Feature Friday Film: Global Cat Day

Global Cat Day was celebrated on October 16, but it’s never too late to support this cause. Check out this video for more information about how you can get involved.



Sneaky’s Feature Friday Film: Black Cat Appreciation Day

Meow, there. It’s Sneaky. I’m not a black cat, but I’m showing some videos of my fellow black brothers for my Feature Friday Film column today because tomorrow, August 17, is Black Cat Appreciation Day. My author has a black cat. named Harry. She took some videos of him playing that I’m also sharing. I think cats are beautiful in any color, but I may be prejudiced. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Here are Harry’s videos. In the first one, he’s playing with his ball tower . . . .the lazy way.

In this one, he’s assisted by his sister, Hermione, who watches from a chair and attempts to join in.


Sneaky’s Feature Friday Film: Grab 2 Free Mysteries from July 19 to July 22

Sneaky here with some exciting news. In honor of Harry and Hermione’s 1st birthdays, Debbie is offering two of her mysteries for free from Friday, July 19 to Monday, July 22. This is a great deal, and I hope you take advantage of it.

For my Feature Friday film, I’m showing the booktrailers to these books. Reason to Die is Debbie’s standalone thriller about murders of handicapped people in a small, Connecticut town and the female detective assigned to the case.

Get this great book free here.

Love on the Rocks is the most recent book of Debbie’s Cobble Cove cozy mystery series. It takes place at Valentine’s Day when a mysterious box of chocolates is a deadly gift for the library’s director. I also play an important role in this book.

Although there’s no single trailer for Love on the Rocks, check out the booktrailer that includes a preview to it along with some of her other mysteries and get the book free here.


Sneaky’s Feature Friday Film: Giving Your Cat A Purrfect Nail Trim with Zen Clippers

Sneaky here with a Feature Friday film about a great product for cats. When our nails get too long, we need clippers that give us a safe trim. My author Debbie brought a pair of Zen Clippers home from the Cat Writers’ Association Conference. She had never cut her cats’ nails before because she was afraid of hurting them. She usually had them done at the vets or by a groomer. But she decided to give the Zen Clippers a try and found them easy to use. Harry, Hemione, and Stripey put up a bit of a fuss, as most cats do, but after they realized they weren’t being hurt, they settled down and enjoyed their mani pedis. Check out the video about these pawsome nail clippers.