Sneaky’s Interview of KateMarie Collins’ Cat, Muse

Meow, there. It’s Sneaky with another pretty kitty guest. What is your name and your author’s name?

I am Muse the Purrbot. Or, if I decide you are worthy of my acknowledgment, Muse. My human’s name is KateMarie Collins.

Mice to meet you, Muse. What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

As you know, we torties must maintain our dignity and anonymity. She did, I believe, use me as the basis of the cat in ‘Guarding Charon’. It’s a delightful urban fantasy, with a sequel in the works. When I’m not making sure my requisite time for attention from her is being met.

I know it must be hard for your author to balance writing and showing you attention.

Does your author write a series? If so, please give information about it.

KateMarie is working on the sequel to ‘Guarding Charon’, when I allow her time to write. Minerva, the cat in the books, has made her presence known. It’s not a large role, but what’s a witch or magical house without a cat?

Excellent question.

Are you based on a real cat such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

I am the real cat….Minerva is the fiction. My human did well in making sure certain particulars about me were well represented in the book.

I’m sure you’re happy about that. Debbie’s real cat, Oliver, shares many similarities with me that I’m sure were featured on purr-pose.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your author’s books that features a cat in an important scene? If so, please include it.

But, of course!


            Amber groaned, one arm coming out from under the heavy quilts.


            Minerva’s furry face rubbed against hers, her whiskers tickling her nose. Opening her eyes, the cat regarded her with an even stare.


            Giving up, Amber reached up and scratched the cat between her ears. “Fine. I’ll feed you.” Pushing aside the covers, she slid her feet into a pair of fluffy slippers. She grabbed at the thick robe she’d left draped across the bench and followed the cat downstairs.

Wow, Meow. Wonderful excerpt.

What do you like most about your authors’ books?

She truly understands cats. We do not often select humans as our familiars. Staff, definitely. But not true familiars. I am content that she understands me in that way.

I think Oliver feels the same way about Debbie. I also appreciate the fact she depicts my felineness so well in our Cobble Cove mysteries.

What advice would you give other authors’ cats?

Don’t be afraid to jump on the keyboard.

MOL (Meow Out Loud).

Does your author have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

My human recently released a box set of sorts, where she took all three books of her trilogy and put them in a single volume. I believe she called it, ‘The Raven Chronicles’. Next up, when I allow her to finish it, will be ‘Guarding Amber’.

Very mice.

Are you and/or your author on social media? If so, please list your links.

Sigh. She is…which is why her keyboard is covered with fur. I would prefer it just be my fur, but the boys must cuddle her on occasion.

It’s always important to share your author’s keyboard with the rest of the fur family. Thanks so much for the great inter-mew, Muse. I hope my human readers will connect with you and KateMarie at the following links, and best whiskers to you both.

Twitter:  @DaughterHauk


Her blog:

Via email:

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