Hermione’s Kitty Korner Post #3: Spring Toys are Fun but Socks are Better

Purrs, it’s Hermione. back again with another post for Kitty Korner. I know my brother, Harry, filled you in on our spring toy game match (https://wp.me/p7XcB0-vZ),  but I have my own special game called “Catch the Sock.” I mastered it when my teenage human, Holly, threw a sock down on the floor, and I retrieved it for her. Seeing that I was so good at catching socks, she tossed a bunch on our cat tree and the game began.

Harry also had some cute shots of us playing with our spring toy, but I can top that. I have a video of my sock game that Debbie took while Holly and I played.

I hope you enjoy my sock story as much as I enjoyed sharing it. I can’t wait to discover new games. I’m sure the stocking I share with Harry will be full of cat toys from Santa Claws, but the stocking itself will probably be more fun for me to play with. Merry Catmas and Happy Meowlidays to you all.

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