New Years News to Purr About

votecountsHey, Kitties. I’m taking a bit of a catnap over the holidays, but I wanted to share some pawsome New Years news with you.  I also need to ask a favor. Between a Rock and a Hard Place is currently 5 stars on Amazon and has been on its bestseller list for cozy mysteries. Now it’s in the running for Best Mystery Novel published in 2016 in the P&E Reader’s Poll. Can you please vote for our book? All you need do is fill out a short form, paw-check the box next to the book’s title, and fill in a simple robot check (darn those robot checks. They make me want to cough up a hairball). After you vote, you will also need to confirm your vote by clicking on a link sent to your email. Every vote counts, so please share this info with all your mystery-loving friends. Debbie and I would really love to win and would appreciate your help. Debbie’s story, The Path to Rainbow Bridge, is also running in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Short story category. Also, don’t forget her pawsome publisher, Solstice Publishing. They are running in the Print/Electronic Book Publishers category. You can vote in each category and only need to confirm one vote for each email. Voting ends on January 14. Here is the link to the poll:

ccchateditedlgroupeditedWhile you’re in the voting mood, there are two other polls you might want to try. They are opinion polls. The first is in the Cobble Cove Character Chat group and ends on Christmas Eve. All you need to do is choose a character who you think would make a good host for the January chat. I’m listed, of claws, but I don’t want to sway your decision. If you’re not familiar with this Facebook group, it’s a fun place where readers can go to ask questions of the characters in the Cobble Cove mysteries. Although there is a host each month who usually offers a prize or giveaway, any of the characters can be summoned upon request. The group link with the poll post linked to the top is here:

newsletterlogoLast but not least, there is a survey in Debbie’s author’s newsletter that is going out on New Year’s Day. This poll will help Debbie decide her next writing project for 2017. She is giving away a $5 Amazon gift card to a random person who completes the survey. You need to be a subscriber to participate, and I highly recommend that you subscribe because Debbie offers a monthly contest, book news, excerpts, and other fun features in the newsletter. To subscribe, visit her website and fill out the pop-up newsletter subscriber form. You then just need to confirm the email that is sent to you. If you have any problems subscribing, you can just email Debbie and she can manually subscribe you. The link to the newsletter is Debbie’s email is

writteninstoneNow that I’ve got all that campaigning stuff out of the way, I can share my New Year’s news. Debbie has completed the third Cobble Cove mystery that she is calling Written in Stone. I’m happy to report that I have some pawsome scenes in it, but I can’t reveal any of them yet because Debbie still has to edit and submit the manuscript to her publisher. I will keep you posted and hope to feature an excerpt for you soon. The editing process is complicated, and sometimes I want to pull my fur out as I watch Debbie struggle with it. But one thing I’ve learned from being an author’s character is that writers are stubborn and don’t give up easily. Lucky for us. I patiently await the next installment of my adventure and, along with you wonderful readers, give her all the support I can.

Debbie and I thank you for all your votes, reviews, comments, and shares this year. They make us purr and all the fur-strations that go with editing and promoting worthwhile. Have a purrfect New Year!


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