Guest Post by Elaine Faber, author of the new release, Black Cat and the Secret in Dewey’s Diary

A Reader’s Expectations
by Elaine Faber

A reader spends four to six hours, immersed in reading a book. If the story is well written, for a time, she forgets her personal life. She travels alongside the main character or, if the writer is talented enough, the reader feels as if she ‘becomes’ the main character.

Readers choose their genre for various reasons. She may immerse herself in a seedy romance where she feels loved and cherished. She may be a frustrated crime fighter who enjoys following clues and solving the crime before the end of the book. She may wish to experience the thrills and chills of a thriller-suspense novel. Perhaps she is curious about what life would be like in a different universe, or a different time in history. She may hope to learn the traditions of people from other cultures through the pages of a fictionalize adventure. Maybe she just needs to forget her own troubles and laugh a little in a humorous fantasy.

A reader likely seldom wonders what goes into the creation of a novel. What was involved before this story could magically land on a bookstore shelf, and transport them to their chosen destination?

Over many hours, weeks, months and sometimes years, an author must come up with a premise for the story. Some authors outline the entire novel before they ever put fingers to keyboard. Others have a general idea of the story line, and let the story evolve as they write, bringing every thread together at the end. She must keep each reaction and comment true to the personality of the characters through actions and dialogue. Understandably, a fair amount of talent, study and craft skill goes into this.

The end of the story must reach a satisfying conclusion. Add editing, critique by others, formatting, cover design and decisions regarding publication. What a challenge and what a victory when a reader comes back to the author and asks, “When is the next book coming out?” That is an author’s highest compliment.

I just published my fourth cozy cat mystery adventure. Black Cat and the Secret in Dewey’s Diary, a dual tale taking place in Fern Lake where Black Cat narrates his adventures with the return of Kimberlee’s grandmother and a man, presumed dead for 25 years, both bent on causing financial and emotional trouble for Black Cat’s family. Meanwhile, Kimberlee is in Hopfgarten, Austria, following the clues in a WWII soldier’s diary, seeking a lost treasure of gold coins. The previous adventures, Black Cat’s Legacy, Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer, Black Cat and the Accidental Angel are also available in e-book and paperback at Amazon.

Black Cat and the Secret in Dewey’s Diary,

In this dual tale of mystery, lost treasure, and riddles, while Black Cat narrates the exciting events in Fern Lake, Kimberlee discovers a cryptic clue in a diary about a hidden treasure, and heads to Austria to solve the puzzle.

When Kimberlee and Dorian arrive in Austria, they attract the attention of a stalker determined to steal the diary in hopes the clues will lead him to the treasure first. On a collision course, it is inevitable that Kimberlee and the stalker meet in Hopfgarten.

Black Cat and Angel’s lives are endangered with the arrival of Kimberlee’s grandmother in Fern Lake, and the return of a man presumed dead for twenty-five years. With both arrivals, emotional and financial difficulties loom for Kimberlee’s family.

Since their return to Fern Lake, Angel seems reluctant or unable to adjust to her new home. Does she regret leaving Texas and Grandmother? And, when the opportunity arises, will she decide to leave Black Cat and Fern Lake?

Sneaky’s Guest Post about His Experience Meeting the New Kitty in Love on the Rocks and Some Tips on Introducing a New Cat into your Home

This guest post by meow truly was featured on My Reading Journeys as part of Debbie’s blog tour on Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours.

A New Cat in Town Equals a Pawsome Challenge to Sneaky the Library Cat

Meow there. It’s my pleasure to chat on My Reading Journeys blog about Debbie’s new release, Love on the Rocks. I have to admit, I wasn’t too happy when Debbie decided to introduce a new kitty into Cobble Cove. This three-colored kitten came to live at the Cobble Inn with Alicia’s best friend, Gilly, who recently married Sheriff Ramsay. The happy couple eloped and celebrated their marriage in Hawaii where they found a kitten on the beach, and Gilly decided to bring it home. Don’t ask me how she got around airport regulations and quarantines and stuff. For those who’ve read the other books in our series, you’ll know that Gilly has a certain way with people, especially men if you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong. These are cozy mysteries, after all, but Gilly is a shameless tease in a harmless way. What’s less harmless is how she convinces Alicia to investigate crimes with her. I know John, Alicia’s husband, wasn’t too pleased when they started to search for the killer of the man originally suspected of lacing Valentine candy with poison at the Cobble Cove library where Alicia works as a librarian and Gilly as a clerk.

My main topic is the orange, white, and black kitten named KittyKai. When I was first introduced to her, I was a gentleman albeit a bit scared. Here’s the scene. Judge for yourself if my reaction was proper.

“Oh, my gosh, Gilly!” Alicia said, almost choking on her cookie. “I don’t believe it. You brought a cat back from Hawaii. How did you manage that?” She was thinking about the quarantines and airline procedures.

“I have my ways,” she said rolling her eyes provocatively. “The check-in clerks and the captain found me quite alluring. Ron was jealous, but I got us a kitty. I found her on the beach, poor thing. I think she’ll make a great inn cat.” She brought the kitten over to the table. The twins went wild. “Kitty, Kitty,” they both called, reaching out. She handed the cat to Alicia who let Carol and Johnny pet her.

“It’s a little girl,” Alicia said, examining the backside of the kitten.

“Yep. Her name is KittyKai. ‘Kai’ means ‘sea’ in Hawaiian.”

“Pretty, the name and the cat. I never had a calico.”

“You should get a cat. The twins will be old enough soon to have a pet.”

“I think Sneaky’s enough for us,” John said, “and Fido when Dad brings him by.”

“Speaking of Sneaky,” Gilly said, “Look!” She pointed at the carrier where a beige head was peeking out. Slowly, the Siamese ambled out.

Gilly picked up KittyKai and placed her on the ground.

“Gilly, I don’t think…” Alicia was alarmed that Sneaky might harm the kitten. Instead, he sniffed her. KittyKai, however, drew her small body back, black, orange, and white fur standing on end, her tail erect—the signs of confrontation. She hissed in Sneaky’s face.

Luckily, we resolved our differences as most cats do. One thing in KittyKai’s favor is that she’s a lady. Not that I would have any romantic interest in her. Not only is she a minor, but I’ve been neutered which is the operation we cats get at the vets so we don’t have babies. I don’t mind. I like to be unencumbered.

The one thing that still nags at me, though, is that KittyKai got her photo on our book cover. I know I shouldn’t complain because my photo was on the last book, Written in Stone. However, it still irks me because I’m the top cat in this series, and I intend to remain that way.

For a case of fiction imitates life or vice versa, Debbie recently adopted two kittens and is in the process of introducing them to her 10-year old cat, Stripey.

For those of you facing a new cat or kitten in your home, here are some links that may make the introductions between the newcomer and your resident cat less stressful.

Mudpie’s Guest Post

Since I accidentally posted my Feature Friday yesterday, I thought it would be mice to feature this guest post by a fellow cat blogger today. Please welcome Mudpie from Mochas, Mysteries, and Meows.

Hi, everyone! From one blogging cat to another, I’d like to start by thanking Sneaky for inviting me to guest blog today!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mudpie and I’m the feline half of the blogging team at Mochas, Mysteries and Meows ( I’m an adorably feisty four-year-old tortoiseshell cat who moved into my forever home two years ago this month. Boy oh, boy did I ever log some miles in getting to Mommy Melissa! I started out in western New York (almost on the Pennsylvania border) when somehow I ended up in the slammer. When I didn’t get adopted right away I was transferred to a shelter in central Vermont (long car ride alert!), then Mommy saw me on PetFinder, adopted me, and I was on the road again for yet another hour drive back to northwestern Vermont! It sure was good to meet my final destination with the knowledge that I now have a family that will love me forever and ever.

I inherited our blog from my predecessor Truffles who was called to the Rainbow Bridge long before her time due to a blood clot in her heart. Needless to say, my Mommy was positively shattered and I made it my mission to make her smile again. It’s my humble opinion that I’ve done a pretty good job, but I know Mommy still thinks about Truffles every day and when she’s extra sad I work a little Mudpie magic to help her feel better.

Are you a regular visitor to our blog? If you’re passionate about cats and books I think you’d be very happy there.  We talk about cat health and nutrition, promote rescue and adoption, review products for both cats and cat ladies, run stories on cat culture and fun feline facts, review mainly cat books (although every now and then I allow Mommy to sneak in a book that doesn’t star a cat…GASP!), and my favorite, our “Mudpie Interviews” series. It started with my interviewing the fictional felines in the cozy mysteries we love to read, but it has expanded to interviews with real life cats who have extraordinary stories to tell. I’ve chatted with a group of special needs kitties who call themselves the “Cats of Hazzard”, a cutie pie named after our President, Pawnald Trump, whose goal is to make Catmerica great again, and a lovely mama tortie named Mimosa who is still waiting for her forever home after seeing her litter of five little nuggets get adopted. I’ve even interviewed you, Sneaky!

I can’t imagine how I ever could’ve lucked into a better life. Not only does my pawsome family think I hung the moon, I have a platform through my blog that enables me to use my voice to hopefully make a difference in the lives of other cats. I don’t think you can ask for much more than that, do you?

Guest Post by Dolcey from Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? by Sojourner McConnell

Good morning, Sneaky! I appreciate you allowing me to visit with you today. I am Dolcey and Sojourner asked me to come introduce myself to you. As you might have noticed, today I am in my cat pajamas. You might say I am cloaked in a bit of a mystery.

You see, I have a job to do in this life, and it is to help children. I am not always a cat. I have many sets of pajamas that I use in my adventures. I have another life away from the children’s houses you will read about in my latest book.

Sojourner McConnell is bringing you the story of how my career began. It is a lovely story featuring Emily. We call it Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas?

You will meet Emily, and she has the most beautiful green eyes. They shine like emeralds. Anyway, Emily has a problem. I am not going to tell you about it now. Sojourner is the story teller. I will leave that up to her.

In Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? you will find out exactly who I am and what I do when not dressed for work. You will also find out about my special job and why I do, what I do.

I know there are so many secrets, but you will find out a lot of them in the first book. I hope you will join me for the release which happens very soon. It is already on Amazon as a Preorder.

In fact, I hope you will follow along with the Dolcey Series. Book 1 comes to Amazon and books stores on June 2, 2017. I hope you will pick up a copy and share it with the children in your life.

Then stay tuned because in about four months, I will be traveling to another land and helping another special child that you will not want to miss meeting.

Miss Ellie Barrett is already working on the illustrations for that special story with Sojourner now. It is going to be a blast.  You can find her on Instagram.

Thanks so much for the guest post, Dolcey, and best whiskers on your new book.