Interview with Sabrina, Pug Daughter of Author Loretta Reilly

Meow, there. It’s Sneaky. It’s been awhile since I’ve interviewed a furry guest, but today I am pleased to have a cute Pug dog to chat with. Now I admit I prefer kitty guests, but all pets are welcome here on Sneaky’s blog.

 So, let’s get started. What is your name and your author’s name, doggie?


Hi Sneaky! I am Sabrina, beloved pug daughter of Loretta Reilly whose talent I’ve nurtured into existence.  She never had a child, and considered me and all of her pugs her babies.

Isn’t that sweet? I know a lot of humans who consider their pets their fur kids.

What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

The Typo is my first book.  I believe it to be a sophisticated Chic Lit genre.  Very smart, sassy, sexy and a speedy read!   I play “Mini” in the book now on Amazon (hint, Precilla Mack loves short skirts).   Alas, I was just 4 when I was taken from my Mom, but our love was so big, only The Typo could do it justice, and boy has it! I keep re-reading it myself.  I’ve dog-eared (pardon) all my lines and still laugh at my panache.

If you like it, I’m sure it’s great. You look like a dog with discerning taste. Even though I’m not a real cat, I certainly appreciate the great way my author Debbie depicts my character in our cozy mysteries.

Are you a talking pet in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

Of course, Sneaky!  I speak several languages fluently….yawn, pant, snort, cry, whine, wheeze, eye rolling and, my pièce de résistance:  throwing shade with precise comedic timing!

MOL (Meow Out Loud), you have quite the sense of humor, Sabrina.

What advice would you give other pet characters?

We are a very sought after commodity, so don’t take just any “roll” you are presented.  Make sure they have meat and bones, preferably!

Well said for a dog. I actually convinced Debbie to “beef” up my role in our latest book, Written in Stone, and boy did she. Not only did I go missing and cause much concern among residents of Cobble Cove, but I later found the best clue to the murder when pitted against Fido, the golden retriever (no offense, but that saying, “Cats rule, Dogs Drool” is true at least IMHCO, in my humble cat opinion).

Are you in a series? If so, please give information about it.

Sabrina and Spencer

 For now I want to let other canines’ light shine so I am very excited to let you in on what Loretta is up to now.  She has almost completed Book One of a new series….that’s all I can say….but you did not hear that from me — just in case the tryptophan from the amazing turkey she will be roasting silences her keyboard for large chunks of time over the holiday weekend.

That’s very respectful of you. I hate to let the cat out of the bag, too, but Debbie has also started a new series without me, but she plans to keep our Cobble Cove mysteries going, as well. She had to put aside Book 4, but she will return to it. I will make sure of that.

Are you based on a real pet such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

While I am now in the spirit world I stay very close to my Mom, Loretta who wrote The Typo about me and our amazing relationship.  It still makes me cry to be away from her or to know she cries pathetically sometimes when she sees my picture.  She always kisses it and she doesn’t know this, but I feel that too.

Awww. Do you know Debbie recently lost her beloved Oliver, the cat I was based on? She has his pictures everywhere and thinks of him all the time especially since he slept with her every night. I feel so sad for her, but I know our books bring her comfort.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

Can it be a sexy sort of scene…that’s where my star shines!  Well, here goes:

Excerpt from The Typo:

8:00 pm and there was no sign of Dale.  My mood lighting was burning down and my dinner was stewing into a mush by the time I heard Dale’s wheels screech into a U-turn after passing my house.  My heart lurched.

Checking myself out before greeting him at the door, I stopped in front of the bathroom mirror.  I wore black velvet hip-huggers, backless sandals and an off-the-shoulder silk blouse that hugged my waste, revealing my belly button.  My hair was as soft as newborn silk and lay in waves around my shoulders, resting on the middle of my back.

Dale tripped up the stairs as his cold hand grabbed hold of my bare waist when he reached my 2nd floor apartment.  Gently brushing my cheek with a kiss, he stood in the doorway trying to adjust his eyes to the candlelight that gently washed the room in flickers of amber light.  Mini sat by my foot looking up at Dale’s massive presence questionably.

“What’s that?” He laughed looking down at my princess admitting she resembled a rodent.  Offended, I quickly covered her ears to block the insult and cooed “he was not talking about you.”

Trying to brush Mini aside with his foot, I quickly grabbed her and placed her out of his reach.  Dale stepped into the kitchen and took his seat, ignoring the pretty appetizers I had set up in the living room.

Speechless, I filled his plate with my now soupy cuisine as I thought of ways to poison his food for the slight, not just against Mini, but all canines that my heart literally bleeds for.  Defiantly, she dared him to shoo his foot at her again as she shuffled indignantly waiting for her share of my culinary masterpiece.  Dale eyed me incredulously as I placed Mini’s bowl down to share the meal with us.

With a happy sigh, I took my seat ignoring his exasperation as he readied to torch me with a volcanic rant about his disgust for animals in the home.

Instead, like a savage, he inhaled the painstaking meal I prepared, as I ate like a lady bird.  After finishing the last of his food, minus any dinner conversation, he finally spoke by complimenting me on my cooking.

“This was great, aren’t you going to do the dishes?”

I almost broke my plate over his head!

“Well, I didn’t finish yet, but okay.”

Hastily, I rushed through the washing process as Dale stood scanning all the cracks in the plaster, preparing to fill me in on the mistakes the contractor made when building the home.  No sooner did I pat my hands on the dish towel that I was plastered against the bare brick wall that was catching my silky blouse and threatening to injure to my newly loofah’d skin.  Feeling like I was being drowned, I asked if we could sit down for a while and talk.

With that idea not being too appealing, Dale sulked while commenting on the romance playlist I put together for tonight’s festivities.  I started to pout, but he nicked my chin with his finger and gently kissed me.  I climbed over his lap and scooched closer to his chest.  After our lips found each other, he stood up with me suctioned to his torso and carried me to the bedroom.  Of course candles were lit and thank God my ass made it through the door without a bump.  I let him place me on the bed and waited on elbows for his next move.

Standing at the end of my bed, Dale’s eyes penetrated through me, fantasizing about what was to come; his breath becoming heavier as he unbuttoned his shirt.

“This is getting good.” I excitedly concluded to myself, when I looked over to the creaking door as Mini made a running dash and plopped herself indignantly between us.  With some embarrassment, I carried Mini out to the living room and explained to her that she needed to behave as I was on a mission.  She blinked an awful lot in another direction but got the gist.

Returning to Dale, I closed the door with a breathless laugh as he kicked off the last pant leg.  Leaving his boxers on, he crawled over to where I lay and gave me a soft kiss that caused me to melt in his arms.  His hands began to roam and search for the opening of my complicated attire.  I thought it most prudent and efficient to give him a hand and we knocked heads with our fumbling.

Once naked and under him in the most complimentary pose, Dale leaned back on his knees and looked me over in stunned silence.  (No compliment forthcoming)  I brushed my hand against his cheek as I was starting to shiver and needed him to lie on top of me to warm up.

We kissed slowly this time with his hands roaming my body causing me to move with the fantasy I was cooking up.  I didn’t want to be the only one completely naked so I got on my knees to help him remove his shorts.  As his hands cradled my head, he pushed me down towards his growing curiosity.  As I acquiesced, I watched his face release all worry while his eyes rolled back in ecstasy.  Suddenly, without warning, he released his pot of gold activating my gag reflex. Immediately I threw up.

“I’m sorry; I was just so worked up.” He offered not seeming too surprised at this atrocity.

I jumped out of bed to get the pail and mop.  When I opened my bedroom door, Mini was waiting lividly, ready to pounce again and I encouraged her to go for his jugular.  I smiled like Betty Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane on my way back to where Dale was splayed on the bed, with Mini backing me up.  Gazing at me in complete satisfaction, Dale shot up like a Murphy bed after I dropped a cloth saturated with freezing cold water on his petting zoo.

That was pawsome and quite funny. Your author has a great sense of humor for a human.

 What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

Mack & Precilla

Loretta had a tough time in the love department, from birth you could say.  Part of my job was to help her trust again because I knew she would miss the surprise of her life if she was prevented from sharing the glorious heart that beats inside of her which comes to life in her writing.  So we are getting there!  And, can you keep a secret?  Her current dog Precilla is my niece.  She’s not aware of it though.

Very mice or in your case doggone good.

 Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

Yes in a few weeks, we (I say we, because I am the one that got Loretta to write, and I sit right beside her with every tap at her keyboard!) shall launch the first book in thePink Collarseries.  It’s absolutely divine, including Freddie.  He’s on the cover and I wish I too could have been graced on the pages of “It’s All About the Benjamin’s” just to toss in some canine love intrigue!  The cover is heavenly, I must say so….I’ve kissed it many, many times.  Can I show you the cover?  It’s hard to look away right?  Even if you’re a cat!

Condoglations to you. The cover is purrfect if I say so myself.

 Are you and/or your author on social media? If so, please list your links.

Now this is a tough one.  Loretta is not very good on social media.  Remember the trust thing I briefed you on earlier.  She rarely, if ever, sends out a friend request: let’s not even mention confirming requests sent to her!  But since she put me up on Amazon, I would be remiss if I didn’t nudge her a bit to get going on Facebook for cris sake!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Loretta J. Reilly on Facebook

Loretta J. Reilly was born in Jamaica, NY to Irish Catholic parents in 1963. Five siblings preceded her and two followed; with many dogs welcomed along the way. After receiving her diploma from an all-girls Catholic high school in Manhattan, she sprinted to the Big Apple to start earning a paycheck to improve her wardrobe, developing dazzling skills along the way. She has been an Executive Assistant for top law firm partners and C-level executives in NYC for 35 years and counting. She has always dappled in writing, however, has decided to pursue her dream of creating stories and characters that are sure to get your Irish up! Her next book will be part of a trilogy entitled “Pink Collar Sleuth.”

NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: (sample includes music playlist)

As an Executive Assistant at one of the premier law firms in New York, Precilla Mack is growing restless pecking at her keyboard all day long. But after being sequestered by the firm’s MEB (Most Eligible Bachelor), Dale Holden, Precilla discovers that she possesses more lucrative skills than making document revisions. However, when the truth of Dale’s brief materializes, Precilla is put on the defense when her position at the firm is challenged. Without representation, Precilla’s “Happily Ever After” is redacted from her resume forcing her to turn her attention to the only support she has ever known…her pug Mini. Stepping up at all costs to get Precilla on the path to true love, Mini makes the ultimate sacrifice…a verdict that sentences Precilla to a life she’s never known.

COMING SOON FOR THE HOLIDAYS, you will go to sleep with a smile!


Thanks so much, Sabrina. I enjoyed our chat. I like to practice my dog speak every so often, and you were a great guest. Best of luck to you and Loretta on both your books and her upcoming series. Paws up to you both.

Feature Friday Film: Giving Thanks To those Who Help The Animals

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, so I thought I’d share videos from two groups whose missions are to help animals. The Best Friends Animal Society aids homeless pets and the Morris Animal Foundation researches ways to keep animals healthy.

During the month of December, the Morris Animal Foundation is matching gifts contributed from donors including those given on Tuesday, November 28, known on twitter as #givingTuesdaygifts. Debbie is donating to both associations in memory of her beloved 17-year old Siamese cat, Oliver who passed away from Kidney disease on November 4th.

There are many other animal associations, shelters, and societies to which contributions can be made including the ASPCA, Bideawee, The Winn Feline Foundation, and local groups such as Forgotten Friends of Long Island and North Shore Animal League.

Please consider helping the animals this holiday season.

Feature Friday Film: In Memory of Oliver

Debbie came across some videos of Oliver and asked me to post them for my Feature Friday Film today in his memory. If you have a special pet, don’t forget to film them. Photos are great, but videos capture their spirit.

November 13, 2015 – Oliver playing with a cat toy

February 17, 2016 – Oliver “fishing” in his water bowl


Feature Friday Film: Rainbow Bridge and Pet Heaven

Meow, there. It’s been a tough week. My author lost her beloved Oliver on whom I am loosely based last Saturday. Since then, she has offered her short eBook about Rainbow Bridge free to other pet lovers in the hope it may bring them some peace. The book is still free until today, Friday, November 10 and can be downloaded here:

The following feature Friday films all deal with pet loss but also provide hope that people and their pets will be reunited one day on Rainbow Bridge.


My Namesake has Gone Over Rainbow Bridge

For those who may not have heard the sad news, my author’s 17-year-old cat, Oliver, crossed over to Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, November 4th, after a bout with kidney failure that weakened his legs but couldn’t kill his spirit. Debbie named me after him and, although I’m a character cat, I was proud of my real-life counterpart. Oliver also appeared in Debbie’s articles as well as being her inspiration for me. She wrote a beautiful memorial post on her blog that you can read here: 

Debbie is also offering a free e-copy of her short story, The Path to Rainbow Bridge, until Friday, November 10, in memory of Oliver and to comfort others who have also lost their own precious pets. Although I am not in this story, many of Debbie’s cats who she has loved and lost throughout the years are featured.

As an additional memorial to Oliver, I am sharing some of Debbie’s photos of him throughout the year on this blog. I have to admit he was a handsome guy and quite photocatogenic.

Oliver, December 2000