Feature Friday Films: Why We Love Cats and 6 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Even though the howliday is over, I thought I’d post more love videos in honor of Meowlintine’s Day (known to non-feline readers as Valentine’s Day). One of them shows you how to tell if your cat loves you and the other explains reasons why cats are so lovable (both of them are no brainersĀ in my kitty opinion – Meow out Loud). Hope you enjoy them.


Welcome to My Blog

stonesthrowcatteaserMeow and Hello. Welcome to my blog. For those who don’t know me, I’m Sneaky the Siamese library cat from the Cobble Cove Mysteries written by Debbie De Louise. I was introduced in my first adventure, A STONE’S THROW, in which I helped Alicia Fairmont discover a very important clue in the library’s storage room. My next starring role will be in BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE, that will be hitting the virtual shelves this month. I will share some of my exciting excerpts with you in a future blog post.

Also, since Debbie is a member of the Cat Writer’s Association, she has recruited me to share important news from the cat world on topics of interest to both felines and their humans. As a library cat, I am quite knowledgeable. I also learned quite a bit from John McKinney, Alicia’s love interest in A STONE’S THROW. John is the newspaper publisher of the Cobble Cove Courier.

One of my regular features will be interviews with fellow feline characters. I have already shared a list of questions with Debbie to email to cat authors on my behalf and, likewise, I’m sure those authors will transcribe their kitty’s replies. If your cat character would like to be featured on my blog, please contact Debbie. Occasionally, I will also invite surprise guests such as Debbie’s own cats, Oliver and Stripey, as well as a dog or two.

I hope you enjoy this blog and my posts.