Feature Friday Film: Leash Walking Your Cat

Meow and Happy Friday from Sneaky the Library Cat from the Cobble Cove mysteries. I hope you’re all doing well. My author is still at home working on her writing and other projects. The weather here has been very spring-like, and she’s taken advantage of the pleasant temperatures to do some walking and  has noticed many dog walkers in the neighborhood. Although she has three cats, she doesn’t walk with any of them. A long time ago, she leash-trained her cat, Floppy, but it didn’t quite work out. He ended up stuck in a tree after getting off the leash. But for those who start early and persevere, leash walking with your cat can be a fun adventure. Check out these Feature Friday films to see how to leash train a cat and whether you should consider it for your own kitty. Have a nice and safe weekend.

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