Feature Friday Film: Calico Cats are Cool

In honor of my author’s new Cobble Cove mystery, Love on the Rocks, that features a new cat  in town that happens to be a calico, I’m sharing some videos about these interesting felines. Check them out and then check out Debbie’s book: mybook.to/cc4 mybook.to/cc4pap available free on Kindle Unlimited and as an eBook and paperback.



Feature Friday Film: The Shabby Tabby Cafe, the first Cat Cafe on Long Island

Sneaky here to share a video from ABC News about a new cat cafe on Long Island. Since my author lives there and is actually visting this pawsome place on Saturday, I thought I’d check it out. If you’re in the New York/Long Island area, you might want to, also. Cat Cafe’s are purrfect.

Read the story written by Kristin Thorne about behind this great place and watch the video below it.

Long Island is now home to every cat lovers’ dream – a cat cafe.

Ryan Shea, of Yaphank, is the owner of Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe in Sayville.

When her cat died, she became involved in cat rescue and visited some cat cafes in Colorado and New York City. This inspired Shea to open a cat cafe.

The cafe features various lounge chairs, bean bag chairs and cushion benches. The space is dotted with cat ladders and cat toys.

Around 15 to 20 cats are free to roam about the entire space, and all the cats come from The Golden Paw Society in Huntington and can be adopted.

“People can see their personalities more in a situation like this,” Shea said. “Sit and hang out with them, and then if they want to adopt one, we have the applications here.”

Shea said her other goal is to provide the community with a place of relaxation.

“Cats have a very relaxing quality to them, so a lot of times you have a bad day or if you’re stressed out, you just come and sit with a cat and they’re purring,” she said. “They’re just relaxing animals.”

One hour sessions cost $15, while a monthly membership can be purchased for $100. It includes 10 sessions every month, and reservations are recommended.

Shea said she is planning various events, including yoga, wine night and Halloween scary movie night with cats.

The cafe officially opens Saturday.

This just in from Newsday with another pawsome video about The Shabby Tabby. https://www.newsday.com/amp/lifestyle/pets/long-island-cat-cafe-1.21287442


Feature Friday Film: Pranking Cats is Easy

Debbie saw this video recently and asked me to post it for my Feature Friday Film. I have to admit that I had my doubts. Although these pranks that humans played on their cats seemed interesting, we felines know that we may seem to fall for these tricks but never forget them and find even more interesting ways to exact revenge. So watch this film but don’t think trying these on your own cats would be funny. By the way, the  cat with the pink flower looks very much like Debbie’s cat Stripey who can be so sweet but is a master of revenge.

Feature Friday Film: A Booktrailer for Cloudy Rainbow (Yes, it has a Cat in It)

Meow there. It’s Sneaky. No kitty films this Friday, I’m afraid, but I thought you might enjoy the book trailer to Debbie’s new release, Cloudy Rainbow. This is the 10th anniversary edition of her first novel. It features a cat, of claws, even though he’s not me, and it isn’t our next Cobble Cove mystery (don’t worry. That’s coming soon).