Sneaky’s Guest Post about His Experience Meeting the New Kitty in Love on the Rocks and Some Tips on Introducing a New Cat into your Home

This guest post by meow truly was featured on My Reading Journeys as part of Debbie’s blog tour on Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours.

A New Cat in Town Equals a Pawsome Challenge to Sneaky the Library Cat

Meow there. It’s my pleasure to chat on My Reading Journeys blog about Debbie’s new release, Love on the Rocks. I have to admit, I wasn’t too happy when Debbie decided to introduce a new kitty into Cobble Cove. This three-colored kitten came to live at the Cobble Inn with Alicia’s best friend, Gilly, who recently married Sheriff Ramsay. The happy couple eloped and celebrated their marriage in Hawaii where they found a kitten on the beach, and Gilly decided to bring it home. Don’t ask me how she got around airport regulations and quarantines and stuff. For those who’ve read the other books in our series, you’ll know that Gilly has a certain way with people, especially men if you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong. These are cozy mysteries, after all, but Gilly is a shameless tease in a harmless way. What’s less harmless is how she convinces Alicia to investigate crimes with her. I know John, Alicia’s husband, wasn’t too pleased when they started to search for the killer of the man originally suspected of lacing Valentine candy with poison at the Cobble Cove library where Alicia works as a librarian and Gilly as a clerk.

My main topic is the orange, white, and black kitten named KittyKai. When I was first introduced to her, I was a gentleman albeit a bit scared. Here’s the scene. Judge for yourself if my reaction was proper.

“Oh, my gosh, Gilly!” Alicia said, almost choking on her cookie. “I don’t believe it. You brought a cat back from Hawaii. How did you manage that?” She was thinking about the quarantines and airline procedures.

“I have my ways,” she said rolling her eyes provocatively. “The check-in clerks and the captain found me quite alluring. Ron was jealous, but I got us a kitty. I found her on the beach, poor thing. I think she’ll make a great inn cat.” She brought the kitten over to the table. The twins went wild. “Kitty, Kitty,” they both called, reaching out. She handed the cat to Alicia who let Carol and Johnny pet her.

“It’s a little girl,” Alicia said, examining the backside of the kitten.

“Yep. Her name is KittyKai. ‘Kai’ means ‘sea’ in Hawaiian.”

“Pretty, the name and the cat. I never had a calico.”

“You should get a cat. The twins will be old enough soon to have a pet.”

“I think Sneaky’s enough for us,” John said, “and Fido when Dad brings him by.”

“Speaking of Sneaky,” Gilly said, “Look!” She pointed at the carrier where a beige head was peeking out. Slowly, the Siamese ambled out.

Gilly picked up KittyKai and placed her on the ground.

“Gilly, I don’t think…” Alicia was alarmed that Sneaky might harm the kitten. Instead, he sniffed her. KittyKai, however, drew her small body back, black, orange, and white fur standing on end, her tail erect—the signs of confrontation. She hissed in Sneaky’s face.

Luckily, we resolved our differences as most cats do. One thing in KittyKai’s favor is that she’s a lady. Not that I would have any romantic interest in her. Not only is she a minor, but I’ve been neutered which is the operation we cats get at the vets so we don’t have babies. I don’t mind. I like to be unencumbered.

The one thing that still nags at me, though, is that KittyKai got her photo on our book cover. I know I shouldn’t complain because my photo was on the last book, Written in Stone. However, it still irks me because I’m the top cat in this series, and I intend to remain that way.

For a case of fiction imitates life or vice versa, Debbie recently adopted two kittens and is in the process of introducing them to her 10-year old cat, Stripey.

For those of you facing a new cat or kitten in your home, here are some links that may make the introductions between the newcomer and your resident cat less stressful.

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