What is a Cat Lady Box?

Hi, folks. I have to admit I was hesitant to write this blog, but I know a lot of cat ladies read it including my author, Debbie. She recently subscribed to something called a “Cat Lady Box.” When it arrived, I was very jealous because it contained two catnip toys for Debbie’s cats and nothing for me, her favorite cat character.

catlady1I did a little research into these Cat Lady Boxes and this is what I found. There’s a company that sends out monthly boxes of surprise items such as jewelry, clothing, household items, etc. all with a cat theme. A subscriber can choose either a box with only items for people or one that includes gifts for one’s cats, as well. Of claws, Debbie chose the latter. What a surprise! Before she even opened the package, her cat Oliver was sniffing it.

catlady10 catlady11Sure enough, when Debbie opened her box, she found a chocolate dipped strawberry cat toy and a furry dice with play and cuddle options on each side. Both toys contained catnip. Needless to say, Oliver and Stripey enjoyed them both. I watched on in silent envy.catlady8catlady5







When it was Debbie’s turn to check out what she received, I saw her delight at the beautiful kitty necklace, cat-shaped backp charging device, and cute bear rug that can also be used as catlady3a sleeping mat for her cats. There was also a pretty card explaining what the box contained and some information on a featured Cat Lady artist, Allison Edge. The box’s theme, of course, was Valentine’s Day or Meowlentine’s Day, as we cats call it.

Although I regret that the Cat Lady box did not include anything for me-ow, I’m happy Debbie enjoyed it because a happy writer can only write better scenes that include her cat character.

One last thing I’d like to mention for those who might be interested in a Cat Lady Box subscription, you are not obligated to purchase a box a month and can skip months without canceling. You can also gift boxes to a cat lady friend.

To sign up, just visit their pawsome website at https://catladybox.com/


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