Harry’s Kitty Korner Column #13: National Black Cat (Me) Day

Hey, there. It’s Harry. I’m here to talk about a special day for us black cats. Today, October 27, is National Black Cat Day. I consider it National Me Day.

So you ask, what is this hype about National Black Cat Day and Black Cat Awareness Month and why is it celebrated in October? I know I can’t speak for all my dark brothers because I’ve been lucky. that Debbie and her family adopted me and my sister, Hermione, three years ago this past October 21. Since then, we’ve led a comfortable life in her home with our big brother, Stripey. But I’ve heard tales about other black cats who weren’t as lucky. My human mom, Holly, learned in school about how us black cats were thought to be the familiars of witches and also believed to have spread the black plaque when we were actually the ones who vanquished it by killing the rats that were the carriers. In other countries like Japan and England, people adore us and consider us lucky, but people in our own U.S.A. still fear having us cross their paths because we’ll bring bad luck. For those reasons, dark-furred felines are the last to be adopted at shelters. Halloween is a dangerous holiday for us, and it’s important for us to stay indoors on this day and especially at night. 

I’m glad that, after all the bad things that have been said and written about black cats, that there are special days to celebrate us. Here are some things that are great about me and other black cats.

  1. We have shiny, soft coats.
  2. Because black is the most basic of colors, we match any wardrobe.
  3. We can be lovable lap cats.
  4. We have beautiful gold or green eyes.
  5. We come in either shorthair or long hair.
  6. No one will ever notice any fur we leave on your little black dress or black tuxedo.

If you’re the owner, caregiver, or friend to a black cat, what other positive points do you know about them? Please comment and/or share on social media. Have a great National Black Cat (Harry) Day!


Hermione’s Kitty Korner #13: Harry and Hermione’s Finder’s and Gotcha Days

Purrs, it’s Hermione. I haven’t written a Kitty Korner column in a while, but no news is good news for us kitties. However, today is a special day, so I wanted to paw something about it. Since many of us pets don’t know our birthdays, our human moms and dads often celebrate the day they brought us home which is known as our Gotcha Day. In my and Harry’s case, our Gotcha Day is October 24 when Debbie and her daughter picked us up from the Golden Paws Society; but today, October 21, is the day those two wonderful ladies “found” us at the Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe. What a wonderful day that was for us. You can read an article Debbie wrote about our Finder’s and Gotcha Days here: https://wp.me/p6m4z7-2dD

I don’t have too much to add except some photos from our early days. We’ve grown up to be big cats now and are enjoying our human family as well as Stripey, our cat “brother.” We all  play fight sometimes but that’s what fur siblings do. We’ll never forget our finder’s or gotcha days. We’re lucky that we were adopted together and are much loved members of Debbie’s family.

What a difference a year makes . . . 


Guest Post by Elaine Faber, author of the new release, Black Cat and the Secret in Dewey’s Diary

A Reader’s Expectations
by Elaine Faber

A reader spends four to six hours, immersed in reading a book. If the story is well written, for a time, she forgets her personal life. She travels alongside the main character or, if the writer is talented enough, the reader feels as if she ‘becomes’ the main character.

Readers choose their genre for various reasons. She may immerse herself in a seedy romance where she feels loved and cherished. She may be a frustrated crime fighter who enjoys following clues and solving the crime before the end of the book. She may wish to experience the thrills and chills of a thriller-suspense novel. Perhaps she is curious about what life would be like in a different universe, or a different time in history. She may hope to learn the traditions of people from other cultures through the pages of a fictionalize adventure. Maybe she just needs to forget her own troubles and laugh a little in a humorous fantasy.

A reader likely seldom wonders what goes into the creation of a novel. What was involved before this story could magically land on a bookstore shelf, and transport them to their chosen destination?

Over many hours, weeks, months and sometimes years, an author must come up with a premise for the story. Some authors outline the entire novel before they ever put fingers to keyboard. Others have a general idea of the story line, and let the story evolve as they write, bringing every thread together at the end. She must keep each reaction and comment true to the personality of the characters through actions and dialogue. Understandably, a fair amount of talent, study and craft skill goes into this.

The end of the story must reach a satisfying conclusion. Add editing, critique by others, formatting, cover design and decisions regarding publication. What a challenge and what a victory when a reader comes back to the author and asks, “When is the next book coming out?” That is an author’s highest compliment.

I just published my fourth cozy cat mystery adventure. Black Cat and the Secret in Dewey’s Diary, a dual tale taking place in Fern Lake where Black Cat narrates his adventures with the return of Kimberlee’s grandmother and a man, presumed dead for 25 years, both bent on causing financial and emotional trouble for Black Cat’s family. Meanwhile, Kimberlee is in Hopfgarten, Austria, following the clues in a WWII soldier’s diary, seeking a lost treasure of gold coins. The previous adventures, Black Cat’s Legacy, Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer, Black Cat and the Accidental Angel are also available in e-book and paperback at Amazon.

Black Cat and the Secret in Dewey’s Diary,   http://tinyurl.com/y2tyyeh5

In this dual tale of mystery, lost treasure, and riddles, while Black Cat narrates the exciting events in Fern Lake, Kimberlee discovers a cryptic clue in a diary about a hidden treasure, and heads to Austria to solve the puzzle.

When Kimberlee and Dorian arrive in Austria, they attract the attention of a stalker determined to steal the diary in hopes the clues will lead him to the treasure first. On a collision course, it is inevitable that Kimberlee and the stalker meet in Hopfgarten.

Black Cat and Angel’s lives are endangered with the arrival of Kimberlee’s grandmother in Fern Lake, and the return of a man presumed dead for twenty-five years. With both arrivals, emotional and financial difficulties loom for Kimberlee’s family.

Since their return to Fern Lake, Angel seems reluctant or unable to adjust to her new home. Does she regret leaving Texas and Grandmother? And, when the opportunity arises, will she decide to leave Black Cat and Fern Lake?