Feature Friday Film: Loud Mouth Cats Talking to Their People

Even though I’m just a character cat who only “speaks” written meows, I admire those real cats who are as talkative as my author’s Siamese, Oliver. Although he’s not in this week’s feature film, you will note that many of his Siamese friends are along with their humans who talk to them. Turn the volume down if you don’t want to hear these noisy kitties and people; but if you listen, you will get quite an earful.

Feature Friday Film: Cats Are Good for Your Health

Hi, Kits. It’s Friday and time for me-ow to share some feature films with you. Since humans tend to worry so much about their well-being, I thought I’d show some videos about how cats are good for your health. Do you know the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” Well, petting a cat can do the same thing,  litter-ally. Enjoy learning about the health benefits of felines as you watch these fun films.



Feature Friday Films, The Cobble Cove Book Trailers

Hey Kitties, I have a special treat for you today. It’s almost as good as catnip. I’m posting the trailers to the first two Cobble Cove mysteries by my author. Although I’m not featured in either of them, I am included in the books. The trailer to our first mystery, A Stone’s Throw, was created by Debbie’s very talented fellow author friend, Taylor Henderson. The new edition of the book should be out some time in March.

Our second mystery, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, was released in October. Here is the trailer created by Taylor Henderson and Sara Schoen of Stolen Glances Promotion.

Feature Friday Films for Meowlintine’s Day

Hi, there. Since Meowlintine’s Day (or Valentine’s Day for you non-cat folks) is next week, I thought I’d show some romantic cat videos for the occasion. I don’t have a cat character girlfriend, although I know Alicia is considering getting a kitten in a future book, and I will put in my vote for a female one.

The first feature Friday film is an episode of Simon’s Cats. Simon is one of my favorite cartoon cat characters. The second one features some cute kitty hugs between real cats. Both of them are pawsome. Enjoy!


Kitten Bowl Recap: Video and More

1486394381I woke from my weekend catnap and realized I missed the Kitten Bowl. I’m not much of a sports enthusiast, although I become a bit acrobatic when given catnip. However, I do enjoy watching kittens with all their energy. Even though it’s Monday and not my Feature Friday day, I’m posting some of my favorite clips. You can watch more on the Hallmark website for the event: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/kitten-bowl

You can even create your cat’s football card (see mine above) at http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/kitten-bowl/cat-lete-card-creator

A Cat Calendar to Meow About and a Great Cause to Support

calendar3caledar4Hey, Kitties. I know you and your humans probably got a ton of calendars for the holidays and January is almost over, but my author won a special limited edition one recently in a birthday contest for 17-year old Clyde that I think you should really check out before the last copies are gone. Not only does it feature cute cats, but it includes cat-related holidays, moon phases, and international holidays. Even better, the calendar is connected to a new cat book coming out featuring debonair black felines. The calendar and book both support a pawsome project that I want to share with you.

calendar1   calendar2

The entire black cat initiative to raise awareness and shelter adoption rates began as a Kickstarter campaign last summer. It’s a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit for the book, calendar and all merchandise. I’ve included a video testimonial by Chris Poole from Cole and Marmalade, two of my favorite video cat actors, that explains this purrfectly wonderful project.

clyde2The Black Cat Tells All book is due to be released in early Spring, 2017 with pre-orders available in February. Clyde and the editor and author of the one of the stories who is also the founder of the Black Cat Initiative, Layla Morgan Wilde, are very busy now preparing for the book release, but I would very much like to interview Clyde one day soon.

laylamorganMs. Wilde considers the Black Cat Initiative her “passion project.” As editor of Black Cats Tell All, curated story and poem submissions for the book and devised a feline purrsonality profile questionnaire. She also curated thousands of images for the anthology and worked closely with a copy editor and book designer to create a unique visual narrative for it. She said that she found the job which included curating large numbers of images from over 60 professional and amateur photographers to over 300 photographs  for acceptable quality for printed and e-versions of the book “more daunting than expected” but one which she hopes will “stem the tide of black cat prejudice in the U.S. and beyond.” and, considers the Black Cat Initiative her “passion project” and hopes it will “stem the tide of black cat prejudice in the U.S. and beyond.”

Below are links for more information about the Black Cats Tell All book, the initiative, and Layla Morgan Wilde.

BCTA (Black Cats Tell All) community Facebook group: www.Facebook.com/blackcatstellall

Instagram @blackcatsofIG

Twitter: @catwisdom101

Nonprofit shop http://shop.catwisdom101.com

Layla Morgan Wilde’s Website/Blog: https://catwisdom101.com/

Feature Friday Film: Funny Siamese Cats

TBIF (Thank Bastet It’s Friday). For the feature film this week, I decided to post one about funny Siamese cats. As you know, although I am a book character, I am a member of this breed, as is my author’s real-life cat, Oliver. Like some of the Siamese in this film, he can be quite amusing and talkative. I hope you get a laugh out of this funny cat movie.