Harry’s Kitty Korner #23 Review of The Black Cat Who Only Wanted to Be Loved by Rosa Silva

Meow there. Long time, no paw this column. Miss Hermione is actually one blog post ahead of me, and even Stripey wrote a column recently. My sister’s been trying to purrsuade me to write, but I’m a lazy boy, handsome but lazy. What brought me out of my young retirement? A very special book about a black cat, and Debbie’s offer for me to review it. I’m honored. How many cats do you know who write book reviews?

Below is my review. I loved it, and I’m sure you, your kids, and your kitties will, too.

5-paws @@@@@

The Black Cat Who Only Wanted to Be Loved by Rosa Silva

I must say this author is almost as talented as my hooman, Debbie. That makes sense because they’re both members of the Cat Writers’ Association, after all. But I’m not biased. Debbie Shared this marvelous book with me, and it was obvious it was well written. While it’s geared toward kids from ages 8-12, I know Debbie enjoyed it very much, and I think even cats, especially those handsome, dark-haired ones like me, would like it, too.

Let me tell you a bit of the story. The main character is Pepper. You can see him on the book cover. He lives with the Humphreys. The lady is sweet, but her husband is a creep. If he was a bug, I’d catch him and eat him. He thinks poor Pepper is causing him bad luck. When his kind wife is out, he takes Pepper away and pretends he got out. I was so upset hearing Debbie read that. However, things get better for Pepper because he finds a nice street called Flower Street and befriends two kitties. I won’t tell you much more because you really should read this paw-some book yourself.

When you’re done reading this story, you’ll learn some important lessons and the reason black cats are the best.

Here’s the link. It comes in paperback, eBook, and is free on Kindle Unlimited. You, your kids, and kitties will love it.

Feature Friday Film: Interview with Amy Shojai, Founder and Past President of the Cat Writer’s Association

The Feature Friday film is a little late this week, but it’s worth the wait. Instead of showing cat videos, I’m featuring an interview with Amy Shojai, who helped found the Cat Writers’ Association and was its president for many years. Amy is an award-winning author of pet books and “thrillers with bite.” She’s also a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant. In the interview, she describes the Cat Writers’ Association, how it began, the roles she played in it, and her hopes for the association’s future.

Feature Friday Film: Cat Fanciers’ Association’s Virtual Cat Competitions and Local Authors Panel

Meow, there. It’s Sneaky with two videos for you this week. The first is of my author’s cat, Harry, who has been entered in the Walk Like an Egyptian Fun Class of the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s Virtual Cat Competition. Check out his fancy foot moves and vote for him at the bottom of his page if you think he’s a winner. Votes are $1 each with discounts for multiple votes and go toward a fundraiser for cats. Thank you for supporting Harry and helping kitties. Vote for Harry here: https://bit.ly/3nDwyir

The second video is of the local author panel Debbie moderated on Thursday, November 12, that featured 7 authors, two of whom (Debbie and Stasie) were members of the Cat Writers’ Association. The panel was hosted by the Hicksville Public Library and included authors Jacqueline Ann DeStefano,  Elaine Donadio, James Cudney IV, Stasie Fishman, Dr. John Krahn, Tracy Auerbach, and Marilyn Levinson. 



Feature Friday Film: Once and Future Authors Podcast

For this week’s Feature Friday Film, I’m sharing the podcast episode of “Once and Future Authors” in which my author, Debbie, talks about the award she won from the Cat Writers’ Association, our Cobble Cove cozy mystery series, .and her upcoming cat books. There are also cameo appearances by her cats, Harry and Hermione. Thanks for listening. Have a Paw-some weekend.

Feature Friday Film: An Awards Ceremony, A Fundraiser, and an Interview (all with and about Cats)

Sneaky here with August 14th’s Feature Friday Films. A lot happened last week that you may have missed. My author won a special award from the Cat Writers’ Association. She learned of her win while viewing their virtual awards ceremony. If you’d like to view it to, I’m sharing it below.

I’m also showing a video about Tabby’s Place, a Cat Sanctuary that CWA is hosting a fundraiser for. You can still donate to this pawsome cause until the raffles are drawn on Sunday, August 16. Watch the video to find out more.

Lastly, I’m showing Debbie’s interview on the Between the Covers TV Show with Stephanie Sands Larkin. She was one of three authors on this show and will also be speaking to Stephanie in a solo interview this morning. Her topic will be writing about pets, a subject she is very experienced with. I hope you enjoy all 3 films.