Harry’s Kitty Korner #16: My Sis’ Scary Accident

Meow, there, it’s Harry, aka Handsome Harry, to share a harrowing experience my sister had recently. She is still too upset to talk about it. I wasn’t in the room when it happened, and Debbie questioned why it was Stripey and not I who came running when Hermione’s ear-splitting screams echoed from the coat rack. It wasn’t because I didn’t care that her paw was stuck in the grills of that place she often sits, but I was afraid that something awful was happening and stayed put in case there was danger. You may say that was cowardly of me, but cats are known for being a bit self centered. Luckily, Debbie took care of the situation with only a few scratches to show for it, and Stripey checked to make sure Hermione was safe.

Here are some pics of Hermione before the accident enjoying her favorite spot.

After the accident, Debbie covered the grills with blankets, and both Hermione and I investigated.

I hope that Hermione has learned her lesson, and I don’t think she will go back up there right away, but we cats tend to forget bad experiences because we are so curious. Paws crossed that we all stay safe and don’t get ourselves into danger again.

5 thoughts on “Harry’s Kitty Korner #16: My Sis’ Scary Accident

  1. One of my kitties, long ago, somehow got her head stuck in the metal curlicue of the base of a metal plant stand. I have no idea how she even did that – I could not figure out how her head or neck could have EVER fit in that space… but cats seem to be infinitely self-malleable and compressible, so there she was. I NEVER heard such sounds from a cat — and it wasn’t from her, it was from her sister, who stood right by her the whole time to sound the alarm — and what an ALARM it was! While I was frantically trying to figure out how to free her without injuring her, she somehow freed herself (and I don’t understand how she did that, either) and flew off like a bat out of hell. After all that, she was fine and that plant stand was permanently banished to the outdoors.


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