Harry’s Kitty Korner #8: I’ve Been Naughty


Hi, there. It’s Harry with my Kitty Korner Column #8. Thank you for reading about my adventures in the De Louise house. Unfortunately, I have not been a good boy lately. It’s not my fault, but I like to jump and climb, and I’ve recently discovered the kitchen sink and stove top. Grandma was upset and posted a question on Facebook asking how to keep cats off counters. The response was overwhelming  with 97+ comments that just go to show that I”m not the only kitty who likes to do this.

Some of the suggestions included spraying me with water; covering the counter with aluminum foil to make it less appealing to my delicate paws; using sticky tape on the surfaces for the same purpose; trading me for a dog (not funny); putting up another cat tree for me (I like that one); paying more attention to me (I love that one); and spanking me and telling me, “no,” which grandma is currently doing. I know she feels terrible about it because when I look at her with my sad eyes, her heart breaks, but she keeps saying it’s for my own safety. I don’t think she cares if I make things fall, dirty things, or break things, she just worries that I’ll hurt myself. While I can’t turn on her stove, I have peeked inside the pantry where she stores her pills and vitamins.

I’ve also checked out the refrigerator.

and hung out on top of the kitchen garbage.

In my defense, I’m not the only one who jumps on top of things or goes in places I shouldn’t. My sis, Hermione, often joins me on the kitchen table. See her hiding behind me in this picture.

Also, the older cat, Stripey, who should be a role model for us kittens, also goes on the table. Look at him trying to be cute while he curls up near grandma’s bag.

I’m going to aim to be less naughty. I realize two (or three) wrongs don’t make a right. However, I’m still a kitten, so Grandma must understand that I need to explore and love to reach new heights.

Until next time. Handsome Harry aka Harold when I’m naughty.

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