky’s Supernatural Mystery and Other Cobble Cove Stories.. She’s also reprinting PET POSTS: The Cat Chats with a new cover and new edits. This book will be called Memories and Meows. It also features me, Hermione, and Stripey as well as our predecessors Floppy, Holly, and Oliver..
That’s it for meow, but I’m sure my sister will post a tribute to our friend, Stripey, soon.


Sneaky Interviews Lord Peter Wimsey, the Cat from the the P.I.P, Inc. Cozy Mysteries by Nancy Lynn Jarvis

Oh, boy. I’ve suddenly become quite popular with guests. Today, I’m honored to have another cat to interview. What is your name and your author’s name?

I am Lord Peter Wimsey, aptly named after Dorothy Sayers aristocratic detective, but my friends call me Wimsey. My author is Nancy Lynn Jarvis.

Mice to meet you. Such a cool name. It makes you sound like a regal fellow which I’m sure you are.

What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

I’ve been in three books so far, The Glass House, The Funeral Murder, and now in The Corpse’s Secret Life. My favorite book is The Funeral Murder because I was a hero in it, although my author tells me in the next book in her PIP Inc. Mysteries series, I am going to help her solve the murder. I’m excited about that. Her mysteries are cozies, and while I don’t talk in the series, being a crime solver will suit me, I think.

The main character…that is if you go by word count rather than the percentage of body covered by gorgeous orange fur…is Pat Pirard. She was downsized from her job of Santa Cruz County Law Librarian on her thirty-fifth birthday right after she spent all her savings to buy a sunshine yellow Mercedes convertible. I was terrified that I’d have to resort to hunting birds to survive and that my best friend, a dog named Dot, might have to catch gophers, but thankfully Pat is smart. She printed business cards telling everyone she was now Private Investigator Pat and has managed to keep us all fed and housed.

My only complaint is that she seems overly fond of a Sheriff Sargent with big feet who once stepped on me. Dot says it was an accident, but she’s gaga over him because he scratches her ears. He has apologized, and I am warming to him, but I’m not completely won over. 

MOL (Meow Out Loud). My author has stepped on her real cats’ tails, and they certainly let her know they don’t like it. Watch those big feet.

Are you based on a real cat such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

I am. My author had a cat with my name. She says writing about me and Dot, based on her Dalmatian Freckles, keeps us alive for her even though our namesakes have crossed the rainbow bridge.

The same with me. Oliver isn’t my namesake, but he was Debbie’s beloved senior cat who passed away four years ago.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

Wimsey, her normally laid-back cat appeared suddenly, hissing and snarling as he bounded into Pat’s bedroom. He used his accumulated velocity to launch himself and leaped on Anne’s back, landing just above her waist and to the right of her spine. From there, he used the claws on all four of his feet to dig into her and climb her like a tree. When he reached her shoulder, he bit her before continuing his climb to her head. Anne screamed and twisted, startled by the attack and smarting from Wimsey’s sharp claws and teeth.

Pawsome excerpt. Thanks for sharing it. Great action scene.

What advice would you give other cat characters?

If you aren’t being given enough space in the books, roll over, paw the air while looking especially cute, and let your author know you need more to do.

I should try that some time. Debbie gets sidetracked by her other books.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

The Corpse’s Secret Life is a new release. I’d tell you to pick up a copy, but you really should read the series in order because of the big-footed Sheriff Sargent and because books end with Pat getting her next assignment, so I’d recommend you start with The Glass House. You can get any of my adventures on Amazon.

I’ll keep a cat’s eye out for them.

Are you and/or your author on social media? If so, please list your links.

I’m a very private cat, so I’m not, but you can find my author on Facebook and Goodreads under Nancy Lynn Jarvis.


Thanks for the interview, Pete. I’m sharing some information about your author. Best whiskers to you and Nancy on your books.

Bio as of 2021

Nancy Lynn Jarvis left the real estate profession after she started having so much fun writing the Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries series that she let her license lapse. But after seven books, she was ready for a new adventure and is currently working on the fourth book in her PIP Inc. series which features not-quite-licensed private investigator, downsized law librarian Pat Pirard. She has also edited crowd pleasers Cozy Food: 128 Cozy Mystery Writers Share Their Favorite Recipes and Santa Cruz Weird.

The last year-and-half have been difficult, not only because of Covid 19, but because Nancy spent eight-and-a-half months out of her damaged home following the CZU Fire. She’s happy to be home again, writing, redecorating, and enjoying being a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Santa Cruz Women of Mystery.

Sneaky Interviews Sweet Pea from Paws of Death, A Canine Confections Mystery

Hi, there, Ms. Dog. You look familiar. I believe you’ve been on this blog before, but please introduce yourself and your author.

I’m Sweet Pea and my author is Amy Hueston.

Mice to have you here again, Sweet Pea.

What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

Paws for Concern, Book 1. Paws for Alarm, Book 2. Paws of Death, Book 3. All in the Canine Confections series. And I’ve also appeared in the new Canine Confections Puzzle Book.

Yes, that’s where I know you from. I interviewed you for your first book Paws for Alarm.

Please give information about your series.

The Canine Confections series is located in Palm Beach, Florida. My mom Samantha owns a dog bakery. We live in mom’s aunt’s cottage on her Aunt Mary’s estate. Aunt Mary lives in the mansion but I’m okay with that because we go there all the time. Plus, there’s a cat in the mansion now and she’s a little snooty to me. I’m a little afraid of her paws and claws.

Mol (meow out loud). Nice to know you have a cat in your series, but you should be wary of her claws if you upset her.

Are you based on a real dog such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

Yes. Her name was Ebony. I am a black 35 pound Labrador Mix. Mixed with what I’m not sure. Maybe a little German Shepherd. I have a long, straight tail and white paws. My ears flap. I’m very cute, or so everyone tells me.

I’m based on my author’s Siamese cat, Oliver, who has since gone to Rainbow Bridge.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

The scream had come from the direction of the library where Donna and Dick had been heading before the party. A few small dogs who hadn’t yet made their way out to the patio yipped. A couple of mid-size and larger dogs flattened their ears and huddled against their owners’ thighs. Sweet Pea leaned against my calf. I bent down and petted her behind the ears, then whispered into her ear. “It’s okay, little girl.”

Pawsome scene. I love libraries because I’m a library cat in my series. There was a murder in the Cobble Cove library once. It happened in the 3rd book of our series, Written in Stone, and there was also a scream.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

I get lots of attention, pets, and treats. I also get the king-size bed.

I love sitting in the Bay window of the children’s room and participating in story times. I also like snoozing on the cat tree in Alicia’s office.

Are you a talking dog in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

I don’t in human English. I whine a little if mom is being stingy with the treats just because she doesn’t want me getting too fat and unhealthy.

I only communicate with the other pets in the series. It didn’t start out that way, but now that there is another cat and two dogs, it’s helpful especially when trying to help Alicia and Gilly solve crimes. We all use non-verbal with the human characters.

What advice would you give other dog characters?

Stare up balefully like you haven’t eaten in weeks next time someone has a cookie in their hand.

Good advice. You sound almost as sneaky as a cat.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

Whew! These 2, Paws of Death and Canine Confections Puzzle Book 1 coming out at the same time, kept us so busy, I think I need a second before I can answer that.

The puzzle book sounds interesting. You are a busy guy and your author, of course.

Are you and/or your author on social media? If so, please list your links.

Oh yes! We love talking to new (and old) friends!

My books on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1944066373?pf_rd_r=EAZJV46A15EB5VXN8GMJ&pf_rd_p=edaba0ee-c2fe-4124-9f5d-b31d6b1bfbee

My books at Barnes and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/paws-for-concern-amy-hueston/1137530919?ean=9781944066376

My CD Download on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Lets-Talk-Love-Amy-Hueston/dp/B08C252M8D

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amy.hueston.73

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amyhueston/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuestonAmy

Website: https://amyhueston.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20626879.Amy_Hueston

Thanks so much for the interview. I wish you and your author the best of luck with the new release of your series. I’m also sharing the blog tour and giveaway for your book.

Paws of Death (A Canine Confections Mystery)
by Amy Hueston

About Paws of Death

Paws of Death (A Canine Confections Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Setting – Palm Beach, Florida
Happy Press (January 20, 2022)
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 264 pages
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8985603002
Digital ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09QW32232

Two murders on the same strip of Worth Avenue in Palm Beach means dog bakery owner Samantha Armstrong and her fellow shopkeepers have reached their quota of bad stuff. Right?

They should be so lucky…

Samantha is thrilled that life in her new hometown has finally settled into a fun, peaceful rhythm. Canine Confections’ business is on the upswing, and her days are filled with jogs on the beach with her pooch Sweet Pea, cozy time with Aunt Mary on her aunt’s estate, and yummy treats at her upscale dog bakery. But things are not peaceful for long when Donna from the local gossip magazine, Pulse on Palm Beach, winds up dead at Samantha’s first foray into catering a millionaire dog’s birthday party.

Once again, Samantha finds herself smack dab in the middle of the investigation. But this time, it’s another reporter from Pulse that’s making her center-stage. With the aid of her precious Sweet Pea, Samantha pads around the splashy Worth Avenue sniffing out clues. Unfortunately, the more she searches, the more suspects she finds. And it doesn’t help that Angelina from Mystic Dreams has hired a psychic who warns that trouble in Palm Beach isn’t about to end anytime soon.

Includes an original recipe from the world-famous Three Dog Bakery!


Like a bad penny that never fails to show no matter how much you wish for a silver dollar, Dick appeared across the street

Two occasions of dipping my toes back into the dating pool after my old boyfriend broke my heart back in Sun Haven, and I was already wanting to go full-on up to my ankles with this guy.

“Snowball, you’re going to have to play nice if you want to live here,” I said, hearing the empty threat in my words and knowing there was zero chance we would ever give the cat away just because we had a learning curve on how to make this work.

Now that I didn’t have to worry as much about my income stream, I could think about other things…sweeter things…like Peanut Butter Clusters and PupCakes

The furry girl and I were whizzing along Ocean Avenue for another day of work in paradise.

“It’s not my fault you’re a magnet for murder.”

Aunt Mary in spandex was one thing. Trumble in spandex was a good reason to wash my eyes out with battery acid.

A few months ago, when I lived in Sun Haven, I didn’t run into a murderer once, far as I know. This town was rife with them

About Amy Hueston

Amy Hueston’s Canine Confections mystery series has an abundance of dogs and pastries, two of her favorite things. When she isn’t writing her latest mystery or suspense, she can often be found either singing professionally or petting the nearest dog.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amy.hueston.73

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amyhueston/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuestonAmy

Website: https://amyhueston.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20626879.Amy_Hueston

Purchase Links – Amazon

My CD Download on Amazon


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