Hermione’s Kitty Korner Post #1: My Purrsonal Introduction

Purrs, it’s Hermione. I’m honored to be here to cat chat with you on Sneaky the library cat’s blog. As most of you readers might know, Sneaky isn’t a real cat. He’s a character cat in my human’s mystery series. I, on the other paw, am a real kitten. I will be five months old this month and have been with the De Louise family for six weeks now. I’d like to tell you more about me and my experiences so far. My brother Harry will also get a chance to chat with folks in this Kitty Korner.

I ended up with Debbie and her family after being rescued and taken to a place called the Golden Paws Society. They were very kind and took care of me and my brother who was rescued with me. Although I was very young, they did an operation on me that they said would stop me from having kittens. It hurt a little, but I think it was worth it. I wouldn’t want to have a bunch of kittens who would be out in the street like my brother and I were and might not be as lucky finding homes or a shelter that would keep them until they found their forever homes. Golden Paws did the same operation for Harry and also put something called a microchip in us in case we got lost so that they or our new owners would be able to find us. We were also dewormed, checked by a vet, and vaccinated.

The inside of the Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe

When we were three months old, something wonderful happened. We were taken to The Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe. This place, run by a nice lady named Ryan Shea, had other kittens and also cats of all types. Like Golden Paws, we were able to roam freely there, and visitors could see, play with, and adopt us. It was a really neat place with all sorts of cat-friendly nooks and crannies, cat trees, tunnels, and toys galore.

We weren’t at the cat cafe long when Debbie and her daughter, Holly, came by. It had been their second trip to Shabby Tabby. On their first visit, Holly had been disappointed that the kitten she’d wanted to adopt had already been claimed. When she saw my brother and played with him, she asked if he was available to adopt and was told that he was but couldn’t be separated from me. Debbie knew her husband might not like the idea of taking two cats when they already had a ten-year-old cat named Stripey. However, she also knew that it would be nice for me and my brother to continue to be playmates and keep one another company while she and Holly were at work and school, so she agreed to take us both. Harry and I are so happy she decided to do that because we’re a purrfect pair.

Another factor in our favor was that I was a diluted calico which means I have lighter colors than a regular calico but that makes me even more beautiful in my humble kitten opinion. Although Debbie has had cats all her life, she always wanted a calico, and Holly always wanted a black cat like Harry. It seemed like it was destined for us to be together.

So that’s my rescue/adoption story. You can read the interview Sneaky did of me and Harry at this link for more details: https://wp.me/p7XcB0-tB

I will write more about my life with Debbie, Holly, Anthony, Harry, and Stripey in future Kitten Korner columns. For meow, I will say that it’s been pretty pawsome except for Stripey who is still wary around me and Harry. I’ve played paw tapping with him under the door, but when we come face-to-face, he growls and runs away. I think he’s rather stupid to be frightened of little kittens, but I think he’ll come around. I’ll keep you posted about that in a future Kitten Korner column. Thanks for reading and deep kitty purrs to you.

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