Sneaky’s Guide to National Cat Day on October 29th

Debbie’s Cat, Oliver, with a copy of one of our books
Debbie’s cat, Stripey, typing his own story

Oh, my whiskers! I just heard that National Cat Day is being celebrated this Saturday, October 29. Even though I’m a fictional cat in a mystery series, I’m aware that this is a special day for real felines.

Did you know that National Cat Day was founded to help humans become aware of all the poor kitties without homes and adopt some if they can. It also gives cat lovers a reason to celebrate their own cats. Many organizations such as Petco and The Blue Buffalo Company support this day that is sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation. It was created by Colleen Paige, a Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate. She sounds like one paw-some lady. Ask your human to check out the info and contests at the National Cat Day website:

The website also includes 20 ways to celebrate this purr-fect day. I’m including 5 of them that I like the most and adding 5 of my own for real as well as fictional felines.

1. Bake some cat-shaped cookies for your kids and some tuna cookies for your cat.

catmoldThis sounds like so much fun. In my new book, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, my human co-star, Alicia, picks up a few cat-shaped cookies at a bakery near a New York City cat café. My author, a cat mom of two, has cat molds in her kitchen. Her daughter also likes to bake, and both their cats love tuna especially Stripey who will eat it out of the can if it’s left open on the table. Even I like tuna. I must remind Debbie to write a scene with me eating some. 

olivercatbed2. Buy your cat a fun new toy….condo, bed or treats!

What kitty in their right mind wouldn’t like this? I know my author’s Siamese, Oliver, is wild about his cat bed. Variety is the spice of life, and cats love surprise gifts, not only for their birthdays and the catnip mice Santa Claws leaves in their stocking.

3. Brush your cat to eliminate excess fur and hairballs.

Debbie brushes Oliver daily. She even wrote an award-winning article about grooming in the Cat Writer’s Association contest. Read it here:

4. Paint your face, wear kitty ears or dress in cat related fashion.

hollyhoodieMy author’s daughter has this one nailed. She loves to dress as a Kitty all the time, not only on Halloween. In fact, she wears a cat hoodie to Middle School every day.

.5. Have a National Cat Day party and invite all your friends and their cats!

oliverbirthdayDebbie once had a cat birthday party for Oliver. She should have one for me in her next book, even though I was a lost cat who was taken in to be the Cobble Cove Library Cat. Maybe my fellow characters can celebrate the day I was found like Debbie celebrated the day she took Oliver from her mother when the lady had to move to a place she couldn’t have a cat.

teaser6And here are my 5 additional ways to celebrate National Cat Day:

  1. Write a story about your cat. It can be real or fictional, a poem or the beginning of a novel. Cats make the best characters.
  2. Draw your cat for a possible cartoon, book cover, or portrait to hang on your walls.
  3. Read your cat a story featuring a cat, but don’t take it personally if he falls asleep.
  4. After you brush your cat and collect some of his fur, crochet or knit something with it. There are how-to-books on this subject. No kitting.
  5. Last but not least, show your cat how special he is, not only on National Cat Day, but every day he honors you with his presence because wise humans know that all cats are truly characters.

For the benefit of my co-star, Fido, and other of the barking persuasion, do not fear, National Dog Day is only ten months away on August 26.


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