Sneaky’s Feature Friday Film: Blessing of the Animals

Debbie asked me to show these videos because she’ll be attending a Blessing of the Animals at her church this Sunday. As part of that service, pets who have left this Earthly plane for Rainbow Bridge or Pet Heaven will also be remembered.

The first video is one of the Fireside Chats that Debbie’s Pastor has been filming on important topics and the church’s view on them. This week’s topic was “Do all dogs (and cats) really go to heaven.” The other videos are of Blessings of the Animals at other churches that traditionally take place in October to honor the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saints of animals.

Spotlight for Ra the Mighty: The Great Tomb Robbery by A. B. Greenfield

Sneaky here announcing a great new book you parents need to add to your kitties (kiddies) shelves. It’s releasing today and is the second book of the Ra the Mighty series by A. B. Greenfield. If your little ones love cats, they will love this book. Don’t miss it.

Genre: Children’s mystery, historical mystery
Series: Ra the Mighty #2
Purchase link:

A royal cat detective and his scarab beetle sidekick are on the case when a precious tomb gets ransacked in the Valley of the Kings. Ra the Mighty adores his duties as Pharaoh’s cat: naps by the pool and plenty of snacks. But when a royal tomb gets robbed, Ra and his hardworking friend Khepri must team up to restore justice. The clues point to a young boy whom Ra admires. Will the Great Detective play favorites, or will he uncover the truth? Mystery awaits!

Harry’s Kitty Korner #12: Something to Chew On

Meow. It’s Harry. I haven’t pawed a column in a while, but I got into a bit of trouble with my grandpeople recently that I think some of you cats out there may relate to. As a kitten I had a bad habit, and it followed me into cathood. I like to chew on things — boxes, blankets, people’s noses, and cords of all type. I chewed through my mom’s earplug cords and recently chewed some cables in my grandma’s room.

I know it was a bad thing to do, but I can’t help myself. My grandpa came up with a solution. He covered the wires, so I can’t get to them.

Rats! Mice! What’s a chewy guy like me going to do? I guess I’ll stick to blankets and people’s noses. Do you cats out there chew on things and, if so, what do your people do about it to ruin your fun? Are there any good chewy things we can sink our teeth into instead? Inquiring cat minds want to know.

Stripey’s Debut Guest Post About My New Time-Travel Mystery, The Mistaken Mission

Hey, there. It’s Stripey, Debbie’s 11-year old cat. Since Harry and Hermione have a column on this blog, I thought I’d ask Sneaky if I could write a guest post about Debbie’s new short story, The Mistaken Mission, since I’m featured in it. I’m excited to finally appear in one of Debbie’s works. This is definitely something to meow about.  Although I make only a brief appearance in the story, I’m thrilled to have been included.

Nineteen years ago, Gina Garrett’s father disappeared into the past using a time-travel disk he and his partner created. The only person who believed Gina when she explained what happened was her father’s partner’s son. When he, now a detective, shows up at her door claiming that he needs her help him prevent a murder that happened a year ago, she hopes they can find her father, too.

You have to read this story. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited and only $1.49 on amazon.  Get your paws on it here: