Feature Friday Film: Black Friday and Holiday Book Trailers

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to get serious about buying holiday gifts. Black Friday is the day that people offer a lot of great deals. If you or someone on your list likes to read mysteries, you should check out Debbie’s Black Friday deal for her second Cobble Cove mystery, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, that’s free today, November 29., only.

Here is the book trailer. Please note that Debbie’s cat, Oliver, now on Rainbow Bridge, appears in the video. He is representing me, Sneaky the Library Cat, who is the main pet character in these books.

Here is another book trailer of new holiday stories published by Debbie’s publisher, Solstice Publishing. Don’t miss Debbie’s “tail” featuring me, Sneaky’s Christmas Mystery, and Murder Unwrapped, her story about a not-so-nice inventor who is making his wife a surprise Christmas gift. These books will be released on Monday, December 2.



Feature Friday Film: Happy Thanksgiving: Cats Going Cold Turkey

In about a week, people in the United States will celebrate the national holiday of Thanksgiving by pigging out on turkey with all the trimmings. Many people save leftovers for other meals, but a lot of cat owners share them with their cats. Do you give your cats leftover turkey for Thanksgiving? Cats are carnivores, which means they eat meat (and also poultry). Here are some videos of cats enjoying their turkey feast. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hermione’s Kitty Korner #14: Breaking News, but it was only an Accident

Meow there, it’s Hermione. For my Kitty Korner Column, I have good news and bad news. Let’s get the bad news over first. I admit I jumped to the top of Debbie’s bookshelf and knocked down one of her collectibles, but it was only an accident. I can’t help it if I’m naturally curious, and I’ve been up there before without disturbing anything including her Betta Fish who lives on the shelf below. She keeps me out of the room when she’s not home, but the door was open while she was preparing breakfast, and I couldn’t help but leap up there. Now she’s being very strict about my not being alone in the room. She prefers my brother Harry and me to sit on top of her closet which she’s cleared off except for a basket that we sit in sometimes.

Now for the good news. Harry and I appear in the “2020 Cats of the World” weekly planner on two pages. There’s also an article that Debbie wrote about cozy cat mysteries and lots of other cat photos and information about cat blogs like Sneaky’s and other cat authors and bloggers like Debbie who are members of the great Cat Writer’s Association.

There’s even more good news and something for you readers to look forward to. Harry and I make our debuts in Debbie’s upcoming short holiday story, “Murder Unwrapped” that will be released on December 2, along with a new Cobble Cove story featuring Sneaky that’s called “Sneaky’s Holiday Mystery.” You can’t miss this one because Sneaky has a large part in it as well as my fellow calico, Kittykai, from the previous book in the series, Love on the Rocks.  You don’t have to have read any of the books in the series to enjoy the story, but I highly recommend you do because they are pawsome.

Feature Friday Film: Cats Being Naughty and Knocking Things Over

Cats have a habit of climbing on top of things and knocking them down. Recently, Debbie’s cat, Hermione, got on top of her bookcase and knocked over and broke a collectible. Luckily, she didn’t knock over the fishbowl on the on the shelf below. Because she’s so cute and melted Debbie’s heart with her innocent look, she wasn’t punished.

Hermione isn’t alone. Here are some videos of cats knocking things down. Has your cat broken anything valuable (by cost or sentiment)? Please tell in the comments.

Feature Friday Film: Celebrating Senior Cats

Since November is Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month and National Senior Pet Month, I thought I’d share some videos of senior pets including one of Debbie’s cat, Oliver, who passed away two years ago in November 2017 but who she had for five wonderful years after adopting him when he was 12.

. . . and here was Oliver at 15, two years before he went to Rainbow Bridge.