Sneaky Interviews Author Debbie De Louise’s Cat Stripey

In a few days, it will be Mew Year, so I decided to feature a special guest here who is making his first appearance on my blog. I’m excited to be interviewing none other than Stripey De Louise, my author’s 10-year old cat.

Mice to have you here, Stripey. Did you  have a nice holiday?

Hello, Sneaky. My holiday was okay except that those two little furballs who visited my territory in October are still here.

Furballs? Are you referring to Harry and Hermione, the kittens who write the Kitty Korner column on this blog?

You got that right, Sneaks.

May I ask what you have against those two, Stripey?

Isn’t that obvious? They are in my home. I admit that I once shared the place with a cat named Oliver. He was an old guy and really didn’t give me much trouble. When he went away, I had the place to myself. Now I’ve got not one, but two felines to deal with.

I don’t understand. You got along with Oliver. Why can’t you get along with Harry and Hermione?

Well, to be honest, Sneaky, I didn’t get along with Oliver right away. We actually got into a fur fight when he first came into my house, but then I realized he wasn’t going anywhere, and he was a lot older and bigger than I was. These little cats that are in my house now can gang up on me. They’re fast and strong. I’ve seen them zip around like tiny tigers.

Are you saying that you’re afraid of the kittens?

Let’s just say I’m a bit wary of them. That’s why I hiss when I see them and run for cover. Deep down, I admit I’m curious about them. I’ve played footsie with the girl under the door, but I’m not sure I can trust either of them yet.

Sounds like you need some time to adjust to the changes in your household. Harry and Hermione both say that they try to befriend you and even rub noses to greet you when you meet, but you hiss at them and then run away.  Is that true?

Yes, but I’m pretty set in my ways and used to being on my own now that Oliver is gone. He wasn’t really my pal. I just allowed him to stay in my home. I was there first. I’m the senior cat in the family and, like I said, I can’t trust the new little devils especially that girl, Hermione, who keeps running under my bed while I’m hiding there.  She has some nerve that little fur ball. You’d think she’d fear for her safety. I am a big guy, after all. But, no, she is relentless, even when I draw my paws out at her with my shivs sheathed. I like the boy, Harry, a bit better. He’s quieter and less intrusive of my territory, but he follows his sister around like a puppy.

I sympathize with your predicament. Even though I’m a character cat, I encountered a similar situation in Debbie’s latest Cobble Cove mystery, Love on the Rocks, when a new girl kitten came to town. Our meeting was quite awkward, and I also hissed at her and retreated. However, we ended up working together to solve a crime. I’m confident that the three of you will be friends one day even if you don’t have any mysteries to unravel.

I hope you’re right, Sneaky. I’d love to start 2019 with harmony in my home. Also, those cat toys and that awesome cat tree that the kittens have in their room sure look inviting. I’ve been bored sleeping most of the day, but I still have some life in me and could give those kittens some chasing.

That’s the attitude, Stripey. You all could be great playmates. I know it.

Thanks, Sneaky. I need some time to ponder your advice. I still have to show the interlopers that I’m top cat in Debbie’s house. I want to do it before they get too big. Once I put them in their place, maybe I’ll grace them with my pawsome company. 

Fair enough. Well, keep us posted, Stripey, and thanks for the interview.

You’re welcome, Sneaky. Best whiskers on your upcoming books. I wish Debbie would put me in one. I think she’s planning to put Harry and Hermione in your series, so be careful. They’ve already taken over one of your columns. The next thing you know, they’ll have their photos on the book covers and their own blog. You should shudder at the thought.

Thanks for the warning, Stripey. I’ll keep that in mind. Have a Happy Mew year and try to make peace with your fellow felines.


Sneaky Interviews Harry and Hermione, the new kittens of author Debbie De Louise

I have two interesting guests to chat with today — Harry and Hermione, the new kittens of my author Debbie De Louise.

Meow there, Harry and Hermione. You may take turns answering my questions. Ladies first, Hermione, please tell us how you came to live with Debbie and her family.

Hi, Sneaky. It all started when my brother Harry and I were rescued by a shelter in Huntington called the Golden Paws Society. We stayed there a while and then a cat cafe opened, and we were brought there. Debbie and her daughter Holly visited and adopted us.

That’s a nice story. Do you have anything to add to it, Harry?

I do, Sneaky. When Debbie and Holly came to the Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe on October 21st, Holly started playing with me. She always wanted a black kitten, and she fell in love with me. I was the reason my sister and I were adopted.

Is that true, Hermione?

Not exactly, Sneaky. Even though Holly liked Harry, Debbie had just written a book featuring a calico kitten. Although she’s had lots of cats all her life, she’d never had a calico and fell in love with me. Because we couldn’t be separated, Debbie and Holly took both of us. 

That’s pawsome., and I know which book you mean. It’s the fourth and latest Cobble Cove mystery, Love on the Rocks. I was a little jealous that another cat came to town, but Kittykai was a great help protecting my Alicia from a killer. I’m sure you would do the same for Debbie and Holly if they were in danger.

Both kittens nod.

So tell me, what do you like most about living with Debbie and Holly, Hermione?

Well, Debbie got me these really fun curly toys, and I can’t help but bat them around and pick them up in my mouth like a mouse. 

What about you, Harry?

I love playing with the cat teaser that Holly got me, and I love hiding in the cat tunnel and popping out to catch it. Hermione and I also love our cat tree.

That’s great. Now isn’t it true that Debbie has another cat? Have you become acquainted with Stripey, her 10-year old yet, Harry?

I sure have, but he’s a little wary of us. Holly tried to introduce me to him, but he started growling. We’re taking it slow. Hermione and I are used to being around other cats, and Stripey once lived with Oliver, Debbie’s senior cat who she adopted and who passed on to Pet Heaven last year, but he isn’t used to kittens. 

I’m sure the three of you will be best of pals soon. Thank you for the cat chat today, and I have some exciting news for you two. Debbie has agreed to allow you to write a kitten column on this blog. Now you’ll be sharing it with me, but I’m a character cat who specializes in interviewing pet characters. You and Hermione can write about your experiences as real-life pets of an author. Do you think Harry and you are up to that, Hermione?

You bet your whiskers we are, Sneaky. When do we start?

You just did, but I’ll try to fit you in on a regular basis.

One last question, and this is for Harry. I notice in one of the photos in this post you’re wearing a shirt. What is that all about? No one has yet to try to dress me up, although I’m sure it might happen in a future book.

Well, Sneaky, Holly wanted to dress us all up, but Hermione is not as calm-tempered and patient as I am. 

Do you have anything to say about that, Hermione?

I’ll just say I’m beautiful the way I am. Also, Sneaky, there’s a rumor that Harry and I or some kitten characters based on us may be in one of Debbie’s upcoming books.

I had a feeling that might happen. Cobble Cove is going to be overrun with cats soon, but I will always be the top cat.

Nice cat chatting with you both and looking forward to your Kitten Columns.