Feature Friday Film: Rainbow Bridge and Pet Heaven

Meow, there. It’s been a tough week. My author lost her beloved Oliver on whom I am loosely based last Saturday. Since then, she has offered her short eBook about Rainbow Bridge free to other pet lovers in the hope it may bring them some peace. The book is still free until today, Friday, November 10 and can be downloaded here: myBook.to/RainbowBridge

The following feature Friday films all deal with pet loss but also provide hope that people and their pets will be reunited one day on Rainbow Bridge.



4 thoughts on “Feature Friday Film: Rainbow Bridge and Pet Heaven

    1. Because cats have such a shorter lifespan than humans, most of us have to say goodbye to them at some point. It’s like losing a child. They are so much a part of the family and home.


  1. This is a really good tribute. Sorry for Oliver. Losing a loyal companion is really hard. I too had lost my pet a few months ago due to an illness and we had his body at pet cremation houston. It still makes me feel sad whenever I see spots in our house that he would normally be.


    1. Thank you. I’m sorry for your loss, too. We also cremated Oliver. I keep his urn near my bed. He’ll be gone 2 years this November, and I now have two one-year old cats but, of course, they don’t replace him.


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