Feature Friday Film: Hear and Watch Harry, Hermione, and Stripey Speak

Instead of videos this week, I’m proud to present the Feline Opine’s cat chats by Harry, Hermione, and Stripey. They certainly have some interesting things to say. Check them out here:

Ladies first. Here is Hermione. Click on her chat below her photo to hear what she has to say.

Hermione Chats!

Next is Hermione’s brother, Harry, aka Handsome Harry. Click his chat below his photo to hear him speak.

Harry Chats!

Last but not least, Stripey is the senior cat of the De Louise household. Click his chat below his photo to hear his words of wisdom.

Stripey Chats!

Thanks to Anita Aurit and Feline Opines for giving voice to my cat trio.

Harry’s Kitty Korner #22: October Black Cat Book News

Meow. It’s Handsome Harry with some great news to share for October. Not only is this the month that Hermione and I were adopted by Debbie and her daughter, but it’s the month that Debbie published a new book featuring a black cat. As you know, I’m partial to dark-furred kitties, being one myself. In Debbie’s new book, No Gravestone Unturned, that is the 5th book of her Cobble Cove cozy mystery series, she introduced a guest cat named Salem. While not downplaying Sneaky the Siamese’s role at all because he is the star of the series, Salem has some great scenes in the story. It’s a purr-fect October read because the murder takes place on Halloween.

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I have more paw-some news for October. Debbie is working on a non-fiction pet book that will include many of my and Hermione’s blog posts from this column as well as articles written by her previous cats, Floppy and Holly, who have since crossed over Rainbow Bridge. Oliver and Stripey aren’t left out either. The book has many cat photos and deals with topics of feline health, behavior, and everyday living.

There will also be a blog tour for this book in November. Sign ups with Silver Dagger Book tours are being booked now if you are interested in participating.

Harry’s Kitty Korner Post #19: Enjoying the Outdoors from the Indoors

Meow there. It’s Harry with another tail or tale depending on how you swing. I had an interesting experience this week with my older brother, Stripey. My sis, Hermione, got involved, too, but she wasn’t as excited as we boys were. You see, Debbie and her daughter cleaned up their enclosed back room and opened it up to us. What fun! Stripey tells me he used to go out there with Oliver, a cat who was before my time. There was even a cat tree out there.

At first, when Debbie opened the door, Hermione and I were hesitant. We looked out to at Stripey who seemed to be enjoying himself.

I decided to be brave and try out the back room and that pawsome cat tree myself. I wasn’t disappointed.

So, I beckoned Hermione to join me outside.

She was cautious, but I purrsuaded her. First, she did some stretching against the cat tree and then she climbed up on top.

I found this new experience quite an adventure and continue to go out there with Stripey, but Hermione prefers the indoors for now. Maybe, once the room is completely finished, Debbie will add more items for us to climb on and play with. In the meantime, it’s nice to get some fresh air and still stay safe.

For those of you who would like your hoomans to buy or build a catio or enclosed patio room, you might want to show them the video that Sneaky posted for his Feature Friday film yesterday. https://wp.me/p7XcB0-Uy

Hermione’s Kitty Korner #19: My Brothers Have Problems

Hi, it’s Hermione with another column about what’s going on with me and my family. While we are all doing relatively well during the pandemic, my brothers have had a couple of problems. Stripey, my older brother, was diagnosed with a condition called hyperthyroidism and my blood brother, Harry, got a bad bite on his neck.

Here’s what happened to them. My Mom was worried about Stripey because he’d lost some weight, but grandma thought it was because me and Harry were eating all his food. Grandpa didn’t think he was sick because he was acting the same and was actually a little more active and affectionate. But, just in case, grandma thought he should have a check-up. He went to the vet and had blood work. They had to take the blood from his neck because that’s where the thyroid is located, and the vet was testing for thyroid function as well as other things. Loss of weight is a sign of several problems in cats.

Debbie checked with the vet a few days later, and she was told that Stripey had hyperthyroidism which means his thyroid is fast and that’s why he’s losing weight. She was given several options for treating him. The vet suggested pills, but there was also an ear gel that could be administered through a pen-shaped applicator that Debbie thought Stripey would find easier. A pharmacy had to send it to her. When she got it, there was a toy mouse enclosed in the package.

Our grandmother, Debbie’s daughter, who once wanted to be a vet, followed the instructions and administered the ear gel to Stripey. He took it like a camper, and will be getting two doses a day, one in each ear. In three weeks, he will go back to the vet for more bloodwork to check how the medicine is working.

But Stripey wasn’t my only brother who had a problem lately. Shortly after Stripey returned from the vet’s office,  he had a big playfight with Harry. Both brothers tend to be biters, and Stripey, not feeling so well, got his teeth into Harry’s neck when Harry bothered him. Mom discovered the bite, and Grandma called the vet. They were told to clean out the wound and then use a triple antibiotic on it twice a day for a week. If it swelled up, began to smell, or got worse, he would have to be taken in for an antibiotic shot. So far, Harry is doing well, and the bite is healing, but there’s still a lot of fur missing on his neck.

I hope the two boys will stop being so rough with one another.

Cats don’t like to show when they’re sick, so be aware of subtle signs such as loss of appetite, too much appetite, vomiting, change of behavior, listlessness, and any other differences in your kitty. You should also check your cat’s fur and body every day for any bumps, cuts, and bites. Stripey and Harry were lucky that our hoomans caught their problems early.

Until next time, Purrs, Hermione.

Harry’s Kitty Korner #12: Something to Chew On

Meow. It’s Harry. I haven’t pawed a column in a while, but I got into a bit of trouble with my grandpeople recently that I think some of you cats out there may relate to. As a kitten I had a bad habit, and it followed me into cathood. I like to chew on things — boxes, blankets, people’s noses, and cords of all type. I chewed through my mom’s earplug cords and recently chewed some cables in my grandma’s room.

I know it was a bad thing to do, but I can’t help myself. My grandpa came up with a solution. He covered the wires, so I can’t get to them.

Rats! Mice! What’s a chewy guy like me going to do? I guess I’ll stick to blankets and people’s noses. Do you cats out there chew on things and, if so, what do your people do about it to ruin your fun? Are there any good chewy things we can sink our teeth into instead? Inquiring cat minds want to know.