Feature Friday Films, The Cobble Cove Book Trailers

Hey Kitties, I have a special treat for you today. It’s almost as good as catnip. I’m posting the trailers to the first two Cobble Cove mysteries by my author. Although I’m not featured in either of them, I am included in the books. The trailer to our first mystery, A Stone’s Throw, was created by Debbie’s very talented fellow author friend, Taylor Henderson. The new edition of the book should be out some time in March.

Our second mystery, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, was released in October. Here is the trailer created by Taylor Henderson and Sara Schoen of Stolen Glances Promotion.


Feature Friday Films for Meowlintine’s Day

Hi, there. Since Meowlintine’s Day (or Valentine’s Day for you non-cat folks) is next week, I thought I’d show some romantic cat videos for the occasion. I don’t have a cat character girlfriend, although I know Alicia is considering getting a kitten in a future book, and I will put in my vote for a female one.

The first feature Friday film is an episode of Simon’s Cats. Simon is one of my favorite cartoon cat characters. The second one features some cute kitty hugs between real cats. Both of them are pawsome. Enjoy!


Feature Friday Film: Funny Siamese Cats

TBIF (Thank Bastet It’s Friday). For the feature film this week, I decided to post one about funny Siamese cats. As you know, although I am a book character, I am a member of this breed, as is my author’s real-life cat, Oliver. Like some of the Siamese in this film, he can be quite amusing and talkative. I hope you get a laugh out of this funny cat movie.

Double Feature Friday Film: A Funny Animal Hospital Commercial and Cat Hospital Soap Opera

TGIF, Kitties. Before I take my weekend catnap, I thought I’d post the Friday weekend film. There are always so many pawsome cat videos on YouTube. Maybe they should have a CatTube. Good idea, heh? Anyway, since I couldn’t choose between these two, I posted both of them. The first one is a commercial and the other a soap opera spoof. Enjoy and have a purrfect weekend.