Hermione’s Kitty Korner Post #8: My Grandma’s Author Mews

Purrs! Hermione here with the next installment of my Kitty Korner Column. I’m so excited to share my grandma’s good news. As you know, Debbie is an author who features cats in her  books. She just received a Certificate of Excellence for her latest Cobble Cove mystery from the Cat Writer’s Association. I am so proud of her!

Debbie will also be attending the Cat Writer’s Association Conference in St. Louis in May where she will be up for a special Muse Medallion Award that features a lovely cat almost as beautiful as me. Also, Debbie will be autographing books at the Drury Plaza Hotel at the Arch on Saturday, May 17, during a special Fundraising and book signing. Admission is free, and the best part is that there’ll even be cats there but, unfortunately, not me. I will miss her, but I know she’ll make up for it by bringing home something special for me and my brothers.

Much closer to our home, Debbie will be at Long Island’s Local Author Fair on Saturday, April 6, at the Tilles Center on the C.W. Post Campus. She’ll be with over 50 authors from different writing groups.

I wonder what a group of authors is called? A group of cats is called a Clowder which I don’t purr-ticularly like. I saw Debbie Googling this question to help me write this column, but it seems that there is no word to describe a group of authors. Here were some suggestions that were found online. Purr-sonally, I think Debbie would like #3, “a library of authors,” because she’s a librarian, too.

  1. PEN of authors
  2. CHAPTER of authors
  3. LIBRARY of authors
  4. QUILL of authors
  5. STORY of authors
  6. BOOK-LOAD of authors
  7. REAM of authors
  8. BLOG of authors
  9. DRAFT of authors
  10. SCRIBBLE of authors

Last, but not least, Debbie has a new mystery coming out that’s on pre-sale now. I was honored to help her promote it And, of claws, it features a cat (or two) in the story.

I hope you will consider attending one or both of the pawsome events that my grandma will be at and also, purr-haps, purr-chase a copy of Debbie’s Sea Scope 

Purrs until next time, Hermione.

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