Feature Friday Film: Cat Drinking Fountains

Hi, there, pussycats. Today’s Feature Friday Films include several kitties drinking from water fountains. I do not recommend any of these in purr-ticular, although Debbie’s cats enjoy their Catit Flower Fountain. Do your cats drink from a pet fountain? If so, please comment which one they use?

4 thoughts on “Feature Friday Film: Cat Drinking Fountains

  1. We have a Petsafe fountain, but I quit using it when the big drinker, Harry, crossed Beyond. I’ve been hesitant to bring it out again, even thought we have new cats who might like it, because it made a very loud hum that bothered me. Is your fountain quiet?


    1. HI, Mollie. The Catit is almost silent. I can hardly hear it at all. We set it up in the kitchen right near their water bowl, and they use it more than the water bowl. At first, Stripey was a bit reluctant but Oliver loved it from the start. Once Stripey saw Oliver using it, he started to, also. I think it’s especially good for Oliver with his kidney issues, but it’s probably good for any cat. Nice size, too. Doesn’t take up much room at all.

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