Interview with Penny, Barbara Florio Graham’s Teakettle Spokescat

qtpennyHey, there pussycats, I have another pawsome guest with me today. Her name is Penny, and she  shares an office with author Barbara Florio Graham, a busy writer, consultant, and mentor. .

Welcome, Penny. Please tell us about yourself and your author.

The first Simon Teakettle

I’m still pretty young, so haven’t written a book yet. But I am Chief Spokescat for our company, Simon Teakettle Ink, which was named for the first Simon Teakettle.

 He became famous by appearing on CBC radio programs, and in many newspapers and magazines.  You can read all about him at


He was succeeded by Simon Teakettle the Younger, who decided to join Bobbi in compiling the best of Simon Teakettle’s writing with hers in a book, Mewsings/Musings: This book contained prize-winning humor by both Simon and Bobbi, and won an award from the Cat Writers’ Association.

Barbara “Bobbi” Florio Graham with Terzo

When this book was published, Simon Teakettle III (Terzo) took over, and started a blog. He was also in a video that was praised by cat behaviorists, because it demonstrated Bobbi’s successful training techniques. Watch it here:

Terzo also founded a Virtual MEWSical Society, with 33 cats and a parrot, and it became so popular that when other cats (and some dogs) also wanted to join, he started a Fan Club. That has now grown to more than 90 species of animals from 34 countries on six continents! See all of them at, and send a photo if you want to join!
pennyteddyAfter three Simons in a row, Bobbi decided she needed a feminine feline companion, and found me at a local shelter. It was just after my first birthday, in 2015.

Penny with her toys

 I took over the blog as soon as I arrived, and I also handle all the publicity for the company. This includes creating colorful posters (containing photos of me) for the Great Canadian Theatre Company (, where Bobbi has been a supporter for more than 30 years, and has been quoted in their season brochure.

Penny doing her “pen trick.”

I love showing off the tricks I’ve learned, how I “sit nicely” and give one paw and then the other, and how I touch something with first one paw and then the other in order to get a treat. Of course I sit by my tray in order to have my dinner delivered, and “sit and stay” by the door when she’s bringing things in from outside.

 I’m an indoor cat, which suits me fine because I spent my first few months outdoors, and really appreciate having a cozy home, a safe and warm place to sleep, and someone to love.

Wow, Meow! Your author is quite renowned, and you follow a long tradition of Litter-ate cats. I must tell Debbie to look into that Mewsical Society for her cats, Oliver and Stripey. Since I’m not a real life cat, I probably am not eligible for membership. Rats!

Are you a talking cat in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

I was very quiet when I first arrived, but now I talk whenever I want Bobbi’s attention. I try not to bother her when she’s working, and have several places to nap in the office. I also have a wonderful, carpeted shelf in the office window with my own personal bird-feeder on the other side of the glass. The birds aren’t afraid of me, because I sit very still as I watch them.

What advice would you give other cat characters?

You have to develop your own persona and your own voice. Each of the Simon Teakettles had a distinct personality, and so do I. Simon I was a writer, very quiet and observant. Simon II was fiercely independent, a bit critical of human behavior, and adventurous. Terzo was more laid back, a big supporter of the arts, and devoted to teaching other cats how to behave properly. That’s why he made the video:

That’s purrfect advice, Penny. Love the video.

 Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

Bobbi is very busy mentoring authors and working to help them produce their books. She also contributes to four quarterly publications and others in between. So with her own writing and consulting, she hasn’t planned another cat book. Yet. But I’m ready whenever she is!

I’m sure you are, and I’m sure it will be wonderful. You are very lucky to have such a talented author.

Are you and/or your author on social media? If so, please list your links.

My blog is on the Simon Teakettle website, along with a page about me with lots of photos. I also have a fabulous Fan Club, and many pages of cat information, all of which are linked from my blog page:

 There is also a Simon Teakettle Facebook page:

Very mice. I have to speak to Debbie about considering a fan club and Facebook page for me, but I’m not going to hold my purrs. She’s very busy now, too, and I’m just happy as a kitty with catnip that she’s found the time to create this blog for me.

Thank you so much, Penny. It’s been a pleasure making your cat acquaintance and learning all about your pawsome author and her Teakettle cats. 

(all photos courtesy of Barbara Florio Graham)