Harry’s Kitty Korner Post #2: The One Thing I Want for Catmas

Meow, there. It’s Harry writing my second post for Sneaky’s Kitty Korner column. My topic today is Catmas; or, as people refer to it, Christmas. I really don’t have much to ask for from Santa Claws, and I know Debbie has already hung a stocking for me and my sis, Hermione. We’re sharing one stocking because we do everything together. We are inseparable and that’s why Debbie and her daughter, Holly, adopted us both from the Golden Paws Society shelter after seeing us at the Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe.

I don’t mind sharing a stocking with Hermione because we play with the same toys together. In fact, we even have a favorite game called Catch the Curlicue. Let me explain the rules. Hermione and I both love these spring-like coils that Debbie calls curlicues. We love to bat them around the kitchen floor and then pick them up in our mouths and carry them around. The basic goal to the game is that whichever one of us catches the curlicue earns a point. We play until we flop down from exhaustion. The kitty with the highest points at that time wins. I don’t like to brag, but I beat Hermione in a recent match because I have longer legs and am fast on my feet.


You can get an idea of how long my legs are in this photo of me napping on our cat tree.

Besides long legs, I also have a pretty long tongue. Check it out below from this picture Holly snapped at me at just the right moment..

Sorry I got off topic. What do I want for Catmas? Like I said, I pretty much have everything I need — a nice home with people who love me, a sister who is the best playmate ever, cat food, treats, and lots of fun toys. I’m so lucky that I was rescued. It’s the best gift Santa Claws could’ve given me, although it was two months early. I think I speak for all pets when I say rescuing an animal is the best gift you can give them — not only for Christmas — but anytime of year.

The only gift I wish I could get this year is the friendship of the 10-year-old resident cat, Stripey. I’ve been trying to befriend him since I came to live with Debbie and her family; but, for some reason, he’s afraid of me and Hermione. It may be because he’s not used to kittens, having lived only with Oliver, the senior Siamese who passed away last year. I know Stripey’s curious about us because he peeks in our room from time to time but then backs away and hides. When we’ve come out to see him, he does the same and sometimes growls at us. I’m still hopeful he will come around.  It would be wonderful to become good buds with him.

That’s it for now, Sneaky’s readers. I’ll be back in the New Year for more of my tales. Have a very Merry Catmus and Happy Meowlidays to you all.


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