Sneaky’s Interview of Nick and ROCCO, the character and real life cats of TC LoTempio

fred-profile Today I am doing a double head butting interview with both a real life and character cat. This is  a fur-st for me. I am chattering with Rocco, the real life cat of author TC LoTiempo and her feline character, Nick Charles from her Nick and Nora mystery series.

Hello, Kitties, please introduce yourselves to our reading audience.

image001-2Rocco:  My name is ROCCO LoTempio, and my human is Toni also known as TC. Many people ask why I always spell my name in all caps. The answer should be obvious. So that it’s larger than life, just like me!!!!!!!  I am not a character in a book (although the character of Nick in the Nick and Nora mysteries is modelled after me) but I do run my own blog,, where I conduct author interviews monthly!

Nick:  I’m Nick Charles. I am one of the main characters, if not THE main character, in the Nick and Nora mystery series by T.C. My adventures were first recounted in MEOW IF ITS MURDER, followed by CLAWS FOR ALARM. The third book, CRIME AND CATNIP is out December 6 of this year.

image002 image003 image004

Mice to meet you both. This question is for Nick. Please tell us more about your series

Nick:  The Nick and Nora mystery series recounts the adventures of Nora Charles, an ex-true crime reporter who returned to her roots in Cruz, California to take over her late mother’s sandwich shop. Along the way she adopts a tubby tuxedo cat who belonged to a missing PI, and who seems to have a flair for detection just like his former owner. I’m fond of spelling out clues with my favorite toy, Scrabble tiles.


This is for Rocco. What do you like most about your human’s books?

Rocco:  I love the fact they all feature cats, although she has written some paranormals. I’ve been after her to do one with a vampire cat……

I also like that Debbie always includes a cat or two in her books and sometimes even a dog like Fido, my co-star in her Cobble Cove mysteries. A vampire cat would be totally pawsome and fur-raising I’m sure.

For Nick, are you based on a real cat such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

king-roccoNick:  Yes, as Rocco said, I am based on him. He is a real cat. TC’s tuxedo, who runs his own blog and interviews authors monthly! ROCCO is also a bit on the tubby side, but he is an excellent interviewer!!!!!!!

(Rocco purrs) Thanks, Nick.

Nick: Of Claus, Rocco.

Another question for Rocco. Does your human have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

image006Rocco:  Book three in the Nick and Nora series, CRIME AND CATNIP will be out December 6. After that, we’ll have to see. TC Lotempio has a new series coming out from Crooked Lane in March of next year but unfortunately Rocco is not in that one (hiss)

Nick, what advice would you give other cat characters? –

Nick:  Purr softly and carry a big stick.

My motto exactly.

Rocco, can you share an excerpt from one of TC’s books since you are litter-ally at her side when she writes them.


I tried the door which seemed to be stuck. I looked at the doorframe, which appeared to be less than sturdy, checked it for alarm wires. Seeing none, I raised my leg and gave the door a swift, hard kick. It clicked open an inch, and I pushed it all the way open. We walked into a tiny office not much bigger than a postage stamp. A large metal desk and battered file cabinet took up the majority of the space. Another door at the far end stood part-way open. Nick suddenly tensed, and I saw the hairs on his back rise. His tail fluffed out, and he started to growl, deep in his throat.

I frowned. “What’s wrong. What do you sense?”

Nick reared up on his hind legs and then shot through the partially open door. I had no choice but to follow. The room I now found myself in appeared to be a slightly larger version of the previous office. Nick crouched in front of a large metal desk and as I entered, he shifted his body slightly. I caught a glimpse of two feet, very still, shod in the pair of eggplant Louboutins I’d admired earlier in the evening.

“Oh, crap,” I cried. “Please tell me that’s not what I think it is.” I walked around Nick and peeped around the edge of the desk. I saw a twisted figure in a white raincoat bunched up around shapely legs, a tumble of black hair covering its face, the neck bent at an unnatural angle.

“Shit,” I said.

“MA-ROW!” Nick yowled.

I heard a sound behind me as Nick dived under a nearby chair. My heart started to beat wildly in my chest. The last time he’d pulled something like that I’d been caught next to a dead body and hauled off to the police station. His fat rear had barely wiggled out of sight before the door slammed back and I found myself looking first down the barrel of a .45 and then, as I raised my gaze, at the grim, unsmiling face of Detective Leroy Samms. He looked at me, then at the feet, then back to me again. He lowered his arm, slipped his gun back into his shoulder holster. “Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in.”

Nick: That’s my favorite scene, Rocco. Thanks for sharing it.

Rocco: My  purr-sonal pleasure, Nick.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books, Nick?

Nick:  Meow – I like that I’m the main focus, pretty much all of the time.

Are you a talking cat in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

That’s a funny story – I was originally supposed to be a talking cat in the original manuscript but Penguin wanted me silent, so silent I became. Not to say that I don’t express my feelings in other ways, meow.

image005My last question to Rocco are you and/or your human on social media? If so, please list your links.

ROCCO’s blog:



Head butts to both of you on a purr-fect interview and much luck to Nick on his books, Rocco on his blog, and TC LoTempio on her upcoming publications.












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