Harry’s Kitty Korner #9: I had an “Egg”cellent First Easter


Hi, there. It’s Harry with my Kitty Korner Column #9. Thank you for reading about my adventures in the De Louise house. I hope you all had a nice Easter. My sister and I had a fun day because Debbie filled some plastic eggs with catnip, and we loved rolling them around. Check out the video of our game.

Here are some pictures of my sis, Hermione, with some of the eggs.

And here’s the old guy, Stripey. He didn’t play much with the eggs but opened them up and ate the catnip.

Until next time. Handsome Harry aka Harold when I’m naughty.


Hermione’s Kitty Korner Post #9: Happy National Pet Day

Purrs! Hermione here with the next installment of my Kitty Korner Column. Today, I’d like to wish all the pets out there a Happy National Pet Day! I’m very happy to have been adopted from Golden Paws Society into the De Louise household this past October with my brother Harry after Debbie and her daughter spotted us at the Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe and decided to give us a home. That was the luckiest day of our lives.

We are nearly nine months old now and are settled into this wonderful place. I’ve become very comfortable here as you can see from the following photos. Whether on my grandma’s keyboard, the cat tree in her back room where she keeps our litterbox, or the living room couch, I can always find a comfy spot to snooze.

When I first came here, I was not particularly welcomed by Stripey, the De Louise’s 10-year-old cat, but he’s grown accustomed to me and Harry. We still have occasional playfights, but we get along for the most part. We even eat and sleep together now.

There are some great toys here, too. We have a toy box that we can jump inside and pick out our favorite play things, although some of the less safe toys are hidden away from us.

I really like being the granddaughter cat of an author. I especially like helping her write her mysteries by clearing her computer desk. I am a little upset when she shoos me off. I can’t understand why she’d rather look at that boring screen than at my lovely face, but I try not to take it purrsonally.

Speaking of my lovely face, I’m so proud that she posted a photo of me near one of her paintings and said that I was as pretty as a picture. She got some nice comments that people think I’m even prettier. What do you think?

I do require a certain amount of attention, and I miss Debbie when she spends time writing or at book fairs, but I’m proud of her. She’s even been on TV on Linda Maria Frank’s show, The Writer’s Dream and is scheduled for an upcoming appearance on Between the Covers. She has published six books and is releasing a new one in May. She is quite purrlific an author. Check out all her books she displayed at a table at Long Island’s Local Author Fair. You can purrchase them by clicking on the pawprint on this blog or from her Amazon author page.

Debbie made up for the time she spent away from me by using me as a model with her new mystery, Sea Scope.

Here’s a photo of me and Harry with Debbie.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Pet Day than writing about my happy life. I wish the same for all my fellow kitties and other pets out there.

Purrs until next time, Hermione.

Harry’s Kitty Korner #8: I’ve Been Naughty


Hi, there. It’s Harry with my Kitty Korner Column #8. Thank you for reading about my adventures in the De Louise house. Unfortunately, I have not been a good boy lately. It’s not my fault, but I like to jump and climb, and I’ve recently discovered the kitchen sink and stove top. Grandma was upset and posted a question on Facebook asking how to keep cats off counters. The response was overwhelming  with 97+ comments that just go to show that I”m not the only kitty who likes to do this.

Some of the suggestions included spraying me with water; covering the counter with aluminum foil to make it less appealing to my delicate paws; using sticky tape on the surfaces for the same purpose; trading me for a dog (not funny); putting up another cat tree for me (I like that one); paying more attention to me (I love that one); and spanking me and telling me, “no,” which grandma is currently doing. I know she feels terrible about it because when I look at her with my sad eyes, her heart breaks, but she keeps saying it’s for my own safety. I don’t think she cares if I make things fall, dirty things, or break things, she just worries that I’ll hurt myself. While I can’t turn on her stove, I have peeked inside the pantry where she stores her pills and vitamins.

I’ve also checked out the refrigerator.

and hung out on top of the kitchen garbage.

In my defense, I’m not the only one who jumps on top of things or goes in places I shouldn’t. My sis, Hermione, often joins me on the kitchen table. See her hiding behind me in this picture.

Also, the older cat, Stripey, who should be a role model for us kittens, also goes on the table. Look at him trying to be cute while he curls up near grandma’s bag.

I’m going to aim to be less naughty. I realize two (or three) wrongs don’t make a right. However, I’m still a kitten, so Grandma must understand that I need to explore and love to reach new heights.

Until next time. Handsome Harry aka Harold when I’m naughty.

Hermione’s Kitty Korner Post #8: My Grandma’s Author Mews

Purrs! Hermione here with the next installment of my Kitty Korner Column. I’m so excited to share my grandma’s good news. As you know, Debbie is an author who features cats in her  books. She just received a Certificate of Excellence for her latest Cobble Cove mystery from the Cat Writer’s Association. I am so proud of her!

Debbie will also be attending the Cat Writer’s Association Conference in St. Louis in May where she will be up for a special Muse Medallion Award that features a lovely cat almost as beautiful as me. Also, Debbie will be autographing books at the Drury Plaza Hotel at the Arch on Saturday, May 17, during a special Fundraising and book signing. Admission is free, and the best part is that there’ll even be cats there but, unfortunately, not me. I will miss her, but I know she’ll make up for it by bringing home something special for me and my brothers.

Much closer to our home, Debbie will be at Long Island’s Local Author Fair on Saturday, April 6, at the Tilles Center on the C.W. Post Campus. She’ll be with over 50 authors from different writing groups.

I wonder what a group of authors is called? A group of cats is called a Clowder which I don’t purr-ticularly like. I saw Debbie Googling this question to help me write this column, but it seems that there is no word to describe a group of authors. Here were some suggestions that were found online. Purr-sonally, I think Debbie would like #3, “a library of authors,” because she’s a librarian, too.

  1. PEN of authors
  2. CHAPTER of authors
  3. LIBRARY of authors
  4. QUILL of authors
  5. STORY of authors
  6. BOOK-LOAD of authors
  7. REAM of authors
  8. BLOG of authors
  9. DRAFT of authors
  10. SCRIBBLE of authors

Last, but not least, Debbie has a new mystery coming out that’s on pre-sale now. I was honored to help her promote it And, of claws, it features a cat (or two) in the story.

I hope you will consider attending one or both of the pawsome events that my grandma will be at and also, purr-haps, purr-chase a copy of Debbie’s Sea Scope 

Purrs until next time, Hermione.

Harry’s Kitty Korner #7: Handsome Harry is Growing Up


Hi, there. It’s Harry with my Kitty Korner Column #7. Thank you for reading about my adventures in the De Louise house. Every day brings something new when you’re a kitten. I may not look much like one anymore, as I’ve had my growth spurt and am nearly eight months old, but I still feel like one.

Recently, I discovered a machine that sucks up stuff. It makes a lot of noise which I’m not fond of, but it has the most enticing wire. I love things that move, so I couldn’t resist checking it out.

A new game I learned involves, me, a kitchen chair, and one of my cat teaser toys. It’s very easy to master, but you have to be able to contort yourself into some strange positions. Luckily, I’m a cat and am very flexible. Note my splayed toes in the photo below. I hope they don’t look like chicken feet.

I guess you must be wondering how I’m getting along with the other male cat in the house now? There’s much less hissing between us, although we still play fight occasionally. However, I was quite surprised when Stripey actually ate with me one day. He usually waits until me and my sister are done eating to come to the feeding area. I guess this is a good sign.

Another favorite past time of mine is sleeping on the cat tree in the room where Debbie keeps our litter boxes.

But besides playing, eating, and sleeping, I also love to cuddle especially with Debbie’s daughter, my Mom Holly.

Until next time. Handsome Harry aka Harold when I’m naughty.