Feature Friday Film: Taking Your Cat to the Vet

Do you have problems taking your cat to the vet? Do they run from the cat carrier? Disappear as soon as you bring it out? Here are some video tips that may help.

Luckily, Debbie’s cats, Harry and Hermione, actually enjoy going to the vet. Stripey isn’t too keen on it, but when he sees the younger cats playing with the carrier, he figures it can’t be too bad.

Do you have your own tips on how you get your cats to the vet? I’d love to hear your comments.

3 thoughts on “Feature Friday Film: Taking Your Cat to the Vet

  1. We have a house call vet and that obviously avoids a lot of the bad stuff! that also means that a trip to the vet means something more serious than an exam, and sometimes a kitty who doesn’t feel well is a little calmer. But I keep a carrier out in the house somewhere that everyone interacts with over time and that gets everyone’s scent on it. When it’s time to go to the vet it’s not as frightening, though two of my former ferals I have to “trick” into it with treats. But even they are good at the vet.


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