Hermione’s Kitty Korner #21: My Grandma’s New Mystery Release

Purrs, it’s Hermione with some exciting news. My grandma, Debbie, has published another book. This one is called Memory Makers.

It’s about a girl who’s trying to solve her sister’s murder by volunteering for a clinical trial of a new memory drug. The girl, Lauren Phelps, was kidnapped with her sister 25 years ago. She got away, but poor Patty was killed.
Lauren has been haunted since that time by dreams of a “shadow man,” the man whose face she can’t recall.

While that may sound exciting, I’m more excited by the subplot that Debbie has written into the story about two cats named Harry and Hermione. That’s right. Harry and I are in this book. Now it isn’t the first time Debbie has included us in one of her mysteries. We were also in a holiday story called Murder Unwrapped. Harry wrote about that in one of his columns. You can read it here: https://wp.me/p7XcB0-Mu.  But this is the first time that we’ve appeared in a full-length book. I have to admit I’m a little peeved, though, because Harry has the bigger part again. Debbie better make it up to me by writing a book with me as the star. Paws crossed she will consider that.

Here’s an excerpt from the subplot featuring us. Harry is not actually present because he’s gone missing, but I make a cameo appearance.

Hermione came running to me, her tail high, her green eyes shining, and a small mew came from her pink mouth. I put down my bags and picked her up. She purred against my chest.

“She missed you so much,” Mother said. “I’ve made up your old room. I’ll bring your bags there. Then we can sit and talk. I’ll make lunch.”

A few minutes later, I was seated at my mother’s kitchen table, a grilled cheese sandwich in front of me on a white china plate. Wearing an apron with cats on it, she brought over a pitcher of lemonade and poured me a glass. “I made your favorite.” She sat across from me, bit into her own sandwich, chewed, swallowed, put the triangle-shaped piece down and said, “So tell me, what are they doing to you? How are you feeling?”

I sighed. “Mom, you know I can’t discuss the trial.”

“Not even to your mother?”

“Especially not to my mother. Please, I know how much you worry.”

Her gray brows knit together. “You have no idea. You don’t have children.”

I changed the subject. “How did Harry get out? Where did you see him last?”

I knew she realized I was avoiding the discussion about Memory Makers. Shaking her head so that the blonde mixed with gray curls bobbed, she replied, “On Thursday. I came home from shopping, and he was right by the door. I had packages in my hands. He just zoomed right past me. I put everything in the house and ran after him, but he disappeared. I called him, but he didn’t answer. I even asked Petey to help me look for him around the neighborhood.”

Petey was a ten-year-old boy who lived down the block. His family had moved to the neighborhood the year before, the same time the Carsons, an elderly couple, moved into the house across from ours which had had a succession of owners after Patty was murdered. Why my mother chose to stay in our home after she kicked my father out was hard for me to understand. The only explanation I had was that she couldn’t let go. She’d kept Patty’s room a shrine with all her clothes and toys. My room also remained the same with my teenage posters and music albums. The room she’d shared with my father had, however, been completely redone. Stripped of all memories of her husband.

“Petey looked everywhere,” she continued. “He even made signs and posted them around town. We called the vets in the area and the ASPCA. The only thing I can think of is that someone took him for some lab experiment or something. They do terrible things to cats.” She shivered. It was typical of my mother always imagining the worse-case scenario.

I hope that kitty teaser has caught your interest and that you consider downloading or ordering a copy of Grandma’s new book that is available in so many interesting formats — eBook, paperback, pocket book, large type, .and clear print for now. It will also be in hardcover and on audio soon and, don’t forget that it’s free on Kindle Unlimited, too.

Until next time, Hermione signing off with big purrs.

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