Sneaky Interviews Belle the Dog from Snowed Under, A Maggie McDonald Cozy Mystery by Mary Feliz

Meow there. It’s Sneaky with another great pet character interview. Today, I’ll be speaking with a dog whose new release is on blog tour.

Welcome, Ms. Dog. What is your name and your author’s name?

I’m Belle, a golden retriever, my author (so nice, so smart) is Mary Feliz.

A pleasure to meet you, Belle. I get along quite well with golden retrievers as my co-star, Fido, in the Cobble Cove cozy mysteries is one.

What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

I’ve been in all of Mary’s books. They’re all about me. And my dog friends. And my people friends. I love my friends. And food. I love food. And walks. And rides in the car.

All the books are cozy mysteries. Those are my favorite because none of the animals get hurt. Or at least, if they get hurt, they get better. Fast.

Address to Die For (Book #1, 2016)

Scheduled to Death (Book #2, 2017)

Dead Storage (Book #3, 2017)

Disorderly Conduct (Book #4, 2018)

Cliff Hanger (Book #5, 2019)

Snowed Under (Book #6, 2020)

Very good point. I’m fond of cozies, too, for the obvious reason. You have a nice list of books. I’ve only had four adventures, but I’m hoping my author Debbie gets moving on the fifth soon. She’s too busy right now working on other projects that also feature cats but not me. At least I have a blog.

Are you in a series? If so, please give information about it.

Yes, our books are a series. One book is just too short to tell you all you need to know about me and my friends and family.

The series begins with Address to Die For when my family moves to Silicon Valley in a big old house with lots of wonderful smells. Including one very scary one that my people take care of quickly. After that, we have lots of adventures in and around the community, meeting other dogs and their people, sniffing butts, taking names, and asking questions. Most of the people give me pats and treats, but I like almost anywhere I can go with my people.

Scheduled to Death takes place near Stanford University and a community garden, and looks at what happens to human pups who have no pack–foster kids who are too old to be in the system. It looks at academic competition, too.

In Dead Storage, we have to rescue my friend Munchkin, a mastiff, and his person, Stephen. We also go to lots of parks and visit homeless people, who sniff out lots of clues when they are walking around, but people seldom notice them.

In Disorderly Conduct, a scary wild fire threatens my family, but I take good care of them, snuggling up and licking their faces when they get scared. Something bad happens, but it turns out okay in the end.

Cliff Hanger is about when we all went on vacation to Monterey Bay. My kids witness a bad accident, but then they figure out that maybe it was the on-purpose kind of accident. We go for lots of runs on the beach and I chase waves and birds. There are some new friends we meet who pick strawberries. And I get skunked trying to make friends with a creature that looks like a fuzzy cat but isn’t.

Snowed Under is a super fun adventure. My best friend Mozart (the pointy eared dog people call German shepherds) and I go up to the High Sierra near Lake Tahoe where it snows. And boy does it snow. We spend time playing in all that white stuff, visiting the neighbors, and snuggling by the fire. There’s a Chihuahua that scares me a little, but he’s okay. Some bad people were doing some bad things, but Mozart and I sorted it out.

Wow, Meow! These sound pawsome. I must tell Debbie about them. She’s a librarian like my main character, Alicia. She just went back to work. Maybe she can order them for her library once they get the go ahead to start ordering books again.

Are you based on a real animal such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

Oh boy. Oh boy. Mary Feliz tells me I’m just like a dog she used to have named Anna. Anna used to help Mary write books. Lots of books. (Tail thumps. Nose nudges)

Awww. Debbie had a Siamese named Oliver for whom she loosely based my character.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

This is a selection from Snowed Under in which the people are nervous and cold. They try a lot of things to get comfortable, but in the end, I’m the one with the best solution. It’s written from the perspective of my favorite person, Maggie.

All it took was a midnight power outage to make me feel like a fragile forest creature, trembling and yearning for a cozy protected burrow. I pulled my sweatshirt sleeves down over my hands, wrapped a blanket around me for warmth, and touched Belle’s collar for comfort. She trotted with me toward the bathroom where I adjusted the tap to keep the pipes from freezing. “We’ll be okay,” I told Belle in an attempt to reassure myself. She thumped her tail on the floor.

Tess cried out from the top of the stairs, and I ran to her aid. We watched as her entire load of logs thumped and tumbled down the steps. “You okay?” I asked.

Tess nodded. “I felt the stack going and jumped away. One of those could have easily broken a toe.”

Tess was cranky from lack of sleep. She glared at me. “Just drop those logs next to the fire. We’ll use them all before morning.”

“Hot chocolate?” I asked.

“The pilot light will be out. Matches are on the shelf over the stove top.”

A few moments later, armed with two steaming mugs and a plate of cookies, I returned to the living room. Tess had finished building up the fire, which roared and crackled in the hearth.

 “Good.” She took one of the cobalt blue mugs, wrapped her palms around it and inhaled the steam. “I want to stay up for a bit and let the fire settle down. This is perfect.”

“Do we have a plan for tomorrow?” I asked. “More storm-related survival chores I know nothing about?”

“After keeping the fire going all night, we’ll sleep in as late as we can, look at the weather forecast, and take stock,” she said

“Will we be able to get your car out?”

“No chance. But if the road is clear, we can ski cross-country to the village and catch the shuttle back.”

I hadn’t cross-country skied in years, but I hoped it would be like riding a bike, something my body should remember how to do. “That’d be fun,” I said. “Especially if the wind dies.”

Tess set down her mug and slid back under her covers. I took a last sip and followed suit. Belle curled up at my feet with her tail over her nose.

Comment from Belle: See, I did all the important stuff. I always do all the important stuff.

Tail wags to you. You are quite the pet actress.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

I love that I get to be in almost every scene. It’s obvious that Maggie couldn’t solve a murder without me. She’d be too scared and unprotected.

It’s great that you can lend a paw to help her.

Are you a talking pet in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

Maggie doesn’t need me to speak English. We’ve been friends for a long time and she gets me.

Alicia understands my body language and feline signals, too.

What advice would you give other dog characters?

Keep a close eye on your people. You have no idea what kinds of trouble they can get into. <shakes head, hard, ears flapping>

Very good advice.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

Snowed Under came out yesterday on June 9. It’s a chilling story because it takes place in the snow. Lots of snow. Perfect to read on a really hot day.

Love the pun, Belle. It’s getting hot now, so I’m sure it would be a purrfect read for the summer.

Are you and/or your author on social media? If so, please list your links.

Of course. Mary has a page called Mary Feliz Books ( She shares pictures of me all the time. And some cat she has in what she calls the “real world.”

Oh, goodie. I will check those out. I love seeing pet photos. Debbie posts tons  of her kitties, Harry,  Hermione, and Stripey.

Thanks so much for the interview, Ms. Belle, and best whiskers to you and Mary on your new release. I’m sharing the blog tour and giveaway below.

Snowed Under (A Maggie McDonald Mystery)
by Mary Feliz

About Snowed Under

Snowed Under (A Maggie McDonald Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
6th in Series
Publisher: Lyrical Press (June 9, 2020)
250 Pages
Digital ASIN: B07WBY669T

When professional organizer Maggie McDonald finds a body in a snowdrift outside her friend’s ski cabin, she must plow through the clues to find a cold-blooded killer . . .

Lake Tahoe in February is beautiful, but Maggie can’t see a thing as she drives through a blinding blizzard with her friend Tess Olmos and their dogs, golden retriever Belle and German shepherd Mozart.Maggie has offered her professional decluttering skills to help Tess tidy up her late husband’s cabin in preparation to sell. She also plans to get in some skiing when her husband Max and their boys join them later in the week.

What she doesn’t plan on is finding a boot in a snowdrift attached to a corpse. The frozen stiff turns out to be Tess’s neighbor, Dev Bailey, who disappeared two months ago. His widow Leslie expresses grief, but Maggie can’t help but wonder if it’s a snow job. As more suspects start to pile up, things go downhill fast, and Maggie must keep her cool to solve the murder before the killer takes a powder . . .

About Mary Feliz

Mary Feliz writes the Maggie McDonald Mysteries featuring a Silicon Valley professional organizer and her sidekick golden retriever. She’s worked for Fortune 500 firms and mom and pop enterprises, competed in whale boat races and done synchronized swimming. She attends organizing conferences in her character’s stead, but Maggie’s skills leave her in the dust.

Author Links: WebsiteBlogFacebookTwitter

Purchase Links:

Amazon B&N Kobo Google Books Kensington



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Sneaky Interviews Piper the Dog from Sprinkles of Suspicion, A Cupcake Catering Mystery, by Kim Davis

Sneaky here with another pet interview. Hello, Mr. Doggy. What is your name and your author’s name?

My name is Piper and my author’s name is Kim Davis.

Nice to meet you.

What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

Sprinkles of Suspicion is my first appearance in the world and it’s a cozy mystery. You might say that my author is a bit of a wimp… she doesn’t want to see any blood or guts anywhere and she likes happy endings. She’s a little like me, a scaredy-cat… err dog.

Sounds like my author. She writes cozies, too, but with cats in them, although Fido is my pet co-star in her Cobble Cove mysteries. He’s a Golden Retriever and not a bad guy for a dog.

Are you in a series? If so, please give information about it.

Sprinkles of Suspicion is the first book in the Cupcake Catering Mystery series. My owner, Emory Martinez, has had a lifelong dream of owning a cupcake bakery but could never afford to leave her accounting job. After we left her ex-husband (I never liked him and hated when he took me away from Emory right after they got into a big fight) we moved into a pool house owned by Tillie. Tillie has gray hair and is about 12 years old, in dog years that is. She’s always sneaking treats to me and I really like her. Tillie lets Emory use her kitchen to bake cupcakes and sell them to Tillie’s friends. Somehow Emory finds dead bodies and gets into trouble and Tillie wants to help her out. I want to help her out too but she’s always trying to protect me instead of letting me do my job.

Nice plot and characters. I get some treats at the Cobble Cove library, but you’re lucky that you get cupcakes.

Are you based on a real dog such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

I’m based on and named after my author’s grand-doggy, Piper. When she started thinking about writing this story (which was several years ago) she discussed the idea with her youngest granddaughter, who insisted I be named after her dog. The granddaughter also begged to have her name, Emory, used for the protagonist as well. After securing permission from the parents, our names made it into the book and I’m quite proud to say my photo was used for the book’s cover!

Adorable! Debbie has used real character names in her books. Her first one, Cloudy Rainbow, was in memory of her cat, Floppy who was in it. Although I wasn’t named Oliver for Debbie’s Siamese, she did feature a Siamese on the cover of Written in Stone and Sneaky’s Christmas Mystery, a short story that won a Certificate of Excellence from the Cat Writers’ Association. They are both close likenesses to me, but I am more handsome, of claws.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

“I know you’re excited to be home, Piper. Give me a second to get my things.” I remembered that Mother had sent me home with some leftover fruit too.

Instead of quieting down, Piper barked even louder. I unlocked the door leading into the kitchen and set my packages and purse on the counter. Piper raced to my bedroom and barked without letting up. When her bark changed to a deep growl, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Was someone in the house? Should I call the police?

“Piper, come, girl.” Of course she didn’t listen and barked again. Perhaps a rodent had slipped in and she had it cornered.

I tiptoed to the bedroom and came to a sudden halt. Someone had smashed the window and ransacked every drawer then strewn the contents across the carpet. My clothes had been yanked from the closet and various garments piled in heaps on the floor. My heart broke when I saw my girlhood jewelry box smashed to pieces and my treasured photos ripped in half. I knew I had digital copies on my laptop, and I could always reprint the photos, but somehow knowing my grandmother and my father had once touched these same pieces of paper used to bring me comfort.

Pawsome! You are a great actor, Piper.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

She’s always baking or cooking and if I get lucky, I’m there to scarf up whatever is accidentally dropped on the kitchen floor. I’m kind of like a vacuum cleaner given a chance.

Most dogs and cats are. I love grabbing the treats that are left in the library’s break room.

Are you a talking pet in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

As much as I’d like for my owner to understand me, all she hears is barking and if I keep it up, she gives me a timeout in my crate. But at least she gives me a new chew toy while I rest.

Lucky you.

What advice would you give other dog characters?

Be as cute as you can be because you can score extra treats that way. Plus, be on the lookout for danger for your human because you’ll be rewarded with more treats.

Great advice.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

Cake Pop-ped Off, the second book in the Cupcake Catering Mystery series, will most likely be released in early October 2020. Edits are being done and the recipes are being tested. Cake Pop-ped Off is a Halloween-themed cozy mystery and Emory finds the body of the barmaid stuffed into her bathtub during her Halloween party. I’d like to say I was there to help discover the body but instead Emory’s twin nieces had me dressed up like a pig for their own Halloween carnival. I only put up with it because of all the extra treats they gave me.

Those sound doggone good.

Thanks for the great interview, and tail wags to you and your author. I’m sharing the blog tour for your new release and a giveaway.

Sprinkles of Suspicion (Cupcake Catering Mystery Series)
by Kim Davis

About Sprinkles of Suspicion

Sprinkles of Suspicion (Cupcake Catering Mystery Series)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Publisher: Cinnamon & Sugar Press (June 2, 2020)
Print Length: 269 pages
Digital ASIN: B086XKRCJH

One glass of cheap California chardonnay cost Emory Gosser Martinez her husband, her job, and her best friend. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of her troubles.

Distraught after discovering the betrayal by her husband and best friend, Tori, cupcake caterer Emory Martinez allows her temper to flare. Several people witness her very public altercation with her ex-friend. To make matters worse, Tori exacts her revenge by posting a fake photo of Emory in a compromising situation, which goes viral on social media. When Tori is found murdered, all signs point to Emory being the prime suspect.

With the police investigation focused on gathering evidence to convict her, Emory must prove her innocence while whipping up batches of cupcakes and buttercream. Delving into the past of her murdered ex-friend, she finds other people had reasons to want Tori dead, including Emory’s own husband. Can she find the killer, or will the clues sprinkled around the investigation point the police back to her?

Includes recipes!

About Kim Davis

Kim Davis lives in Southern California with her husband. When she’s not spending time with her granddaughters she can be found either writing stories or working on her blog, Cinnamon, Sugar, and a Little Bit of Murder or in the kitchen baking up yummy treats. She has published the suspense novel, A GAME OF DECEIT, and has had several children’s articles published in Cricket, Nature Friend, Skipping Stones, and the Seed of Truth magazines. Kim Davis is a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

Author Links:


Purchase Links: Amazon

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Sneaky Interviews Oliver, Natti, Cloud, and Cagney and Lacey from To Fetch a Scoundrel: Four Fun “Tails” of Scandal and Murder (Mutt Mysteries)

Meow, there. It’s Sneaky here with another pet character interview. Today, I’m doggone excited because I will be interviewing not one, not two, not three, not four, but five pawsome pups from To Fetch A Scoundrel: Four Fun “Tails” of Scandal and Murder, a collection of four tail-wagging Mutt Mystery novellas.

Okay, doggies. What are your names and your author’s names?

Heather’s canine character, Oliver: My name is Oliver, and I live with Cassidy Green at the Amelia Race Track.

Jayne’s canine character, Natti: My name is Natti, short for Natural Light beer (I was named by a fraternity boy.) My author is Jayne Ormerod. Very nice lady. She gives lots of belly rubs.

Teresa’s canine characters, Cagney and Lacey: We are Cagney and Lacey, Yorkshire terriers, and our author’s name is Teresa Inge.

Rosemary’s canine character, Cloud: I’m Curtis Powell’s miniature poodle, Cloud. I’m a shy grey and black little thundercloud with bright eyes and quick reactions.

It’s a pleasure to meet you all, but please keep the yapping and barking down and tell me what book(s) you’ve appeared in. Please list them and their genre.

Oliver: So far, I’ve only appeared in the “Fast and the Furriest” in To Fetch A Scoundrel. It’s a dog-themed, cozy mystery.

Natti: My first appearance is in “Pawsitively Scandalous,” one of four novellas in To Fetch a Scoundrel, Four Fun “Tails” of Scandal and Murder. I think I’m going to be in another story soon, but I’m not sure I’m supposed to tell anyone that yet.

Cagney and Lacey: To Fetch a Thief and To Fetch a Scoundrel. They are cozy mysteries.

Cloud: I’m in Rosemary Shomaker’s “Ruff Goodbye” in the second Mutt Mysteries book, To Fetch A Scoundrel. This cozy mystery novella went through a lot of changes as it was written, so I think parts of what the story had been will appear as another short story, and I hope I am still a critical canine character.

All of those sound very interesting. Are you in a series? If so, please give information about it.

Oliver: The dog-themed mysteries are part of the Mutt Mysteries series. There are four authors in the collection. (Teresa Inge, Jayne Ormerod, Rosemary Shomaker, and Heather Weidner)

Natti: This is my debut. And I gotta say, I’m lovin’ every minute of it!

Cagney and Lacey: The Mutt Mysteries Series. The series features “Four Fun Tails” of mysteries. Teresa Inge, Jayne Ormerod, Rosemary Shomaker, and Heather Weidner are the featured authors and collaborators in the series. Our owner, Catt Ramsey is a dog walker and owns the Woof-Pack Dog Walkers.

Cloud: “Ruff Goodbye” is the second Mutt Mysteries book, and the series will continue. The authors bonded over their mystery writing and their pets, and they thought dog mysteries would be a good direction to take. Mystery readers love their dogs! Each book has a theme. In To Fetch a Thief, the stories were murder mysteries featuring theft. In To Fetch A Scoundrel, each story focused on scandals. The next book, in development, is tentatively called To Fetch a Villain. I think readers can expect the evil nature of the bad guys to be ramped up—from scoundrels to villains! We dogs sniffed out the scoundrels for our humans. In the next book, this may be more of a challenge. Those wily villains can sometimes even fool us canines!

Wonderful. Are any of you based on a real dog such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

Oliver: I’m based on author Heather Weidner’s uncle’s Rottweiler. He was a service dog, who was always on his best behavior.

Natti: My author says I am a conglomerate of the six dogs she has owned in her lifetime. Her dog Jamaica could hear the crinkle of a Fritos bag at 2,000 yards. (Me too!) Her dog Commodore was a big mutt. (Me too!) Her dog Scout is the best snuggler. (Me too!) Kimo was the great protector. (Me too!) Jubilee welcomed all creatures into her home, including tree frogs and butterflies. (Me too!) And Tiller would spend all day at the dog park and never want to go home. (Me too!)

Cagney and Lacey: We are based on real life dogs named Cagney and Lacey that belong to a friend of the author’s and of course the 1980s police procedural television drama Cagney and Lacey about two strong, female police detectives.  

Cloud: I’m based on Rosemary’s dogs only as far as temperament. I’m wary and understated like her past two dogs who did not warm up to many people. Kinda like Rosemary herself.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your novellas that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

From Heather Weidner’s “The Fast and the Furriest” – excerpt featuring Oliver:

A sharp rat-a-tat-tat echoed through the back office. Cassidy’s Rottweiler Oliver raised his head and stared at the door. Before she could answer it, the staccato knocking repeated. Louder and faster. Oliver let out a low growl.

Cassidy opened the door, and a spark plug of a man stopped in mid-knock. “May I help you?” she asked.

“That snippy girl at the concession stand told me to go to the office and ask for Mr. Oliver,” the man said. “And that pompous driver Donnie, Donnie Ellis, was there, and he had the gall to shove me out of line before I finished my discussion with your staff person,” he said as he hiccupped.

“I’m Cassidy Green, the owner, and that’s Mr. Oliver,” she said, pointing to the dog who sat on high alert on his bed. All one hundred and ten pounds of muscle twitched as he waited for Cassidy’s signal.

The red-faced man took a step back. “I, uh came here with some friends. I ordered a round of beer for the gang, and your girl wouldn’t sell me more than two at a time. And that stupid driver . . .”

“Yes. That’s policy. The Amelia Speedway is a family establishment, and we follow all ABC laws. I’m sorry that it caused you an issue, but we need to ensure that we’re following the rules for adult beverages,” said Cassidy, as she pushed a strand of her long red hair behind her ear.

From Jayne Ormerod’s “Pawsitively Scandalous” – excerpt featuring Natti – Natti says, “This excerpt, told by my story mom, takes place when she brings home an orphaned dog, Hooch”:

With Hooch’s collar held tightly in my hand, I walked bent over and escorted him to my house. Natti greeted us at the door in his enthusiastic way but sensed something was wrong. He calmed down to a state I hadn’t seen him in since he’d had a horrible tummy ache after eating an entire family-sized bag of Cheetos. He looked at me and then turned to Hooch and nudged him toward the sofa, one slow, morose step at a time. Hooch hopped up on the La-Z-Boy. Natti joined him. The two cuddled up next to each other in yin-yang fashion. Natti gave me a look that said, “I’ve got this, Mom. You go on and do what you need to do.”

Cagney and Lacey: From To Fetch a Scoundrel, “A Doggone Scandal”:

 The door swung open, Catt entered with Cagney and Lacey trailing behind her. Dogs to the rescue!

Rosemary Shomaker’s excerpt with Cloud the miniature poodle from “Ruff Goodbye”:

He stumbled down the hall a few steps and caught himself against a doorframe. Soft crying made him look into the room. Julie Echols sat weeping in a chair, Cloud clutched to her chest. The little poodle’s black eyes gazed at Julie, and his pink tongue licked the tears from her cheeks. A police officer was also in the room, a solid and silent presence.

Julie’s eyes met Len’s, and he felt her fear. She sensed the same evil that gripped him. He petted Cloud and felt drawn to hug Julie. The officer watched and listened but didn’t intervene. Cloud’s leash was anchored to one table leg. Len noted the room’s sink, stove, and refrigerator. The client kitchen.

Len sat next to Julie and put an arm around her shoulders.

“I found him,” Julie wept.

Those were all pawsome. What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

Oliver: I am the Director of Security at the Amelia Race Track. I enjoy going to work every day with my pal, Cassidy Green. I love going for rides in the golf cart, taking long walks, and greeting all the visitors and drivers.

Natti: It’s my role to take my story mom to the dog park, where I play while she talks to people and uncovers clues. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Cagney and Lacey: We get to help solve crimes and murder and are on the case with our owner Catt Ramsey at all times!

Cloud: I’m proud to protect those I love. The human characters go about their lives, and I watch to protect them. I add comfort and an attentive presence.

Are you talking dogs in your stories or a silent pet who just barks occasionally?

Oliver: I don’t talk, and I only bark or growl when I have to.

Natti: I’m the strong, silent type, with an occasional angry snarl when needed (which is a job requirement when chasing bad guys).

Cagney and Lacey: We are both silent, but we growl, bark, bite, and do whatever is necessary to alert and help our owner in “ruff” situations.

Cloud: I don’t talk in human words, although that could be a fun story to star in! I communicate through movement and barking.

What advice would each of you give other dog characters?

Oliver: Live in the now. Play hard. Life can’t be all work. Nap when you need to. Don’t waste a beautiful day. Go outside and have fun. Know when it’s time to cuddle on the couch with a good book. Bark if you need to, but not too much. Wag and make friends.

Natti: Be the best dog you can be! Maybe they’ll make a movie about you someday!

Cagney and Lacey: Always pay attention to what your owners and family are doing. As dogs, we can help alert them to dangerous and life threatening situations.   

Cloud: Be in as many scenes as you can. I would have liked to appear in more scenes. Have two of three signature sounds or actions that bond you with the main character or make characters take notice of you. Be the dog that sneaks up on the bad characters or who lays his head in the sad characters’ laps.

Do any of you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

Oliver: So far, I’m not in any upcoming books, but I could be. Heather Weidner’s Delanie Fitzgerald mysteries have Margaret the bulldog who helps solve crimes. The latest is Glitter, Glam, and Contraband.

Natti: My next story is still a tiny seed in my author’s fertile mind. I don’t know the details yet, but I know it will be fun. But she has other non-dog stories (I know. I’m like, “What’s the point?”) if you check out her website.

Cagney and Lacey: We will continue our mystery and crime-solving journey in the spring of 2021 in To Fetch a Villain. Our author, Teresa Inge will also be in the Coastal Crimes: Mysteries by the Sea to be published April 2020 with her short story “Riverboat Revenge.”  

Cloud: My creator has me on hold for a short story. She’s taking a break from the next Mutt Mysteries volume, so you can look forward to meeting another author and her canine sleuth!

Are you and/or your authors on social media? If so, please list your links.

Oliver: Yes, let’s connect.

Natti: My author person has a website, and she is on Facebook.

Cagney and Lacey: Teresa Inge can be found on, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Cloud: You can connect with Rosemary Shomaker at these places.

To Fetch a Scoundrel, Four Fun “Tails” of Scandal and Murder (Mutt Mysteries)
by Heather Weidner, Jayne Ormerod, Rosemary Shomaker, Teresa Inge

About To Fetch a Scoundrel

To Fetch a Scoundrel,
Four Fun “Tails” of Scandal and Murder
(Mutt Mysteries)

Cozy Mysteries
2nd in SeriesPublisher: Bay Breeze Publishing, LLC (March 2, 2020)
Print Length: 232 pages
Digital ASIN: B085BY9GXS

The mystery-solving mutts are back! To Fetch a Scoundrel, the second in the Mutt Mysteries collection, features four tail-wagging novellas. Each story puts pups’ noses to the ground, as scandals are unleashed and killers are collared. Once you’ve finished reading these tall “tails,” you’ll no longer wonder, “Who let the dogs out?” You’ll just be glad somebody did!

About the Authors

Heather Weidner

Originally from Virginia Beach, HEATHER WEIDNER has been a mystery fan since Scooby-Doo and Nancy Drew. She lives in Central Virginia with her husband and a pair of Jack Russell terriers. Her short stories appear in the Virginia is for Mysteries series, 50 Shades of Cabernet, and Deadly Southern Charm. Secret Lives and Private Eyes, The Tulip Shirt Murders, and Glitter, Glam, and Contraband are her novels in the Delanie Fitzgerald Mysteries, and her novellas appear in the Mutt Mysteries. She is a member of Sisters in Crime – Central Virginia, Guppies, James River Writers, and International Thriller Writers. Through the years, she has been a cop’s kid, technical writer, editor, college professor, software tester, and IT manager.

Jayne Ormerod

JAYNE ORMEROD grew up in a small Ohio town then went on to a small-town Ohio college. Upon earning her degree in accountancy, she became a CIA (that’s not a sexy spy thing, but a Certified Internal Auditor). She married a naval officer and off they sailed to see the world. After nineteen moves, they, along with their two rescue dogs Tiller and Scout, have settled into a cozy cottage by the sea. Jayne is the author of over a dozen published stories, from novel length to short-short.

Rosemary Shomaker

ROSEMARY SHOMAKER writes about the unexpected in everyday life. She’s the woman you don’t notice in the grocery store or at church but whom you do notice at estate sales and wandering vacant lots. In all these places she’s collecting story ideas. Rosemary writes mystery, women’s fiction, and paranormal short stories. Stay tuned as she takes her first steps toward longer fiction.

Teresa Inge

TERESA INGE grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries. Combining her love of reading mysteries and writing professional articles led to writing short fiction and novellas. Today, she juggles assisting two busy executives and is the president of the Sisters in Crime, Mystery by the Sea chapter. Teresa is the author of the Virginia is Mysteries series, 50 Shades of Cabernet, and the Mutt Mysteries series.


Purchase Links

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Sneaky Interviews Streetman the Dog from Dressed Up 4 Murder, A Sophie Kimball Mystery, by J. C. Eaton

Meow, there or should I say, “bow, wow,” Mr. Dog. It’s great to have you here. What is your name and your author’s name?

I’m Streetman, a Chiweenie dog, and my author is J.C. Eaton, the husband and wife writing team of Ann I. Goldfarb and James E. Clapp.

Mice to meet you. I’ve never heard of a Chiweenie dog, but I imagine they are look like your picture on the cover of your book.

What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

The genre is cozy mystery and here are the books I’m in:

Booked 4 Murder

Ditched 4 Murder

Staged 4 Murder

Botched 4 Murder

Molded 4 Murder

Dressed Up 4 Murder

Wow, Meow, Bow, Wow, Wow! Your authors are quite prolific. Please give information about your series.

I am in the Sophie Kimball Mysteries (Kensington Publishing) that take place in the retirement community of Sun City West, Arizona. My owner, Harriet, is the mother of amateur sleuth Sophie (Phee) who’s a bookkeeper/accountant at Williams Investigations in nearby Glendale, Arizona. Phee came out west to solve a mysterious book curse that threatened Harriet’s book club and winded up getting stuck here.

The series features a number of wacky characters, lots of hyperbole, and plots with a number of twists and turns. It’s meant to keep readers laughing and guessing whodunit.

My role has evolved and I’m proud to say that I am the star in Dressed Up 4 Murder.

Condogalations! My role in the Cobble Cove mysteries has also involved and, I play quite a larger role in the holiday short story, Sneaky’s Christmas Mystery, that followed my 4th book, Love on the Rocks. It’s a great feeling.

Are you based on a real animal such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

Yes. I am based on the authors’ real dog, Streetboy, also a Chiweenie. However, I’m much more neurotic and have lots of neat quirks.


Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

This is a scene from Staged 4 Murder where I’m helping to solve a murder in a theater, and luckily for everyone, I found a box of animal pelts in the costume room. The narrator is Sophie Kimball.

“Streetman’s scared of mice,” my mother said. “He wouldn’t be acting that way. You know, Shirley said that sometimes spirits can inhabit the —”

            “Oh for God’s sake, no one’s inhabiting anything.”

            I reached over to open the box but the dog beat me to it. He tore into the cardboard and in what could best be described as sheer madness, he ripped the thing apart flinging the contents all over the room. All I could see were beady eyes, round black noses and, in some cases, teeth. Streetman grabbed the nearest one and shook it like a play toy. Then he growled and shook it again. My mother was horrified.

Excellent. It makes me want to read more.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

I make people laugh and I make them thankful I’m not their dog.

MOL (meow out loud)/BOL (Bark out loud)

Are you a talking cat in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

I am a silent doggie.

Good for you.

What advice would you give other pet characters?

I would give dogs and cats the same advice – help your sleuths out by doing some investigating on your own.

Purrfect, doggone good advice.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

Dressed Up 4 Murder was released on February 25, 2020

Broadcast 4 Murder is set for release in November 2020

Great! Thanks for the wonderful interview. I will also share the blog tour and giveaway for Dressed Up 4 Murder below. Best tail wags on your next adventures.

Dressed Up 4 Murder (Sophie Kimball Mystery)
by J.C. Eaton

About Dressed Up 4 Murder

Dressed Up 4 Murder (Sophie Kimball Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
6th in Series
Publisher: Kensington (February 25, 2020)
Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
ISBN-10: 1496724550
ISBN-13: 978-1496724557
Digital ASIN: B07R8WYD83

Last one standing is the winner . . .

The holiday season has arrived and bookkeeper/amateur sleuth, Sophie “Phee” Kimball, would love nothing more than to enjoy the comforts of her new home with her detective boyfriend near Arizona’s Sun City West. Instead, her mother Harriet wants to showcase her chiweenie-chihuahua-dachshund Streetman in the Precious Pooches Holiday Extravaganza costume events. The festivities begin in October and end on St. Patrick’s Day—with the winner starring in the St. Pat’s Day parade. But things quickly turn an awful shade of green when Streetman uncovers a dead body under a tarp-covered grill in the neighbor’s yard.

The victim is Cameron Tully, a seafood distributor working out of Phoenix, who died from ingesting a toxic sago palm leaf. Before the police can even find a motive and suspect, another Precious Pooch owner nearly dies from the same poison. With Harriet believing someone’s targeting her and Streetman because of the costume contests, Phee will need a potful of Irish luck to sniff out a killer . . .

About J.C. Eaton

Meet Ann and Jim, Writing as J.C. Eaton

Ann I. Goldfarb

New York native Ann I. Goldfarb spent most of her life in education, first as a classroom teacher and later as a middle school principal and professional staff developer. Writing as J. C. Eaton, along with her husband, James Clapp, they have authored the Sophie Kimball Mysteries (Kensington), The Wine Trail Mysteries (Kensington Lyrical Underground), and the Marcie Rayner Mysteries (Camel). In addition, Ann has nine published YA time travel mysteries under her own name. Visit us at:

James E. Clapp

When James E. Clapp retired as the tasting room manager for a large upstate New York winery, he never imagined he’d be co-authoring cozy mysteries with his wife, Ann I. Goldfarb. Non-fiction in the form of informational brochures and workshop materials treating the winery industry were his forte along with an extensive background and experience in construction that started with his service in the U.S. Navy and included vocational school classroom teaching. Visit the website at and the blog at

Author Links:

Purchase Links – AmazonB&NKoboGoogle BooksIndieBound

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