Harry’s Kitty Korner #6: My Continuing Adventures with Hermione and Stripey

Hi, there. It’s Harry with my Kitty Korner Column #6. Things have really been going great since I last wrote. My grandma is on vacation from work, so she has allowed me and my sister, Hermione, to be out and about in the Big House all day and even at night. We love our freedom and the Big Cat, Stripey, is starting to accept the fact that we’re now part of his household. In fact, I recently challenged him to a game of “laser tag” against one of the big Amazon boxes that Hermione and I love to climb inside when they’re empty.

The three of us all gather round for snacks in the afternoon.

I also enjoy playing a few games with my sister. We had a fun tug-of-war match down the hall.

And, now that we can go into the Big Cat’s room, we enjoy sunning ourselves on the cat tree by the window. It’s a little beat up from other cats who’ve used it, but It’s still very comfortable.

Also in that room is a desk that has a high perch. I figured out how to get up there and enjoyed the view from above.

In  my  younger days, when the De Louise’s first adopted me and Hermione, I used to play a pop-up game in a toy tunnel. Debbie moved the tunnel into that back room, and it brought back fond memories of the game.

Now that Hermione and I are free roaming, we have access to the two litter boxes in that back room. Here I am doing my duty in Stripey’s box.

Like all kittens, Hermione and I often get ourselves into trouble. Debbie says we like to make mischief. One day, she left out a paper towel roll. Hermione tore it up, but I restrained myself from joining her.

I still enjoy catching toys and carrying them in my mouth. Here I am with the “bee” and the “catnip stick.”

Until next time. Handsome Harry aka Harold when I’m naughty.


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