Harry’s Kitty Korner Column #20: Our “Bird Day is Coming!”

Harry here with an update on what’s going on in my kitty life. This Friday, I and my sis, Hermione, turn two-years-old. I don’t feel old. I still play like a kitten, but I’m a big boy now. I know time flies and one day I’ll be as old as Stripey who is 13. Poor guy now has a hyperthyroid and weighs three pounds less than me, but I’m all muscle, or at least I hope so. I do like my kibble.

Hermione and I received an early birthday present from Sleepypod. It’s actually more suited for Stripey because he weighs less than us, but Hermione is under the 15-pound limit. I just about make it. I really liked the box it came in, but I thought it was a spaceship when I first saw it. Hermione tells me it’s a cat carrier and can also be a bed and car seat. I may grow to like it. She really does, but she’s always had a thing for baskets.

I’m more of a traditional cat. I love the long boxes Debbie and her daughter use to take us to the vet. Hermione likes them, too, so maybe she’d rather use the Sleepypod for a bed. I have no idea how Stripey will react. He doesn’t like going in the long box. We’ll have to see how he does with the Sleepypod.

I wonder what other surprise birthday gifts Hermione and I will receive? Hermione told me she saw Debbie shopping on Amazon and that a catnip toy is in our future. I hope it comes in a big box.

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