Feature Friday Film: Cats in High Places

Those who know cats know that some of them like to find high spots to look down on the world. For instance, Debbie’s cat, Hermione, recently wrote a Kitty Korner column about her new “apartment” on top of Debbie’s outdoor refrigerator. You can read the post here and then watch the following videos about other cats who love high places and why they do.

Do you have a cat who enjoys being up high? What type of high places have your cats scaled? We’d love you to hear about them.

Feature Friday Film: Cats Playing vs. Cats Fighting

Meow, there. It’s Sneaky. Do your cats playfight? Does it sometimes seem like they’re having a real fight? All three of Debbie’s cats roughhouse with one another from time to time. Harry even got a bite once that had to be treated. Check out these two videos to see how to tell the difference between playfights and real fights between felines.

Feature Friday Film: Hyperthyroidism in Cats

My author’s 12-year-old cat, Stripey, was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidisim. She found some videos we’re sharing today that explain this condition and how to treat it.

Do you have a cat with hyperthyroidism, or do you think your cat might have it? Remember to always check with your vet first about any symptoms you notice and follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Debbie will be using a pen applicator to administer a transdermal gel into Stripey’s ears which is another option for medicating a pet with hyperthyroidism. This video demonstrates how to administer the medicine, but check with your vet or pharmacist for directions if you choose this method of treatment.