Hermione’s Kitty Korner #18: Spring is Here and So are the Bugs

Purrs, it’s Hermione. I hope you are all staying safe from that bad bug out there. I know it’s one that my brother, Stripey, and I can’t catch or at least I hope not. We’d much rather catch bugs of the insect and not the virus variety. In fact, we recently caught a fly in our house. Here are some photos of our hunt that ends with a video of us after we’ve got it.

I was the one who started the hunt. I saw something flying outside the window.

I pawed my way slowly across the windowsill to check it out.

Then I hid myself behind the curtain.

Unfortunately, I discovered the bug was outside the window, so I gave up the hunt. However, my brother Harry, because he’s a copy cat, climbed up on the window after I left and also hid behind the curtain.

Then an odd thing happened. There actually was a bug in the house. It was on our other window. We both saw it at the same time and raced there. To give Harry credit, I will say that we both caught the fly, but everyone knows female cats are the better hunters.

After I helped him catch the fly, Harry had the nerve to play with it like it was all his. I was so mad that I punched him with my paw and was finally able to get a taste of my prey.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Do your kitties catch bugs in your house? It’s great exercise and hones our hunting skills. Spring is the purrfect time for bug catching.

Until next time, it’s Hermione signing off. Be safe, and watch out for those bugs.

Feature Friday Film: Cats Catching Bugs

You know it’s spring when a young cat’s fancy turns to the great outdoors. For those cats who are indoor-only felines like Debbie’s Harry, Hermione, and Stripey, the instinct to chase and catch bugs is still strong, and many will hang out near open windows waiting for ones that might enter the house through any small holes in the screens. Cats also roam the floors hoping to find crawling bugs. Here are some videos of cats on the hunt for insects. The last one is live footage of Harry and Hermione after they, working together, have captured a fly.

Feature Friday Film: Cats Hunting Bugs

The weather in my author’s area has been wacky this December. It was warmer than normal for a few days and then dropped thirty degrees. While it was warm, a fly somehow got in her house. Her cats had a field day chasing it and trying to catch it. Cats are natural hunters, and even indoor ones like to capture prey.

Check out some of these videos about cats hunting insects. The first is of Debbie’s cat, Hermione. I “purr”sonally think her reaction to the fly is hilarious. The background is from the TV playing. The music at the beginning seems to match her mood.