My Namesake has Gone Over Rainbow Bridge

For those who may not have heard the sad news, my author’s 17-year-old cat, Oliver, crossed over to Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, November 4th, after a bout with kidney failure that weakened his legs but couldn’t kill his spirit. Debbie named me after him and, although I’m a character cat, I was proud of my real-life counterpart. Oliver also appeared in Debbie’s articles as well as being her inspiration for me. She wrote a beautiful memorial post on her blog that you can read here: 

Debbie is also offering a free e-copy of her short story, The Path to Rainbow Bridge, until Friday, November 10, in memory of Oliver and to comfort others who have also lost their own precious pets. Although I am not in this story, many of Debbie’s cats who she has loved and lost throughout the years are featured.

As an additional memorial to Oliver, I am sharing some of Debbie’s photos of him throughout the year on this blog. I have to admit he was a handsome guy and quite photocatogenic.

Oliver, December 2000



10 thoughts on “My Namesake has Gone Over Rainbow Bridge

  1. We are so sorry for your loss, Mollie and Sneaky, that your beautiful cat Oliver was called to the rainbow bridge. We have lots of great friends up there and know fur sure it’s a wonderful place. It is good that such a wonderful cat and a wonderful cat mom found each other to love and we send you all the comfort and consolation we can. Your friends, Cisco, Pancho and Annie Scarborough plus Spam the Cat.


  2. Going back through my emails, and I don’t know how I could have missed this…I am so, so sorry for your loss. What an absolutely beautiful boy Oliver was. Prayers to you. He will walk beside you—always!


    1. Thank you, Nancy. I still miss him terribly after nearly two months. My other cat, Stripey, gives me consolation and I love him, too, but Oliver was my special cat. We had some wonderful years together, but you always wish for more.


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