Feature Friday Film: How to Give Your Sick Kitty Medicine

Meow, there. It’s Sneaky. I hope the following films don’t disturb anyone, but we all know that real-life cats get sick and often need pills or shots to feel better.

Debbie’s cat, Oliver is struggling right now with Feline Kidney Disease and has to have sub-q fluid injections.  Her Rainbow Bridge cat, Floppy, was diabetic and needed insulin shots. The videos I am showing today will demonstrate techniques for these procedures. I hope your kitties stay healthy and that, if they do get sick, you can learn how to administer the medicine they need. Keep in mind that before attempting any of these methods, you need to check with a vet about a diagnosis and recommendations for treatment for your pet. There are many more health-related cat videos online, and I am not endorsing any of these in particular.