Hermione’s Kitty Korner #28: My Lady is Retired

Purrs, people. It’s Hermione, Debbie’s precious little girl cat. I was quite excited to learn that my lady, Debbie, was retiring from her job as a librarian. That means more time feeding and playing with me and my brother. What a great holiday present.

Talking about holidays, there are a bunch of boxes in Debbie’s room that are appealing. Unfortunately, they’re closed. I’m hoping she opens them soon, so I can jump inside. Also, there’s rolls of wrapping paper that I can’t wait to get my paws on. I often help Debbie when she sorts laundry on her bed, so I’ll offer my services when she wraps gifts. I’ve done it with my brother in past years. After all, we’ve celebrated four Christmases with Debbie and her family. We also spent three years with Stripey, our friend who has since gone to Rainbow Bridge.

One thing that worries me about Debbie’s retirement is that she’s mentioning that four-letter word, “Move.” When Harry and I were kittens, we moved around a bit from shelter to rescue to cat cafe until Debbie and her daughter adopted us. But now that we’ve been in their home almost five years, it will be difficult for us to adjust to another place. What gives me hope is that Debbie keeps saying that we’ll have a enclosed porch wherever we go. I’m glad we won’t be giving that up. It’s hard enough that it’s too cold to go out on ours now. But if we end up in a warmer place, we can enjoy it for a longer time.

I’ll try to post more often, and I’ll ask Harry to do the same. We’ll share our continuing adventures. We’re sure there will be lots of them. Have a purr-fect holiday and pawsome New Year!


Harry’s Kitty Korner #27: I’m in Debbie’s New Book as a Kitten

Hi, there. It’s Debbie’s cat, Harry.. Long time, no meow. Debbie and I have been very busy. Mostly, I’ve been busy sleeping in her office chair which makes it hard for her to write. Even though it’s been a challenge, she finished her second Buttercup Bend cozy mystery, The Case of the Parrot Loving Professor. This may not sound like a book that would include cats, but she managed to feature me and my sis, Hermione, in it as kittens. And, please don’t worry, we don’t kill the parrots in the book.

Another nice thing about this new book is that Debbie also included our friend Stripey who has been on Rainbow Bridge for six months already. I don’t miss him all that much because it means more food for me, but I know Debbie and her family do. Although Stripey only makes a brief appearance compared to our roles in this book, I have a feeling he’ll be given more parts in future Buttercup Bend mysteries.

Meowing about this pawsome series, Debbie recently held a book title contest among her newsletter subscribers. The lady who won submitted the title, “The Case of the Llama Loving Librarian.” There’s a librarian already in the series, although she’s not Cathy, the main character. I sure hope that doesn’t mean she’ll be murdered because that was the fate of the Cat Crazy Lady and the Parrot Loving Professor. I don’t know much about llamas, but I guess they may be better than dogs.

Besides Debbie’s book news, Hermione and I went for a checkup. We both got a clean bill of health, and Hermione even lost two pounds on her prescription diet. However, I haven’t lost an ounce. I’m a large-bodied, 17-pound cat. The vet advised Debbie to cut back my dry food and give me more canned food which will help me trim down. I’m not wild about that idea because I love dry food. The only canned food that compares is Hermione’s special food that I keep trying to steal, but Debbie stops me because she says it costs too much for me to eat, too. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll have better luck nabbing it next time.

I’ll end I’ll end this Kitty Korner column by sharing the purchase link to The Case of the Parrot Loving Professor  that I highly recommend if you like cozy mysteries that feature cats and parrots. There’s also some fun stuff about a 1970’s dance, but I wasn’t alive back then.

Get your paws on this book, so Debbie can afford Hermione’s special diet and my cat food. There’s no excuse because it’s available in lots of places and can also be ordered from bookstores and libraries.

Paw the purchase link now: https://books2read.com/u/38P6YV

Hermione’s Kitty Korner #25: Five Reasons Why I Should be America’s Favorite Pet

Meow, there! This is Hermione. I don’t know if you’re aware, but I’m in the running for America’s Favorite Pet. Thanks to Debbie campaigning for me, I’ve already made it to the Top 10 (my current position is 4). But the competition is tough. That’s why I want to explain the reasons I should get more votes and be chosen as America’s Favorite pet.

  1. I’m beautiful. I’m a lovely dilute calico which means my coat is a pretty shade of muted colors. I also have the most gorgeous green eyes.

2. Not only am I beautiful. I’m also very cute and lovable.


3. I’m also smart and inquisitive. I spend a lot of time in Debbie’s room reading her books and observing the world from a basket atop her closet.

4. I am also funny. I can make you roll on the floor laughing.

5. Last but definitely not least, I’m talented. What other cat writes a column on a blog and has an author and librarian as a grandma? (Harry and Stripey don’t count. They’re  not running in the contest). I also know how to use the computer keyboard.

I hope I’ve convinced you to vote for me and keep voting (you’re allowed to vote once each day). Votes are free, but if you buy them, you’ll be helping the PAWS Foundation. America’s Favorite Pet Contest has funded the rescue and rehabilitation of over 2,400 cats and dogs to date, and helped PAWS expand their wildlife rehab programs.

The Top 5 kitties will be chosen on March 10, and I want to be one of them. If I win, I’ll be in Catster Magazine, and Debbie will get some cash to pay for me, Harry, and Stripey’s food and upkeep.  Make me a star and Debbie a star’s grandma. Vote here: https://americasfavpet.com/2022/hermione-cf74



Hermione’s Kitty Korner #19: My Brothers Have Problems

Hi, it’s Hermione with another column about what’s going on with me and my family. While we are all doing relatively well during the pandemic, my brothers have had a couple of problems. Stripey, my older brother, was diagnosed with a condition called hyperthyroidism and my blood brother, Harry, got a bad bite on his neck.

Here’s what happened to them. My Mom was worried about Stripey because he’d lost some weight, but grandma thought it was because me and Harry were eating all his food. Grandpa didn’t think he was sick because he was acting the same and was actually a little more active and affectionate. But, just in case, grandma thought he should have a check-up. He went to the vet and had blood work. They had to take the blood from his neck because that’s where the thyroid is located, and the vet was testing for thyroid function as well as other things. Loss of weight is a sign of several problems in cats.

Debbie checked with the vet a few days later, and she was told that Stripey had hyperthyroidism which means his thyroid is fast and that’s why he’s losing weight. She was given several options for treating him. The vet suggested pills, but there was also an ear gel that could be administered through a pen-shaped applicator that Debbie thought Stripey would find easier. A pharmacy had to send it to her. When she got it, there was a toy mouse enclosed in the package.

Our grandmother, Debbie’s daughter, who once wanted to be a vet, followed the instructions and administered the ear gel to Stripey. He took it like a camper, and will be getting two doses a day, one in each ear. In three weeks, he will go back to the vet for more bloodwork to check how the medicine is working.

But Stripey wasn’t my only brother who had a problem lately. Shortly after Stripey returned from the vet’s office,  he had a big playfight with Harry. Both brothers tend to be biters, and Stripey, not feeling so well, got his teeth into Harry’s neck when Harry bothered him. Mom discovered the bite, and Grandma called the vet. They were told to clean out the wound and then use a triple antibiotic on it twice a day for a week. If it swelled up, began to smell, or got worse, he would have to be taken in for an antibiotic shot. So far, Harry is doing well, and the bite is healing, but there’s still a lot of fur missing on his neck.

I hope the two boys will stop being so rough with one another.

Cats don’t like to show when they’re sick, so be aware of subtle signs such as loss of appetite, too much appetite, vomiting, change of behavior, listlessness, and any other differences in your kitty. You should also check your cat’s fur and body every day for any bumps, cuts, and bites. Stripey and Harry were lucky that our hoomans caught their problems early.

Until next time, Purrs, Hermione.

Harry’s Kitty Korner #17: Feline Tips on What to Do In a Crisis

Meow, there. It’s Harry with some cat tips for humans who are worried about the coronavirus pandemic. I suspected something was wrong when my two-legged family members started washing their paws so much. Then they were home all day. I got all excited thinking Debbie would spend more time with me, but, no, she spent more time at her computer promoting two of her free books and watching the news about the virus. That’s when I decided that I needed to share some feline tips with her and the readers of this blog from the CDCC (Cats Don’t Care Club) about how to deal with a crisis.

Tip #1:  When troubles hit, it’s okay to stay in bed. In fact, we cats do it 18 hours a day.

Tip #2: If you feel afraid, just find a place to hide.

Tip #3: If things get really bad, put on a scary face.

Tip #4: Yoga works wonders. I recommend the loafing position. Tip #5: This tip is from my sister. When she’s upset, she just opens her mouth and lets it all loose.  Tip #6: This is from Stripey, the old guy in the house. When he’s facing a dilemma, he rolls with the punches and his catnip toy.

Tip #7: If you’re looking for a solution, think “inside” the box.

Tip #8: When trying to choose between two sides, take the middle.

Tip #9: Catch it before it catches you.

Tip #10: Most important of all, don’t forget to share the toilet paper.

I hope these tips help you cope or at least make you smile. The CDCC also recommends that you stay home with your kitties and be safe.