Hermione’s Kitty Korner Post #6: My Pawsome Discovery

Purrs! Hermione here with more adventures to share from my kittyhood. In my last column, I told you how I love high and low places: https://wp.me/p7XcB0-yt. 

Today, I’d like to meow about a pawsome discovery that I made in the Big House.

There’s a room at the end of this long area that the people call a hall. There’s something very strange about this room. It has a little door in it with a flap. The room is sometimes closed when me and my brother are around. The Big Cat named Stripey goes in there when the big door is open, but he never goes through the little door. I figured he couldn’t  fit. One day, I tried it myself.


Lo and behold, the flap opened, and I got in. I felt quite proud that I mastered the entrance without the help of my brother. It just goes to show you that female felines are the smarter of the species.

Once in the room, I found some very cool things. There was a cat tree that the Stripey Cat, and purr-haps some cats before him, have used. It has a great view from the window.

There was also a box similar to mine and Harry’s where we do our poops. I think it’s called a litter box. I didn’t let my grandma take any photos of this for privacy issues, but I did use the box. I also found some toys including a round one with balls inside that I could grab with my paws.

This room also has an interesting light. I feel like I’m in a spotlight when I stand next to it. I must say that glow enhances my beauty.

Now that I’ve found this fun room, my grandma keeps it open for me and Harry. He certainly owes me a high paw for that.

Hope you’re enjoying my adventures. Purrs until next time, Hermione.

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