Feature Friday Film: Interview with Amy Shojai, Founder and Past President of the Cat Writer’s Association

The Feature Friday film is a little late this week, but it’s worth the wait. Instead of showing cat videos, I’m featuring an interview with Amy Shojai, who helped found the Cat Writers’ Association and was its president for many years. Amy is an award-winning author of pet books and “thrillers with bite.” She’s also a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant. In the interview, she describes the Cat Writers’ Association, how it began, the roles she played in it, and her hopes for the association’s future.

Sneaky’s Feature Friday Film: Meowing About The Cat Writer’s Association Conference

This week, instead of my usual Feature Friday film of cute kitties, I’m showing a video of the Cat Writers’ Association. Have you heard of this group? If you feature cats in your books, articles, poems, blogs, photographs, etc., this is the group for you. CWA will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in St. Louis, Missouri this month.  My author is attending this conference and will be speaking on a panel with other cat authors including Mollie Hunt, Patricia Fry, and Sandra Murphy.

Top (left to right): Mollie Hunt and Patricia Fry. Bottom (left to right): Sandra Murphy and Debbie De Louise Photo courtesy of the Cat Writers’ Association

In addition to being on the panel of “Communicating, Capitalizing, and Connecting in a Fictional World,” Debbie will be selling and autographing some of our books at a book signing at the Drury Plaza Hotel St. Louis at the Arch on Saturday, May 17. This event will also feature a fundraiser by the Humane Society of Missouri and is open to everyone.

Here is a video compilation of past CWA conferences from founding member and past president, Amy Shojai. Isn’t it pawsome? Note that a younger Debbie appears in the 1999 conference slide taken in Kansas City.