Feature Friday Film: My Furry Valentines

Here’s a funny feline video for Valentine’s Day. Have a lovely day with your furry Valentines.

And here are my 3 furry Valentines: Stripey, Hermione, and Harry


Feature Friday Film: Traveling Without Your Cat

This Feature Friday Film column is devoted to information about leaving your cat at home when you travel. Although some people take their cats on vacation or business travel with them, many aren’t able to do this. Boarding a cat at a vet is also not the ideal solution. Check out these videos featuring tips on how to travel without your cat.

We are not endorsing any of the petsitters or petsitting companies that are featured but recommend that you do your own search of petsitters. Visit this link for further information.

Feature Friday Film: Taking Your Cat to the Vet

Do you have problems taking your cat to the vet? Do they run from the cat carrier? Disappear as soon as you bring it out? Here are some video tips that may help.

Luckily, Debbie’s cats, Harry and Hermione, actually enjoy going to the vet. Stripey isn’t too keen on it, but when he sees the younger cats playing with the carrier, he figures it can’t be too bad.

Do you have your own tips on how you get your cats to the vet? I’d love to hear your comments.

Hermione’s Kitty Korner #16: Our New MaxScratch Scratching Post

Meow, there! It’s Hermione with a new kitty column. I’ve been a bit busy, but I thought I’d “cat”ch you up on what’s going on in the De Louise house. The exciting news is that Debbie recently won a cat scratching post. When it arrived, we were all curious as to what was in the box.


Once the box was open, and Debbie’s daughter assembled the cat scratcher, it was obvious to us cats¬† that it wasn’t any ordinary cat scratcher–it’s a MaxScratch scratching post from Hauspanther.

Harry, Stripey, and I love it. There are lots of great features that we like about it. One feature that’s really pawsome is its top perch. Harry and I enjoy sitting up there. Stripey hasn’t tried the top yet, but he enjoys stretching out and scratching it.

Two other great features are that it has a heavy base so won’t fall over even under my brother and Stripey’s weight, and it’s tall enough for us to stretch out full length.

Since action speaks louder than words, here are me and Harry using the MaxScratcher when we first got it.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the MaxScratch scratching post. If you have cats, they might like one, too. Until next time, Hermione meowing off.