About Me-ow

Oliver, Debbie’s cat, the inspiration for Sneaky, with A STONE’S THROW, the book that introduced him.

Sneaky was a stray Siamese cat who arrived on the doorstep of the Cobble Cove Library one cold day and was taken in by Tina, the librarian, who persuaded the Director, Sheila Whitehead, to keep him. He spent his early days sleeping with Tina in the upstairs room above the library.

Mac McKinney, the Head Librarian and previous director, placed a cat bed by the local history collection for Sneaky. Mac, an elderly gentleman with a preference for PB&J sandwiches, was semi-retired and only worked part-time at the library. Because Sheila disliked cleaning litter boxes, Mac took over the duty when Tina left. He was only too glad to hand it over to Alicia McKinney when she arrived to take Tina’s place.

Read more about Sneaky’s beginnings in the first Cobble Cove Mystery, A Stone’s Throw. Continue the Cobble Cove mystery series with Between a Rock and a Hard Place and Written in Stone.