Sneaky’s News Hot Off the Pawprint Presses

bignewspicGood morning, folks. It is so cold out here that my paws are frostbitten which makes it hard to type, but I  have some news to share with you.  I just pawed through the Cobble Cove Courier, the local newspaper in our town, and I found a few tidbits of interest to readers of our mysteries.

ccchateditedlgroupeditedFirst, our Cobble Cove character’s Facebook group is growing nicely. The current host, John McKinney, is offering a contest for a reader who submits a photo that might represent him. I don’t want to give away too many hints, but I know John very well. If you’ve read our books, you would be aware that he has dark fur on his head that might have a touch or two of gray, although he’s quite fit and young looking for a man in his mid-forties. He also has an interesting dimple in his cheek that Alicia is crazy about. We cats don’t have dimples. They would get in the way of our whiskers. To join the group and enter the contest, you should click your mouse here:

Another great piece of reporting is that Debbie’s first book in our series, A Stone’s Throw, is being reprinted by Solstice Publishing. Debbie is also nearly ready to also submit the third book of our series, Written in Stone. She is also releasing a romantic comedy novella, When Jack Trumps Ace, in February. This book even has a cat in it, but it’s very different from the Cobble Cove Books. Look for her historical romance, The Seashell and the Stone in Cupid’s Arrow, a Solstice anthology also coming out next month. Of course, you can still pick up the second Cobble Cove book, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, that came out in October. This book has been on the Amazon cozy mystery bestseller list and has five pawprint reviews. Keep an eye on this blog and Debbie’s for more information on all her releases. You can also join Debbie’s author newsletter and/or sign up for her blog at All her books are listed on her Amazon author page at:

Last, but not least, I have a bit of sad yet hopeful news. Debbie recently learned that a childhood friend passed away in December. She hadn’t been in touch with this man for a long time but, through Facebook, learned of his death. As a tribute to the friendship they shared, because he encouraged her writing even back then, and since one of her characters actually shares his name, she plans to dedicate the new release of A Stone’s Throw to John along with her mother-in-law, Carol, who also is named for one of the book’s characters and whom she had dedicated the original book. Although John never knew Debbie became an author, she can share her work with his family.

That’s all the news for today, Kitties. I’m still seeking interviews of cat characters and, if you are an author of any type of cat book releasing in January,  I would be happy to include it in a new release Cat Book Spotlight. Contact my author and blog assistant Debbie at for more information.





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