Feature Friday Film: In Memory of Oliver

Debbie came across some videos of Oliver and asked me to post them for my Feature Friday Film today in his memory. If you have a special pet, don’t forget to film them. Photos are great, but videos capture their spirit.

November 13, 2015 – Oliver playing with a cat toy

February 17, 2016 – Oliver “fishing” in his water bowl



Feature Friday Film: Rainbow Bridge and Pet Heaven

Meow, there. It’s been a tough week. My author lost her beloved Oliver on whom I am loosely based last Saturday. Since then, she has offered her short eBook about Rainbow Bridge free to other pet lovers in the hope it may bring them some peace. The book is still free until today, Friday, November 10 and can be downloaded here: myBook.to/RainbowBridge

The following feature Friday films all deal with pet loss but also provide hope that people and their pets will be reunited one day on Rainbow Bridge.


Feature Friday Film: How to Give Your Sick Kitty Medicine

Meow, there. It’s Sneaky. I hope the following films don’t disturb anyone, but we all know that real-life cats get sick and often need pills or shots to feel better.

Debbie’s cat, Oliver is struggling right now with Feline Kidney Disease and has to have sub-q fluid injections.  Her Rainbow Bridge cat, Floppy, was diabetic and needed insulin shots. The videos I am showing today will demonstrate techniques for these procedures. I hope your kitties stay healthy and that, if they do get sick, you can learn how to administer the medicine they need. Keep in mind that before attempting any of these methods, you need to check with a vet about a diagnosis and recommendations for treatment for your pet. There are many more health-related cat videos online, and I am not endorsing any of these in particular.




Feature Friday Film: Dressing up Cats

As you know, Halloween is just around the corner. It’s a strange holiday where kids (and some adults) dress up in costumes and perform a weird ritual called “Trick or Treat” where they go around their neighborhoods knocking on doors and asking for candy.

For some reason, pet owners decided that it would be cute to also put their kitties in costume on this day (and also other occasions). Now I’m not an advo”cat” of kitty dress-up, but there are some of my species who don’t mind the demeaning nature of being zipped, tucked, and confined in cat-sized apparel and then having to pose for a million photos for their pet owner’s Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts. But I digress. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some cats I have to admit look purrfect in their Halloween costumes.

Remember Me Thursday & Feature Friday Film

I know it’s Thursday, but today is a special day, so I decided to show my Feature Friday films a day early for Remember Me Thursday. For more information about this special day, view the videos. You should also check out this website for details on how you can participate in helping my real life animal friends and the great folks at the Helen Woodward Animal Center. This day means a lot to me because I was once a stray until I was taken in by the nice people at the Cobble Cove Library. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case with my real life pet pals, but you can make difference.


Feature Friday Film: Cat Cafes

It’s that time of the week when I show cute cat films. Since Cat Cafes are all the current rage, I decided to feature a few of them for my Feature Friday film section. Take a peek inside these pawsome places and let me know if any are familiar. Have you visited any? What has been your experience?

As an added bonus because I’ve only featured cat cafes in my territory, I’ve included a paw link to the top North American cat cafes. Check them out here