Sneaky Interviews Author Debbie De Louise’s Cat Stripey

In a few days, it will be Mew Year, so I decided to feature a special guest here who is making his first appearance on my blog. I’m excited to be interviewing none other than Stripey De Louise, my author’s 10-year old cat.

Mice to have you here, Stripey. Did you  have a nice holiday?

Hello, Sneaky. My holiday was okay except that those two little furballs who visited my territory in October are still here.

Furballs? Are you referring to Harry and Hermione, the kittens who write the Kitty Korner column on this blog?

You got that right, Sneaks.

May I ask what you have against those two, Stripey?

Isn’t that obvious? They are in my home. I admit that I once shared the place with a cat named Oliver. He was an old guy and really didn’t give me much trouble. When he went away, I had the place to myself. Now I’ve got not one, but two felines to deal with.

I don’t understand. You got along with Oliver. Why can’t you get along with Harry and Hermione?

Well, to be honest, Sneaky, I didn’t get along with Oliver right away. We actually got into a fur fight when he first came into my house, but then I realized he wasn’t going anywhere, and he was a lot older and bigger than I was. These little cats that are in my house now can gang up on me. They’re fast and strong. I’ve seen them zip around like tiny tigers.

Are you saying that you’re afraid of the kittens?

Let’s just say I’m a bit wary of them. That’s why I hiss when I see them and run for cover. Deep down, I admit I’m curious about them. I’ve played footsie with the girl under the door, but I’m not sure I can trust either of them yet.

Sounds like you need some time to adjust to the changes in your household. Harry and Hermione both say that they try to befriend you and even rub noses to greet you when you meet, but you hiss at them and then run away.  Is that true?

Yes, but I’m pretty set in my ways and used to being on my own now that Oliver is gone. He wasn’t really my pal. I just allowed him to stay in my home. I was there first. I’m the senior cat in the family and, like I said, I can’t trust the new little devils especially that girl, Hermione, who keeps running under my bed while I’m hiding there.  She has some nerve that little fur ball. You’d think she’d fear for her safety. I am a big guy, after all. But, no, she is relentless, even when I draw my paws out at her with my shivs sheathed. I like the boy, Harry, a bit better. He’s quieter and less intrusive of my territory, but he follows his sister around like a puppy.

I sympathize with your predicament. Even though I’m a character cat, I encountered a similar situation in Debbie’s latest Cobble Cove mystery, Love on the Rocks, when a new girl kitten came to town. Our meeting was quite awkward, and I also hissed at her and retreated. However, we ended up working together to solve a crime. I’m confident that the three of you will be friends one day even if you don’t have any mysteries to unravel.

I hope you’re right, Sneaky. I’d love to start 2019 with harmony in my home. Also, those cat toys and that awesome cat tree that the kittens have in their room sure look inviting. I’ve been bored sleeping most of the day, but I still have some life in me and could give those kittens some chasing.

That’s the attitude, Stripey. You all could be great playmates. I know it.

Thanks, Sneaky. I need some time to ponder your advice. I still have to show the interlopers that I’m top cat in Debbie’s house. I want to do it before they get too big. Once I put them in their place, maybe I’ll grace them with my pawsome company. 

Fair enough. Well, keep us posted, Stripey, and thanks for the interview.

You’re welcome, Sneaky. Best whiskers on your upcoming books. I wish Debbie would put me in one. I think she’s planning to put Harry and Hermione in your series, so be careful. They’ve already taken over one of your columns. The next thing you know, they’ll have their photos on the book covers and their own blog. You should shudder at the thought.

Thanks for the warning, Stripey. I’ll keep that in mind. Have a Happy Mew year and try to make peace with your fellow felines.


Sneaky Interviews the Authors and Dogs of To Fetch a Thief, a Mutt Mystery

Sneaky here with a pawsome interview of the authors and dog characters of  To Fetch a Thief, A Mutt Mystery, that’s on tour with Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book

Meow there. Please excuse my feline accent, but I’m not used to interviewing humans, although I’m glad to see that you’ve brought along your dog characters, too. I’m pretty proficient at Canine, having been around my dog co-star Fido from my Cobble Cove mysteries. Can one of you tell me about your new release?

To Fetch a Thief is the first collection in the Mutt Mysteries Series. It’s four, dog-themed novella mysteries. The authors are Teresa Inge, Heather Weidner, Jayne Ormerod, and Rosemary Shomaker. 

Hot dog that sounds good.

What book(s), novella(s), or short storie(s) have you or your authors appeared in?

Teresa Inge: Her stories appear in the Virginia is for Mysteries series and 50 Shades of Cabernet.

Heather Weidner: Her stories appear in the Virginia is for Mysteries series and 50 Shades of Cabernet. She is also the author of the Delanie Fitzgerald mystery series: Secret Lives and Private Eyes and The Tulip Shirt Murders.

Jayne Ormerod: She is the author of the Blonds at the Beach Mysteries, The Blond Leading the Blond and Blond Luck. She has contributed seven short mysteries to various anthologies to include Virginia is for Mysteries, Volumes I and II, and 50 Shades of Cabernet.  

Rosemary Shomaker: She writes women’s fiction, paranormal, and mystery short stories. Her stories appear in the Virginia is for Mysteries series and 50 Shades of Cabernet.

Heather Weidner: Heather writes a mystery series, The Delanie Fitzgerald mystery series with a sassy PI who tends to get herself in and out of humorous situations.

Jayne Ormerod: Jayne writes the Blonds at the Beach mystery series.

You authors have loads of experience. My author writes the Cobble Cove mystery series, but it is more cat-oriented, and I’d like to think I’m the star although it also features two dogs — Fido and Ruby. 

Are any of the dogs in this book based on a real dog such as one of the author’s?  If so, please give further details.

Heather Weidner: My character in “Diggin’ up Dirt” in To Fetch a Thief is Darby, the Jack Russell, and she helps her owner unearth some hidden clues. Darby is based on my Jack Russell Terrier, Disney. She and her brother Riley rule our house and keep us on our toes.

Jayne Ormerod: No, I am based on a picture my author got off of the Internet. She was dog-less at the time. But I have the loyalty and curiosity and love for daily walks that all of my author’s other dogs had.

Rosemary Shomaker: Hello, Sneaky. Thanks for asking us, the To Fetch a Thief canine characters what we like about these stories. I’m not using my name here, because that’s one of the story’s first surprises. While my creator Rosemary doesn’t own a sheprador like Adam Moreland does in “This is Not a Dog Park,” the emotional connection Adam has with his pet in the story reveals Rosemary’s bond with dogs. She idealized me, her canine character in this story, by giving me attributes she likes in the dogs she’s owned, including my general quietness, alertness, and loyalty. Most of the dogs in Rosemary’s life have been hounds. She currently owns a male, short-haired mixed hound. Before that, her family dog was a very docile female hound, park bluetick coonhound, I’m told. 

Teresa Inge: Cagney and Lacey are based on real life Yorkshire Terriers who help solve the crime. 

What a great cast of pups. I’m loosely based on Debbie’s Siamese cat, Oliver, who passed away last year. It’s always nice when authors put their pets in books.

What do the dogs in this collection like most about  their  roles in the stories?

Heather Weidner: Darby is a bundle of energy. She’s always ready to plan, enjoy a snack, or take a walk. And in “Diggin’ up Dirt,” she has a habit of digging holes in the backyard. But she uncovers some interesting things.

Jayne Ormerod: I love going everywhere with my people-mom, Meg, even when we are chasing bad guys. She is my best friend and I would die for her. Almost did! I got to be the hero! And they had a party for me! I really liked that.

Rosemary Shomaker: In “This is Not a Dog Park,” I like being Adam’s companion. He’s good to me, he loves me, and he and I get a lot of exercise. Our workouts rise to a new level when someone leaves a gift for us at our apartment door—a tennis ball chucker! Adam throws scores of tennis balls to me. I’m also a boss at Frisbee retrieving. Mostly, I’m happy to get Adam out of the apartment and interacting with other humans and dogs. 

Teresa Inge: That readers enjoy my stories.

Great answers. I’m wagging my tail which is more like a swishing it, the cat version of tail wagging.

Do the dogs talk in the book, or are they just a silent pet like I am?

All the dogs in To Fetch a Thief are a silent pet like you. However, they do help their owners solve crimes and capers.

Of claws they do. That’s the main job of cozy mystery pet characters. That and looking and acting adorable.

What advice would you give other dog characters?

Heather Weidner: Do what you do best! Dogs bring out the best in humans. I love that all the dogs in the four novellas are crime-fighters too.

Jayne Ormerod: Keep your nose to the ground and keep your guard up. People aren’t always the best judges of character, but dogs are!

Rosemary Shomaker: Dogs are great at unconditional love. My advice? Keep loving your humans, just like I love Adam. Seek to connect your humans to the world by widening your circle of human and dog friends. Your human needs you. Humans can be too introspective and often self-pitying. Keep pulling your humans out of themselves. Link them to the joys of everyday like being outside, simple walks, and a warm friend.

Teresa Inge: Make them a character in the story with their own personality.

Those are all great tips. I’ll share them with Fido and Ruby, and I think they can apply to cats, too.

Do the authors have plans for any new stories? Please give dates and details.

We are working on the second in the Mystery Mutt series. Stay tuned for more information.

Heather Weidner: I’m working on a cozy mystery series set in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the third mystery in my Delanie Fitzgerald series. That will be out next year. Next year, I also have a story in Deadly Southern Charm: A Lethal Ladies Mystery Anthology, and a non-fiction piece in PromoPhobia.

Jayne Ormerod: Not yet. Me and my people-mom are still getting over the frights in “It’s a Dog Gone Shame!” But I have a dog’s sense there will be more adventures for us some day. We make a good crime-solving team.

Rosemary Shomaker: Look for Mutt Mysteries Collection #2 in fall 2019 for more great dog stories. I may have a story in that collection!

In the spring of 2019, you’ll find my “Heads or Tails” in the Wittier Than Thou – Tales of Whimsy and Mirth inspired by the life and works of John Greenleaf Whittier. It’s the third anthology benefitting the Haverhill, Massachusetts, Whittier Birthplace museum.

Teresa Inge: Books two and three of the Mutt Mystery Series.

Thank you all for the great interview, and best tail wags on your stories and the series. I’m sharing information about your blog tour below.

To Fetch A Thief
by Teresa Inge, Heather Weidner, Jayne Ormerod, and Rosemary Shomaker

About the Book

To Fetch A Thief
Cozy Mystery Anthology
Light, humorous, dog-themed mysteries.
Bay Breeze Publishing, LLC (November 8, 2018)
Paperback: 278 pages
ISBN-10: 1732790701
ISBN-13: 978-1732790704
Digital ASIN: B07K97ZYY6

To Fetch a Thief, the first Mutt Mysteries collection, features four novellas that have gone to the dogs. In this howlingly good read, canine companions help their owners solve crimes and right wrongs. These sleuths may be furry and low to the ground, but their keen senses are on high alert when it comes to sniffing out clues and digging up the truth. Make no bones about it, these pup heroes will steal your heart as they conquer ruff villains.

About the Authors

Teresa Inge grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries. Today, she doesn’t carry a rod like her idol, but she hotrods. She is president of Sister’s in Crime Mystery by the Sea Chapter and author of short mysteries in Virginia is for Mysteries and 50 Shades of Cabernet.

Connect with Teresa on Facebook, and Twitter

Heather Weidner, a member of SinC – Central Virginia and Guppies, is the author of the Delanie Fitzgerald Mysteries, Secret Lives and Private Eyes and The Tulip Shirt Murders. Her short stories appear in the Virginia is for Mysteries series and 50 Shades of Cabernet. Heather lives in Virginia with her husband and a pair of Jack Russell terriers, Disney and Riley. She’s been a mystery fan since Scooby-Doo and Nancy Drew. Some of her life experience comes from being a technical writer, editor, college professor, software tester, IT manager, and cop’s kid. She blogs at Pens, Paws, and Claws.

Website and Blog:

Pens, Paws, and Claws Website and Blog:




Jayne Ormerod grew up in a small Ohio town then went on to a small-town Ohio college. Upon earning her degree in accountancy, she became a CIA (that’s not a sexy spy thing, but a Certified Internal Auditor.) She married a naval officer and off they sailed to see the world. After nineteen moves, they, along with their two rescue dogs Tiller and Scout, have settled into a cozy cottage by the sea. Jayne is the author of the Blonds at the Beach Mysteries, The Blond Leading the Blond, and Blond Luck. She has contributed seven short mysteries to various anthologies to include joining with the other To Fetch a Thief authors in Virginia is for Mysteries, Volumes I and II, and 50 Shades of Cabernet.



Rosemary Shomaker writes about the unexpected in everyday life. She’s the woman you don’t notice in the grocery store or at church but whom you do notice at estate sales and wandering vacant lots. In all these places she’s collecting story ideas. Rosemary writes women’s fiction, paranormal, and mystery short stories, and she’s taking her first steps toward longer fiction, so stay tuned. She’s an urban planner by education, a government policy analyst by trade, and a fiction writer at heart. Rosemary credits Sisters in Crime with developing her craft and applauds the organization’s mission of promoting the ongoing advancement, recognition, and professional development of women crime writers.

GoodReads –

More Links:




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Hermione’s Kitty Korner Post #3: Spring Toys are Fun but Socks are Better

Purrs, it’s Hermione. back again with another post for Kitty Korner. I know my brother, Harry, filled you in on our spring toy game match (,  but I have my own special game called “Catch the Sock.” I mastered it when my teenage human, Holly, threw a sock down on the floor, and I retrieved it for her. Seeing that I was so good at catching socks, she tossed a bunch on our cat tree and the game began.

Harry also had some cute shots of us playing with our spring toy, but I can top that. I have a video of my sock game that Debbie took while Holly and I played.

I hope you enjoy my sock story as much as I enjoyed sharing it. I can’t wait to discover new games. I’m sure the stocking I share with Harry will be full of cat toys from Santa Claws, but the stocking itself will probably be more fun for me to play with. Merry Catmas and Happy Meowlidays to you all.

Harry’s Kitty Korner Post #2: The One Thing I Want for Catmas

Meow, there. It’s Harry writing my second post for Sneaky’s Kitty Korner column. My topic today is Catmas; or, as people refer to it, Christmas. I really don’t have much to ask for from Santa Claws, and I know Debbie has already hung a stocking for me and my sis, Hermione. We’re sharing one stocking because we do everything together. We are inseparable and that’s why Debbie and her daughter, Holly, adopted us both from the Golden Paws Society shelter after seeing us at the Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe.

I don’t mind sharing a stocking with Hermione because we play with the same toys together. In fact, we even have a favorite game called Catch the Curlicue. Let me explain the rules. Hermione and I both love these spring-like coils that Debbie calls curlicues. We love to bat them around the kitchen floor and then pick them up in our mouths and carry them around. The basic goal to the game is that whichever one of us catches the curlicue earns a point. We play until we flop down from exhaustion. The kitty with the highest points at that time wins. I don’t like to brag, but I beat Hermione in a recent match because I have longer legs and am fast on my feet.


You can get an idea of how long my legs are in this photo of me napping on our cat tree.

Besides long legs, I also have a pretty long tongue. Check it out below from this picture Holly snapped at me at just the right moment..

Sorry I got off topic. What do I want for Catmas? Like I said, I pretty much have everything I need — a nice home with people who love me, a sister who is the best playmate ever, cat food, treats, and lots of fun toys. I’m so lucky that I was rescued. It’s the best gift Santa Claws could’ve given me, although it was two months early. I think I speak for all pets when I say rescuing an animal is the best gift you can give them — not only for Christmas — but anytime of year.

The only gift I wish I could get this year is the friendship of the 10-year-old resident cat, Stripey. I’ve been trying to befriend him since I came to live with Debbie and her family; but, for some reason, he’s afraid of me and Hermione. It may be because he’s not used to kittens, having lived only with Oliver, the senior Siamese who passed away last year. I know Stripey’s curious about us because he peeks in our room from time to time but then backs away and hides. When we’ve come out to see him, he does the same and sometimes growls at us. I’m still hopeful he will come around.  It would be wonderful to become good buds with him.

That’s it for now, Sneaky’s readers. I’ll be back in the New Year for more of my tales. Have a very Merry Catmus and Happy Meowlidays to you all.

Sneaky Interviews Ribbons from A Timeless Celebration, a Century Cozy Mystery, by Dianne Ascroft

Sneaky here with another pawsome interview of a cat character. Today, it’s my pleasure to cat chat with a cozy mystery cat whose current book, A Timeless Celebration, is on tour with Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book.

Meow there.. What is your name and your author’s name?

Hello. I’m Ribbons and my author and servant is Dianne Ascroft.

Mice to meet you.

What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

I’ve only recently made my debut in the novel, A Timeless Celebration, and a prequel short story, City Sunset, but I know my author plans to feature me in future books in the Century Cottage Cozy Mysteries series.

That sounds purrfect. Tell us a little bit about the book.

My author has only written the first book so far but it’s the beginning of the Century Cottage Cozy Mysteries series. The books are set in a small town in Canada and my littermate, Raggs, and I live with widow Lois Stone. We recently moved from Toronto to Fenwater and we’re settling in there. As we explore our new life we frequently encounter new adventures and mysteries to solve. Lois thinks she is doing the investigating but she would miss half the clues without our help – especially mine. Raggs can be so lazy at times.

That’s nice that you have a partner. I’m the only cat star in my Cobble Cove series, but a new cat came to town in our new book, so we’ll see.

Are you based on a real cat such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

Yes, my littermate, Raggs, and I are based on our author’s two tortoiseshell cats, Snooks and Rocky. The ‘real’ cats, if we must use that term, live with our author on her farm and keep a close eye on her, especially at meal times. I’m much younger, more intelligent and more attractive than either of the ‘real’ cats though.

And modest I see.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

Excerpt from Chapter 18.

Late at night, after Lois hears an intruder in her house and goes downstairs to her kitchen to investigate.

“As far as she could see, the room was empty except for Ribbons standing on the kitchen table, her tail straight up in the air and twitching furiously, as the cat stared past her owner. Lois was starting to turn her head in the direction in which the cat was looking when she felt her shoulder shoved roughly. Knocked off balance, she toppled onto the floor in the middle of the room, twisting onto her back and bumping her head against one of the legs of a chair as she fell. She heard loud bangs near her but was too dazed to focus on what was happening.

The noise quickly stopped, and she lay dazed and winded for a few moments until she remembered the intruder. Where is he? Is he still here? She pushed herself onto her elbow, halfway to a sitting position on the floor, her eyes trained on the back door. There was no one there and the phantom was hovering beside the screen door, not attempting to block the exit any longer. Lois glanced around the room. No sign of the intruder. He must have rushed out of the back door right after he shoved her. But not before the phantom confronted him; she just knew that was the noise she had heard. She hoped it had done some damage to him.

Lois let out a loud sigh. After all this, she didn’t have any description of the intruder except that it was a man and he was dressed in black. That wasn’t very much. It probably described most burglars.

She looked at the grey shape that seemed to be watching over her. “Thanks, Beldie. You are Beldie, aren’t you?” Lois watched the phantom. Its wide-set eyes had a knowing look and it seemed to glow brighter for a moment. Maybe that was a response to her question. “Too bad you or Ribbons couldn’t talk and tell me what he looked like or who he was.”

Lois rubbed the back of her head as she pulled her legs to one side and rolled onto her knees in preparation for standing up. She shuffled across the floor on her knees and placed her hands on the seat of the chair to push herself to her feet. Ribbons appeared from under the table and wove around her legs.

Lois gingerly bent to pat the cat, rubbing the back of her own head with her other hand. “I’m glad you’re okay. I guess you had the sense to stay away from whoever that was. Not like me storming in here. You probably got a better look at him too. If only you could tell me what you saw.”

Ribbons meowed and flicked her tail back and forth across Lois’s leg, then marched toward the back door. Lois’s gaze followed the cat as the animal moved. At the screen door the cat stopped. Lois noticed a rectangular white object was lying on the floor next to the spot where the cat was standing. She peered at the object and one of her eyebrows quirked upward as she recognised it. Why was the packet of photographs lying on the floor? Had Ribbons batted it off the table earlier? Lois drew her eyebrows into a frown as she thought. No, she couldn’t have.

Lois was certain that she had put the photographs into her purse when she got home from town this afternoon. She wanted to be sure that she took them with her in the morning so she could give Marge the set and drop the negatives into the drugstore on her way to the Highland Games to get the copies made for Ken.

Had the intruder deliberately taken the photographs from her purse and left her purse on the dining room table?”

Paws up! I love it.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

I don’t mean to brag but I do like the attention I get – not to mention the treats they lavish on me. My littermate, Raggs, is rather lazy and she often sleeps through anything exciting – and the snacks when Lois sits up late discussing a mystery with her friend Marge. But I’m always right there to nudge Lois in the right direction when she needs a bit of help and to share the snacks. It feels good to help her and, like I said, I don’t mind the attention I get when I do something clever either.

Character cats, just like real cats, like to be in the limelight.

Are you a talking cat in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

It’s a little more often than occasionally that I meow. I make my own wants known as well as helping Lois when she misses clues. But I draw the line at talking. If Lois and her friends can’t learn my language, I don’t intend to speak theirs. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for them to understand me sometimes when I have no trouble at all understanding them.

A dilemma of many of our fellow cat characters who prefer not to speak human.

What advice would you give other cat characters?

Give your author the odd nudge and remind her you’re there. She needs to be sure to include you as often as possible in every book she writes. You’re much more interesting and photogenic than the humans in any story.

I agree completely, Ribbons. I actually nudged Debbie to give me this blog and my glorious image on the cover of our 3rd book, Written in Stone.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

My first book in the Century Cottage Cozy Mystery series, A Timeless Celebration, was released at the end of October. And there’s a prequel novella, Out of Options, that is due to be released in December. Then I’ll need to give my author a shove and get her slaving away at Book 2 in the series. I can’t keep my fans waiting.

Good for you. Get that author writing.

Are you and/or your author on social media? If so, please list your links.

Like I’ve said, I let the humans do the talking. You can find my author on her website: and on social media. On Facebook she’s at and on Twitter she’s at @DianneAscroft.

Thanks for sharing your author’s links and for the purrfect interview. Best whiskers on your new release and future books of the series. I am also sharing your blog tour and giveaway below.

A Timeless Celebration (Century Cottage Cozy Mysteries)
by Dianne Ascroft

About the Book

A Timeless Celebration (Century Cottage Cozy Mysteries)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Self Published (October 25, 2018)
Print Length: 245 pages

A small town, a big party, a stolen gift. When an artefact from the Titanic is stolen before her town’s 150th anniversary celebration, it’s up to Lois Stone to catch the thief.

Middle-aged widow Lois has moved from bustling Toronto to tranquil Fenwater and is settling into her new life away from the dangers of the city. Then two events happen that shatter her serenity: her house is burgled and an antique watch belonging to a Titanic survivor is stolen from the local museum. Her best friend, Marge, was responsible for the watch’s safekeeping until its official presentation to the museum at the town’s 150th anniversary party, and its disappearance will jeopardise her job and the museum’s future. Lois won’t let her friend take the blame and the consequences for the theft. She’s determined to find the watch in time to save her best friend’s job, the museum’s future and the town’s 150th anniversary celebration.

And so begins a week of new friends, apple and cinnamon muffins, calico cats, midnight intruders, shadowy caprine companions and more than one person with a reason to steal the watch, set against the backdrop of century houses on leafy residential streets, the swirling melodies of bagpipes, a shimmering heat haze and the burble of cool water.

About the Author

Dianne Ascroft is a Torontonian who has settled in rural Northern Ireland. She and her husband live on a small farm with an assortment of strong-willed animals.

A Timeless Celebration is the first novel in the Century Cottage Cozy Mysteries series.

Her previous fiction works include The Yankee Years series of novels and short reads, set in Northern Ireland during the Second World War; An Unbidden Visitor (a tale inspired by Fermanagh’s famous Coonian ghost); Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves: A Collection of Short Stories (contemporary tales), and an historical novel, Hitler and Mars Bars, which explores Operation Shamrock, a little known Irish Red Cross humanitarian endeavour.

Dianne writes both fiction and non-fiction. Her articles and short stories have been printed in Canadian and Irish magazines and newspapers. When she’s not writing, she enjoys walks in the countryside, evenings in front of her open fireplace and folk and traditional music.

  • Author Links


Facebook page:

Twitter: @DianneAscroft


Newsletter Sign up:

  • Purchase Links:

Amazon ebook: USUK

Amazon print: US UK

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December 17 – The Avid Reader – REVIEW, GIVEAWAY

December 18 – Babs Book Bistro – SPOTLIGHT, GIVEAWAY

December 18 – Sneaky the Library Cat’s Blog – CHARACTER INTERVIEW

December 19 – Here’s How It Happened – REVIEW, RECIPE

December 20 – A Blue Million Books – AUTHOR INTERVIEW

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