Harry’s Kitty Korner #5: Hanging with My Sister and The Big Cat in the House

Hi, there. It’s Harry with another column about my life with the De Louise’s. I will say that my sister and I are getting quite used to this place. We’re spending more time in the Big Rooms playing with cat toys and mingling with the head honcho here, Mr. Stripey.

Stripey isn’t the friendliest of cats. Hermione enjoys teasing him. I have to give her credit. She uses all the moves on him that she’s learned from wrestling with me. I prefer to stay out of it and leave the big guy alone until he comes around to accepting our being in his place.

I have other ways to keep myself occupied. I enjoy playing with coil toys, but I have a habit of getting them stuck under the cold box they call a refrigerator. Debbie says I remind her of one of her cats who used to get lollipops under there. She even tries to block it with a long cat-decorated pillow thing she says is used for drafts, but that ruins all the fun. I’d rather knock them under there, so I can dig them out with my paws.

Like Hermione, I’m also very curious. There are still a few rooms Debbie doesn’t let us enter. She keeps saying she’s still making them safe for us. One of them has a little door cut into it. I have no idea how to use it, and I haven’t seen Stripey use it either. I prefer to pounce on the doorknob and try to turn it. I wish I had thumbs that worked like humans.

Here’s a shot of me and Hermione with our favorite toys. The plastic coily thing with ribbons is mine and the fluffy mitten is hers. We love to run and catch them. When we do, we just flop and rest with our “prizes.”

Did I tell you that I love something that my grandma Debbie calls Amazon? Whatever it is, there are always fun boxes that come to our house from them and which I enjoy playing in.

I always enjoy finding new places to explore and objects to investigate. Holly left a pair of boots on a mat, and, even though I have my own built-in black boots, I had fun checking them out.

Until next time. Handsome Harry aka Harold when I’m naughty.

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