Sneaky Interviews WonderDog from Lavender Toes: A Cold Cream Murder Mystery by Barbara Silkston

Today, I have a dog guest here. Welcome. Please introduce yourself and  your author.

My name is WonderDog. My author is Barbara Silkstone.

I’ve been described as looking like a child’s sketch of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. I’m guessing he must be a rather handsome wolf, as women can’t resist petting my head whenever they see me. My best friend is Puff, a snow-white cat. My mistress is Lizzy and Puff’s servant is Olive. The two gals are partners in a beachside business called Nonna’s Cold Cream. From what I understand, it’s a special cream that ladies like to smear on their faces. Humans do the silliest things.

You and  your co-characters sound very interesting. One day, I’d love to cat chat with Puff, too.  What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

Puff and I have appeared in all six of the Cold Cream Murders. I’m usually the action hero although she’s had her share of adventures.

Excellent. I have a dog co-star, Fido the Golden Retriever, in my Cobble Cove series, too. Tell me more about your series?


When Olive Peroni put out her family therapy sign, she never thought her top client would be the retired head of a New York crime family. When Olive’s Nonna dies leaving her a condo in Florida and a secret recipe for miracle cold cream, Olive grabs the chance at a new life in Starfish Cove, Florida, making designer creams for ladies who spend far too much time at the beach.

But when the quiet little community on the Gulf of Mexico soon begins to compete with a certain notorious coastal village in Maine, Olive finds herself solving odd-ball murders as often as she soothes wrinkles.

Clean, wholesome, and loaded with laughs!

Each book contains a recipe for homemade cosmetics!







Those books sound pawsome.

Are you based on a real animal such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

My character is based on Lizzy’s rescue hound, WonderDog. He became a bit of a legend on the beaches. Not so much for heroics as for his stunning good looks and total disregard for things humans think important— like not tinkling in elevators.

Meow Out Loud! I love your sense of humor. I was loosely based on my author’s Siamese who has since travelled to Rainbow Bridge.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.


This is Olive thinking/speaking. She has a phobia about getting water on her face.

Déjà vu all over again. I remembered Sunday’s disaster like it was yesterday, actually the day before the day before yesterday. I swayed on the edge of the boat gripping the safety line for dear life.

Nancy stood at the steering wheel cackling as she backed out of the slip full throttle. The engine wasn’t powerful but the Very Crabby lurched and I broke into my Cirque du Soleil clown act.

My nose scraped the hull as I hung onto the safety line and looked to see where the Very Crabby was going. She was headed out of the marina—bound for the high seas where the sharks gather.

Lizzy stood on the dock, screaming something unintelligible.

I had to do the unthinkable. Let go and drop into the icky water. I hesitated, steeling myself for the ordeal. Less than twenty-four hours ago I was complaining about the chlorine in a crystal-clear pool, not recognizing Nirvana when I smelled it.

Splashing in, I bobbed to the surface. Alarmed—Lizzy was fifty yards away—I waved to her. I sunk, came up, tried to replicate my semi-swimming success in the pool and sunk again. Then repeated. And repeated again. I was getting dizzy from spitting out foul water. I was definitely losing my sense of humor.

My lightheadedness increased dramatically. I was a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…floating…floating…Wait! I was floating!

Something was under me, lifting me out of the water. Dolphins sometimes rescue people. Could it be?

My face reached the surface. I coughed out more nasty water. Whatever was beneath me was soft and furry. As I forced my eyes open, a big fuzzy head came up under my chin. WonderDog!

I wrapped my arms around his neck. “You’re my hero!” I said between gasps.

He doggie-paddled me toward Lizzy.

“Good boy!” I whispered.

We were only about five yards closer to the dock when WonderDog began to falter. He didn’t seem to be a great swimmer and I was dragging him down. I couldn’t hold on to him much longer without drowning both of us.

Lizzy freed her foot and hopped up and down on one bare foot and one wedgie waving her arms like an over-caffeinated aerobics instructor. She screamed, “Hey!” over and over, pointing both hands at us with each yell. What was she doing?

A wave washed over me, and something hit me in the back of the head. “Use that for flotation until I can drag you and that mutt in!”

I looked over my shoulder. Jess’s boat rocked and splashed about ten feet away where he’d brought it to an abrupt halt also causing the water to lap into my face.

Ewww! I put my arm and WonderDog’s head on the life jacket that bopped me.

Jess slowly shook his head and tsk-tsked. “I thought we agreed you weren’t going to get into more boat fights.”

Excellent excerpt. Thanks for sharing.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

I enjoy being a super sleuth along with Lizzy, Olive, and Grams. They need my sniffing skills and thug-pinning jaws. Being needed makes me feel like a hero. In Puff’s eyes I am a hero. The best part of any adventure is cuddling with her after it’s over. When she looks at me with those huge blue eyes, I feel quite proud of myself.

How sweet! Good for you.

Are you a talking dog in your books or just a silent pet like I am who just meows occasionally?

Puff and I don’t have the ability to speak. We use the eye-thing to get our message across. Sometimes it can be very frustrating.

I agree. Pet to human communication can be a bit trying.

What advice would you give other dog characters?

For cats or dogs my best advice is when you sense your human roommate is worried or feeling down about something—a good cuddle can lift their spirits. I envy cats their ability to purr. I’ve seen a good purr sort out an entire mystery.

Great advice. Purrs can work wonders, Wonderdog.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

I just released Lavender Toes. It will be another two or three months before Book 6 in the series is published. If readers will follow me on BookBub or FaceBook or my NewsLetter they’ll have notice when Book 6 arrives.

I’m sure they will want to do that. All your links and a giveaway are included in the blog tour I’m sharing below. Thanks so much for dropping by, and tail wags to you and your author on your new release.

Lavender Toes (A Cold Cream Murder Mystery)
by Barbara Silkstone

About Lavender Toes

Lavender Toes (A Cold Cream Murder Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
5th in Series
Independently Published (December 1, 2019)
Paperback: 174 pages
ISBN-10: 1712435833
ISBN-13: 978-1712435830

Digital ASIN: B0821NHR9V

Someone dear to Olive is found dead—toes up and barefooted—in Digby’s Bees lavender field. Olive and Lizzy team up with WonderDog to find the killer. Digby’s hives are home to the wondrous Soprano bees. The little buzzers are the source of the secret ingredient that powers their Nonna’s Cold Cream—a fountain of youth in a jar.

Finding the killer becomes more of a challenge as the gals protect Digby’s bees from a determined land developer who wants the beekeeper’s farm. The clock ticks as saving the honeybees becomes every bit as important as finding the cousin-killer.

While Olive and Lizzy buzz about, Grams, nonagenarian ace reporter for the Silverfish Gazette, takes on the story of a diamond heist in nearby Sarasota. Can the gals protect Grams from another near catastrophe or can the feisty lady handle it alone?

Help the Cold Cream gals solve the mystery of the Lavender Toes while once again bailing Grams out of trouble. And what about those bees?

Every book comes with a recipe for a homemade beauty product.

About Barbara Silkstone

Barbara Silkstone‘s most current series is COLD CREAM MURDERS ~ GLOSSY LIPS, SMOKEY EYES ~SOAP ON A ROPE. Coming this fall Book 5 in the series: LAVENDER TOES. This series will have at least 6 books when complete. The adventures take place in the imaginary burg of Starfish Cove, Florida ~ a place near and dear to Silkstone’s hometown of Redington Beach on the Gulf of Mexico just north of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Barbara currently lives in Central Florida with her eccentric kitty who adores Liam Neeson and chasing lizards (the cat, not Barbara) 🙂

Silkstone is the best-selling author of both Regency Pride and Prejudice variations, including the popular the MISTER DARCY SERIES OF COMEDIC MYSTERIES ~ PRIDE AND PREJUDICE contemporary variations. All her books are light-hearted adventures based on Jane Austen’s timeless tales of love denied and love discovered. “Feel good” tales to warm your heart.

She is also the author of the Wendy Darlin Comedy Mystery series. Five coffee-snorting tales that combine Cozy with outrageous adventures.

Plus a mixed bag of standalone cozy comedy mysteries: Zo White and the Seven Morphs, Cold Case Morphs, The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland … and more.

Author Links –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Amazon Author page

Book Bub

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Sneaky Interviews Quincy, the cat from Hems & Homicide, An Apron Shop Mystery, by Elizabeth Penney

Before I get started, I’d like to thank Sneaky for this interview. My human gets interviewed, my author gets interviewed, everyone gets interviewed except the cat. And we all know they wouldn’t be anything without us. Harrumph.

That’s why I asked my author to create this blog, so I could give equal time to pets in mysteries, and I especially enjoy chatting with fellow cat characters. May I please have your name and your author’s name?

“File: Orange and white tabby cat-Portrait-Hisashi-02.jpg” by File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske) is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

My name? Quincy. I’m a three-year-old orange tabby. And Elizabeth Penney, my author, works for me.

Sounds like a purrfect arrangement.

What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

I’m the star of a new cozy mystery series, the Apron Shop Mysteries, from St. Martin’s Press. I make my debut appearance in HEMS AND HOMICIDE, the first book.

Concatulations!  Are you based on a real animal such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

A trusted source told me that I’m the namesake of a dear, departed pet who resembled me. Though I think I’m a tad bit better-looking.

That’s my case with my Cobble Cove mysteries. I was loosely based on Debbie’s Siamese, Oliver, who went to Rainbow Bridge two years ago, but we had many differences. For one, I’m much younger.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

As you’ll see, I’m the hero of this scene. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next.

A yowl followed by a crash woke me in the middle of the night. My first move was to feel for Quincy beside me on the bed but he wasn’t there. The little stinker must have slipped outside again. Usually he joined me—after I fell asleep. Cats are funny that way.

Another crash echoed, followed by a thump. Uh-oh. I jumped out of bed and raced into my office, which overlooked the back yard. My first thought was that a bear was rampaging around the property. They could do a lot of damage when looking for food.

I couldn’t see anything, but then Quincy yowled again, followed by a hiss that made my hair stand on end. I’d better get him inside before he ended up tussling with a wild animal. He took his guardianship duties of our property very seriously.

Pawsome! You’re right. I can’t wait to read more. I’m sure my readers will want to, too.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

The treats. My human, Iris Buckley, is always feeding me delicious tidbits. I’ve noticed a distinct difference in the quality and number of snacks since we got the publishing contract. Once in a while I get to star in an action scene too, which is fun.

I get goodies from the staff and patrons at the Cobble Cove Library. I wish I could get in more action scenes. Maybe in our next book which I think Debbie is starting soon.

Are you a talking cat in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

I’m not a talking cat, though I’d like to find out where you get a gig like that.

I have no idea, but being silent except for “cat talk” is purrfectly fine.

What advice would you give other cat characters?

It’s a great job, so do your best. Whatever your talents are, use them. And be there for your person. They need you.

Mice advice.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

Books two and three in the series will be released later in 2020 and in 2021. Follow us so you don’t miss out.

I’ll be sure to ask my author and our readers to do that.

Thanks so much for cat chatting with me, Quincy, and best whiskers to you and your author on your new release and the upcoming books of your series. Thank your author, also, for using the tweety bird to post about our interview. I’ve shared your blog tour and giveaway below.

Hems & Homicide (Apron Shop Series)
by Elizabeth Penney

About Hems & Homicide

Hems & Homicide (Apron Shop Series)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks (December 31, 2019)
Mass Market Paperback: 288 pages
ISBN-10: 1250257948
ISBN-13: 978-1250257949
Digital ASIN: B07SBQ9Y2Z

Welcome to the first in the Apron Shop mystery series by Elizabeth Penney, set in the quaint village of Blueberry Cove, Maine where an expert seamstress turned amateur sleuth is getting measured for murder. . .

Iris Buckley is sew ready for a change. After the death of her beloved grandfather, Iris decides to stay in her Maine hometown to help out her widowed grandmother, Anne—and bring her online hand-made apron designs to real-time retail life. Her and Anne’s shop, Ruffles & Bows, is set to include all the latest and vintage linen fashions, a studio for sewing groups and classes, and a friendly orange cat. The only thing that they were not planning to have on the property? A skeleton in the basement

Anne recognizes the remains of an old friend, and when a second body shows up in the apron shop—this time their corrupt landlord, whom Anne had been feuding with for decades—she becomes a prime suspect. Now, it’s up to Iris to help clear her name. Enlisting the help of her old high-school crush Ian Stewart who, like certain fabrics, has only gotten better-looking with age and her plucky BFF Madison Morris, Iris must piece together an investigation to find out who the real killer is. . .and find a way to keep her brand-new business from being scrapped in the process.

About Elizabeth Penney

Elizabeth Penney is an author, entrepreneur, and local food advocate living in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In addition to writing full-time, she operates a small farm. Elements that often appear in her novels include vintage summer cottages, past/present mysteries, and the arts. She is represented by the fabulous Elizabeth Bewley at Sterling Lord Literistic.

Elizabeth’s writing credits include over twenty mysteries, short stories, and hundreds of business articles. A former consultant and nonprofit executive, she holds a BS and an MBA. She’s also written screenplays with her musician husband.

She loves walking in the woods, kayaking on quiet ponds, trying new recipes, and feeding family and friends.

Author Links

Twitter: @liz2penney

Purchase LinksAmazon Barnes & Noble IndieBound

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Sneaky interviews Ursula, the cat from A Mysterious Mix Up, An Allie Cobb Mystery by J.C. Kenney

Sneaky here with a repeat guest. Previously, I interviewed Ursula, the cat, and now she has a new book in her series. Here is the link to the last interview:

Ursula, it’s great to have you with us. Please reintroduce yourself and your author.

My pleasure, Sneaky. Nice to see you again, too. My name is Ursula but most humans call me Ursi. I’m named after the author Ursula K. Le Guin. My human’s name is Allie Cobb, so I guess my last name is Cobb. My author’s name is J.C. Kenney. He has a cat named Maria.

Great to have you hear again. Please update your list of books for our readers.

I’ve appeared on all of my human’s books. The first book is called A Literal Mess and came out in January 2019. The second one, A Genuine Fix, was published in July 2019. That’s the one that you first interviewed me on. Today, I’m talking about the third book, A Mysterious Mixup, that just came out January 7. My author’s working on book four in the series, which we hope will be out in about a year from now.

That’s wonderful. There’s four books in my Cobble Cove series, too, and my author also hopes to write #5 later this year. Please give us information about your series.

So far, three books make up The Allie Cobb Mysteries Series and I’ve been on the cover of each one. My author has plans for three more books in the series, so I’ll get to be on even more covers!

That’s pawsome. I only made one cover, my third book, Written in Stone, and it’s not really me but a good likeness.

Are you based on a real animal such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

My author has a weekly post that he calls Monday Morning Maria. It’s a picture of her with a witty quote. Because of that, humans think I’m based on her. While I’m sure she’s very nice, I’m my own feline. For example, I love going for walks on a leash with my human, Allie. I’ve heard a story that my author tried to teach Maria how to go for walks and it was a complete failure. That’s life as a cat for you. We love being unpredictable!

Ain’t that the truth? I was loosely based on my author’s Siamese, Oliver, who traveled to Rainbow Bridge two years ago, but I am also my own cat.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

Here’s the scene my author wrote about a visit with one of the suspects.

Relieved that I had at least a modicum of self-awareness, I fetched Ursi’s harness and leash.

“Up for a little sleuthing?”

The cat trotted to the door then sat and stared at me with unblinking eyes, radiating an aura of impatience. She was ready for action.

The sky was the color of dull slate as we exited my building. A breeze from the north had grown in force, too. Rain was on the way. I flipped up the collar of my jacket. If we were lucky, we’d be back home before the showers arrived. Man, I was getting tired of lousy weather.

I’d never visited Porter’s house before. With his years in the hardware business, I’d assumed it would be flawless. When Ursi and I rounded a bend in the road and my gaze fell upon the home in question, my assumption was confirmed.

The Rasmussen home was an A-frame structure with cedar shingles and redwood siding. A split-rail fence ran along the perimeter of the property. There was an opening in the fencing big enough for an impressive path of flagstone pavers that ran from the sidewalk to the front step. Flower beds lined either side of the path. A soft glow emanated from a lamp in the front window.

As if a director had asked for increased tension, the wind died down, leaving the clicks of Ursi’s claws on the stone the only sound.

“Here goes nothing, girl.” For good luck, I picked up Ursi and pressed a front paw against the button for the doorbell. A booming ding-dong-ding made Ursi pin her ears back flat as I stepped backward. It was so loud I wondered, for a moment, if Porter was hard of hearing.

When there was no answer after a couple of minutes, I was ready to admit defeat and head home. I was turning away from the door when it opened with a quiet whoosh.

“Miss Cobb, this is a surprise.” Porter removed dirt-covered work gloves and offered to shake hands.

“Please, call me Allie.” Sweat broke out on my brow as the man stared at me, brushing spots of dirt from his gray sweatshirt. “I wanted to stop by. To see how you’re doing with…you know, everything going on.”

“You mean being accused of poisoning the town’s beloved librarian?” He looked at Ursi, who was sniffing the air. “I was working in the greenhouse. You’re welcome to join me if you aren’t afraid of being murdered.”

“Of course not.” A nervous laugh escaped as I scratched Ursi under her chin. “Is it okay if my cat, Ursula, comes along?”

“By all means.”

A scent of spiced potpourri tickled my senses as we followed him through the living room. It was painted a shade of yellow that called to mind an early morning sunrise. Framed photographs of flowers hung on the walls, the colors so vibrant I wanted to reach out and caress the petals. Gardening magazines were stacked on an end table next to a burgundy recliner.

From there, we passed into the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances coordinated with black, granite countertops to give the room a classy feel. The black-and-white checkerboard tile was spotless.

As we exited through the back doorway, I was left with a singular impression of Porter’s home. It was stylish but not ostentatious. Contemporary yet timeless.

There were also no dishes in the sink, no unopened mail on the kitchen island. Nothing was out of place. As much as I liked the décor, I couldn’t help but wonder whether Porter was obsessive when it came to keeping house.

If so, was he obsessive about anything else?

The backyard belonged on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. A greenhouse stood in one corner of the yard. A wooden shed painted deep forest green occupied another corner. In the center of the yard, an ornate stone birdbath gave the local avian population a place to get a drink.

The grass had a newly mown smell and a healthy, vibrant green color. A glance over my shoulder toward the house brought me to a halt.

“You even have roses?” Flower beds on either side of the back door contained a half-dozen rose bushes.

We stared at the bare, thorny bushes. In a few months, they’d no doubt be bursting with glorious petals in shades from red to white to maybe even yellow.

“My wife was named Rose. I grew them in her honor.” He wiped something from his eye as his voice caught. “She loved the smell but was wary of the thorns. She was always encouraging me to figure out a way to grow thornless roses. I never managed to pull off a completely thornless rosebush.”

How could a man so devoted to his wife that he grew flowers dedicated to her be a murderer? Like an incomplete sentence fragment, the idea didn’t make sense. Then again, if he cared for someone so much that he was willing to tend to a high-maintenance and prickly flower, maybe over-the-top obsession wasn’t out of the question.

Porter cleared his throat. He was at the greenhouse’s doorway with his bushy, gray eyebrows raised. Evidently, while I’d been gawking at the bare rose bushes, he’d moved on. After a quick look at Ursi to make sure she wasn’t doing anything untoward in the yard, I gave her leash a gentle tug and double-timed it to catch up with him.

The greenhouse was made entirely of glass. I tapped on a pane to make sure. Metal strips connected the panes, which were about two square feet in size. Ornamental stone pavers lined the bottom edge of the structure, which gave it a clean, finished touch.

We strolled down the middle of the structure. Raised, wooden planter beds about four feet in height ran along each side of us from the front to the back of the building. Above us, potted ferns so green they’d make St. Patrick proud hung from hooks bolted to the metal connecting strips.

To my right, three orchids were in full bloom. I ran my fingers across one of the flower’s delicate petals. It was as white as fine bone china. “They’re beautiful.”

Ursi gave a bossy meow, so I picked her up and let her sniff the flowers.

Her tiny nostrils flared back and forth as a paw reached toward the plant. I pulled her away and set her back down, my cheeks warming at the thought of my cat damaging one of his gorgeous plants.

“Sorry about that. I guess she liked it. Didn’t want her to get her claws or teeth into it. I’ve heard orchids are poisonous to pets.”

Porter bent over and offered his palm to Ursi. After she gave it a sniff, she rubbed her head against his knuckles and plopped down at his feet. With a chuckle, he scratched her between the ears.

“That’s not really true. This is a moth orchid, which is perfectly safe. There are some varieties of orchid that would leave Miss Ursula with an upset tummy, but that’s about it. No harm, no foul.” He straightened up and slipped his gloves back on. “I hope you don’t mind if I work while we talk. What can I do for you?”

“I wanted to see how you’re holding up. I know what it’s like being accused of taking someone’s life. How frightening that is.”

“Ah, yes. Georgie Alonso.” Using a hand spade, he stabbed at the black soil and turned it over. “Nasty business, but some might say he got what was coming to him.”

I took a step back. Sure, it was no secret Georgie had been a louse, but, in my book, it was bad manners to speak ill of the dead. Was that a sign Porter was callous enough to be a murderer? Maybe. Time to try a different line of questioning.

“I heard the police think Vicky was poisoned.”

“Indeed.” He pulled some seedlings from a flat and worked them into the soil he’d turned. “And that, my friend, is why Occam’s razor puts me in a difficult position.”

Occam’s razor. I sidled along an edge of one of the planter boxes for a better look around while I dredged up the term from the cobweb-filled crannies of my college years. After a minute of concentration, and not seeing anything suspicious, I snapped my fingers.

“It’s the principle in problem solving that says the simplest solution to a problem is usually the right one. The fewer assumptions you have to make, the better.”

While I basked in my moment of victory, Porter nudged Ursi away from a partially covered pile of roots near his feet. He adjusted the tarp to cover them completely.

Very mice indeed. Thanks for sharing.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

I think it’s important for humans to read how important we are to our people. We really are family members, who, when given the chance, give every bit as much as we take. Sure, I love to sit on my perch by the big window and nap. Who wouldn’t like that? I also know when Allie and her friend Sloane are sad and I make it a point to snuggle with them to show I care.

Yes. We character cats are similar to real cats in that regard. We are very intuitive and empathetic.

Are you a talking cat in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

I don’t say a lot in the stories, which is fine. I’ve trained Allie, so she knows what’s on my mind by watching my body language.

Same with me and Alicia and some of the other Cobble Cove residents.

What advice would you give other cat characters?

We don’t get to spend very much time on this planet, so enjoy every minute. Channel your inner Lil’ Bub and use your magical feline talents to make life for those around better.

Well meowed.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

Book 4 of The Allie Cobb Mysteries is in the works. It’s tentatively being called A Frightful Find. My author doesn’t have a publication date yet, but we’re hoping for early 2021.

Best whiskers with that to you and your author. Please come again when you publish your next book. In the meantime, I’m also sharing your current blog tour and rafflecopter giveaway.

A Mysterious Mix Up (An Allie Cobb Mystery)
by J.C. Kenney

About A Mysterious Mix Up

A Mysterious Mix Up (An Allie Cobb Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Publisher: Lyrical Press (January 7, 2020)
Paperback: 190 pages
Digital ASIN: B07QFN2CJ4

Murder hits the stacks when literary agent Allie Cobb investigates a fatality in the local library . . .

Allie Cobb returns home from a book conference armed with hugs for her cat and her boyfriend, and dreams of a long, hot bath. She’s also getting ready to take the plunge by hiring an intern for her expanding literary agency. But it’s one for the books when Allie finds the town’s librarian—and her longtime role model—seconds away from death on the library floor.

Who would want to poison Vicky Napier—one of Rushing Creek’s most beloved citizens—on the eve of her retirement? But it seems there were toxic people in her life, like the handyman with an obsessive crush, and a wood carver with a hair-trigger temper. The list of suspects includes Allie’s boyfriend, Brent, who’s in the running to take over as town librarian. Avenging her friend’s murder could be a trap as she goes up against a killer determined to write Allie’s epitaph . . .

About J.C. Kenney

J.C. Kenney grew up in a household filled with books by legends Agatha Christie and Lilian Jackson Braun, among many others, so it was no surprise when he found himself writing mystery stories. When he’s not writing, you can find him following IndyCar racing or listening to music. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife, two sons, and a cat who is the inspiration for Ursula in the Allie Cobb Mysteries.

Author Links

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Twitter –;

Facebook –;

Goodreads –;

Instagram –

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Sneaky Interviews Felix, the cat from Christmas Trifle, A Snow Lake Romantic Suspense Mystery, by Heather Haven

Sneaky here with one another pet character interview. Today, I’m speaking with a cat whose current book, Christmas Trifle is on tour with Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book.

Hello, there, Mr. Cat. What is your name and your author’s name?

I am Felix, a tuxedo cat. I am told I’m quite handsome. I must be, because they named a restaurant after me and even have a drawing of me for something called a logo. Sitting beside me is my dog pal, Oscar, a Golden Lab. He’s a great guy, even though he’s a dog. When our people parents split up, our dad took Oscar and named a restaurant after him, too. It’s gone to his head, you know. Dogs can be like that. Not quite as grounded as a cat. The author of our tail…tale…is Heather Haven. She’s okay for a human. But you know about them.

I sure do, Felix. It’s mice to meet you. My author once had a gray and white Tuxedo cat named Floppy. She wrote a book about him after he went to Rainbow Bridge. I also have a dog co-star in my Cobble Cove mysteries. His name is Fido, and he’s a Golden Retriever, not sure if that’s the same as a Golden Lab, but I know what you mean about dogs. They’re okay, but we cats are far superior.

What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

Christmas Trifle, Book One of the Snow Lake Romantic Suspense Novels, is my first book. Wait, hold it. Oscar just barked. He said it’s his first book, too.

Concatulations and Condogulations to Oscar. My first book was A Stone’s Throw, and I’m waiting for Debbie to start our fifth. She’s working on other projects now, so me and Fido have to be patient.

Are you in a series? If so, please give information about it.

Christmas Trifle is the first book on this series. It takes place in a small village in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Aside from continually messing up their lives, these people strap two skinny pieces of wood to their feet and then proceed to careen down the side of a mountain. Us cats know it’s much better to sit in a window and watch all this silliness from the warmth of a fire. Oscar thinks it’s very exciting to be featured in a book. Naturally, as the cat in this epic, I don’t find it exciting, but merely my due. Although I have a FaceBook page for all my fans to reach out to me. Wait, hold it. Oscar just barked again. He says it’s his FaceBook page, too.

Your series sounds interesting, and I’m jealous you have a Facebook page. My author has one. At least, she gives me a blog. That’s more than I can say for what she does for Fido.

Are you based on a real animal such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

I am a figment of her imagination. And as she is a figment of mine, we’re all good. Oscar, the dog, just watching. He’s not sure what a figment is.

MOL (Meow Out Loud). I was based on Debbie’s Siamese cat, Oliver, who also now lives on Rainbow Bridge.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

Charly looked down at Felix moving closer to the threshold. She saw the cat’s attention was drawn to something across the street, something in the bushes. She bent down to pick the cat up but before she could, he shot out the door, down the steps, and onto the sidewalk.

“Felix,” she yelled, looking past François. The sous-chef in turn, looked at the disappearing cat, wondering what all the fuss what about. After all, don’t animals, especially cats, belong outside?

Charly snatched at her coat, threw it on, and dashed out the door, closing it behind her. She tore off after the cat and ran down the icy sidewalk, wearing nothing but her thin slippers. “Ow, ow, cold, cold,” she added, as each foot hit the frosty cement.

“Sacré bleu,” uttered the Frenchman, still standing on the stoop and watching Charly in amazement.

Felix dashed across the street and disappeared behind a clump of bushes. Charly followed. She could hear a dog whining with happiness.

“Felix!” She caught Felix winding himself around a dog’s legs, and in surprise, noticed the dog was Oscar.

“Oscar!” She dropped to her knees in the snow, hugging the dog and burying her face in his fur. “Merry Christmas, you sweet thing. What are you doing here?”

She took hold of the dog’s lead, followed it, and saw Cliff on the other side of the bushes. In his crouched position, it was obvious he was trying not to be seen. Indignant, she stood and gave the leash as strong a yank as she could.

Cliff, thrown off balance, fell down in the snow. He rose, brushed snow from his coat, and strolled out as casually as possible. It was a stare-off moment and then Cliff became self-righteous again.

“You know, you really shouldn’t let Felix run across the street like that. He could get hit by a car.”

“I didn’t let him,” Charly retorted. “He saw Oscar. You know they’re like magnets –“ Realizing she’d been distracted into defending herself, her tone became as self–righteous as his. “Never mind that. Just what are you doing here?”

“I might ask you the same question.”

“Me? What are you talking about? I live here…ah…there.” Feet cold, she hopped from one foot to the other while pointing to her house. Charly noticed François standing on the front stoop, watching them intently. She gave him a tentative wave. He waved back with a heartiness that surprised her.

“A–ha!” The accusation in Cliff’s voice was loud and clear.

“What do you mean, ‘a–ha’?” She wrapped her coat around her indignantly, forgetting her half–frozen feet. “How dare you ‘a–ha’ me. You take that ‘a–ha’ back.” She had a flash of an understanding. “Wait a minute. Are you spying on me?”

“Spying on you?” Cliff sputtered. “Spying on you? Certainly not. I was taking the dog out for a walk. How would I know where you lived? You’re the one that took up a separate, new residence while I was off trying to build us a future.”

“’Trying to build us a future’? I can’t believe you just said that.”

“That’s right. Trying to build us a future.”

“You know what I have to say to you? Liar, liar, pants on fire. Read the divorce papers. You deserted me, you big ham, going off and doing that stupid show for a year. That’s all you care about, Mr. Restaurant Guru.”

“Did you just call me a ham?”

“I did. Hormel’s finest.” She drew herself up to her full height, stood on tippy-toes, and put her nose to his before adding, “And on top of that you’re a philanderer.”

Felix and Oscar sat side–by–side staring up at the fighting couple, looking from one to the other. Cliff, clearly shocked by her accusation, lost his grandiose attitude for the moment.

“What do you mean I’m ‘a philanderer’? I never philandered in my life.”


“So you can ‘hah’ me but I can’t ‘a–ha’ you? And who told you I cheated on you? How could you believe I would do such a thing?” he added, in a wounded tone.

“Oh, puleese.” Charly bent down and picked up the cat, hugging him to her. “I am done talking to you,” she said in her best dismissive tone. “Anything more you have to say to me you can say through my lawyer. And tomorrow I am calling him to have you served with a restraining order, so you can never pull a stunt like you did last night at my restaurant again.”

“Oh, really? Maybe I’ll call my lawyers to make sure you don’t call the reporters like you did last night so they can take a photo of me.”

Completely confused, Charly paused for a moment. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, yeah?”


“Says you!”

It was Charly’s turn for a snappy rejoinder, but thinking better of it, she merely tucked the cat under one arm, stomped across the street, and back to her house. Cliff stared after her. Charly marched up the steps and beamed at François.

“François,” she said in a crooning voice, but loud enough for Cliff to hear, “would you like to come inside?”

François returned the smile, eager to be invited in. “Oui, oui. It is cold out here. How you stand the weather in this town, I will never know. Snow, snow, always the snow.”

“Well, it’s much warmer inside,” she said suggestively, looking at Cliff across the street. Charly opened the door and strolled inside, followed by François.

Cliff watched this display with disgust. “Come, Oscar,” he said in a loud voice. “I see who the cheat is. Let’s go home.”

He gave the leash a little jerk. Oscar refused to move and turned to stare at the door Charly and Felix had disappeared into.

“Come on, boy,” Cliff said, before sneezing. Reaching inside his pocket for a handkerchief, he turned around, ready to stalk off.

“Oscar, now I mean it. Come on.”

Oscar paused, looking at the home across the street. Then he turned to his master and finally loped behind.

Wow, Meow. I’m clapping my paws. You’re a natural, Felix, and Oscar is pretty good himself..

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

I am their touch of sanity. Oscar, too. Even though they split us up, we don’t have to take it, so we didn’t.

Good for you.

Are you a talking cat in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

I may only meow but I feel I can cover an entire range of emotions. Oscar, too. He barks with the best of ‘em.

Same here for me and Fido. We put our pet language to good use in our books.

What advice would you give other cat characters?

As Oscar says, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” That’s Oscar Wilde, by the way.

I like a cat who quotes authors.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

Actually, my cousin, Rum Tum Tugger, has a new book coming out next year, Casting Call for a Corpse, Book 7 of the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries. That’s another series but Tugger has an important role in all of them. I have a little catching up to do but I believe quality trumps quantity every time. Don’t tell Tugger I said that, though. He’s got a mean left paw. As for my series – and I do like to call it my series – Heather says the next one, Spring Thaw, will be in the works soon, whatever that means.

Pawsome. I’d love to interview Rum Tum Tugger if he keeps his left paw to himself. Keep on Heather. Sometimes we have to push our authors to get them going.

Thanks for the purrfect interview, Felix, and best whiskers to you, Oscar, and Heather on your new release. I’m sharing your book’s blog tour below.

Christmas Trifle
(A Snow Lake Romantic Suspense Mystery)
by Heather Haven

About the Book

Christmas Trifle (A Snow Lake Romantic Suspense Mystery)
Romantic Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Wives of Bath Press (September 1, 2019)
• Number of Pages – 322


When chefs Charly and Cliff Harding divorce, she gets custody of their upscale restaurant and its namesake, Felix, the cat. He gets custody of their dog, Oscar. What they both still have custody of is each other’s heart. But they seem to be the only two people in the small ski resort town of Snow Lake, Nevada, that don’t know it.

When Cliff opens his own restaurant in direct competition with Charly, bad things start to happen. Death threats, accidents, and murder are now on the menu. Their ‘if-you-can’t-take-the-heat-then-get-out-of-the-kitchen’ battles are backfiring, and regrets consume the two of them. But can they find their way back to each other? Or is it too late? Because they just might spend the rest of their lives in prison unjustly accused of killing someone. Or can love triumph over even murder?

About Heather Haven

Heather Haven, in the midst of writing her fourteenth novel, has also written short stories, comedy acts, television treatments, ad copy, commercials, and plays. She has won numerous awards for her Silicon Valley-based Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries; Manhattan-based WWII Persephone Cole Vintage Mysteries; Ringling Brothers’ Circus mystery noir, Death of a Clown; and Corliss and Other Award-Winning Stories. She has two romantic suspense series: Love Can be Murder Mystery Novellas with Lee Alvarez and Gurn Hanson, the Nick and Nora Charles of Silicon Valley, and the new Snow Lake Romantic Suspense Novels, of which Christmas Trifle is Book One.

She and her husband of thirty-four years are allowed to live with their two cats, Ellie and Yulie, in the foothills of San Jose, California.

Author Links

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter – @HeatherHaven

Purchase Link – Amazon

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Sneaky Interviews Vanilla the Dog from Blind Sight, A Lucille Pfiffer Mystery by Tanya R. Taylor

Sneaky here with one another pet character interview. Today, I’m speaking with a dog whose current book, Blind Sight is on tour with Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book.

Hello, there, Mr. Dog. What is your name and your author’s name?

My name is Vanilla; they call me “Nilla” for short. My author’s name is Tanya R. Taylor.

Nice to meet you. What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

I appear in the Lucille Pfiffer Mystery Series. The first book is BLIND SIGHT and the second is BLIND ESCAPE. I will also be appearing in other books in this series. It’s a Cozy Mystery series.

Pawsome. I love cozy mysteries. I’m in a series myself, The Cobble Cove mysteries, although purrsonally I think they should be called Sneaky the Library Cat mysteries. Tell us about your series.

My owner, Lucille Pfiffer is blind, and I’m her companion and protector, although she thinks she’s big and bad enough to protect herself. She’s really good at solving mysteries and I think I’m kind of good at it myself. 

I’m good at discovering clues. I think animals and mysteries go together because they have such good sixth senses.

Are you based on a real dog such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

Yes, I am. My real name is Vanilla, just like in the books. I am the cute pet of my author’s daughter, Mercedes, and we have a very loving family.

That’s wonderful. My author has three cats, but she lost the Siamese, Oliver, on whom I was based.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

Sure. Here it is:

Nilla got to explore one of the mazes and Theodore laughed heartily as she seemed to be confused about midway as to which direction to take. He tried to coach her, but I don’t think she trusted Theodore to lead her in the right direction, especially after she knew she was responsible for biting those toes of his countless times. Theodore must’ve thought for a moment before volunteering his help that revenge is sweet!

Bow Wow! That was wonderful. Thank you.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?
My author adds humor to this series and I like that. She also portrays me the way that I am in real life.

That’s nice. My author also tries to add humor to our mysteries. I think people enjoy that.

Are you a talking pet in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

I’m a dog – a Shih Tzu, actually. I talk all the time. They call it “barking’, but I call it “talking”.

I know what you mean. I also like to meow, purr, and do the wide range of cat noises.

What advice would you give other dog characters?

Be yourself and let that shine through in your role. That’s my best advice.


Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

BLIND SIGHT is just Book one in the series, so far. There are many more books to come in this series, so make sure to be on the look-out.

I’ll do that, and I’m sure my readers will, as well.

Are you and/or your author on social media? If so, please list your links.

My author is. Here are her links:




My author will look you up. Thanks so much for the interview, and best tail wags on your new release. I’m sharing your blog tour below.

(Lucille Pfiffer Mystery Series)
by Tanya R. Taylor

About the Book

BLIND SIGHT (Lucille Pfiffer Mystery Series)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Self Published (July 28, 2019)
Number of Pages: 200
Digital ASIN: B07RVF7W99

Lucille Pfiffer sees, but not with her eyes. She lives with her beloved dog Vanilla (“Nilla” for short) in a cozy neighborhood that is quite “active” due to what occurred in the distant past. Though totally blind, she plays an integral role in helping to solve pressing and puzzling mysteries, one right after the other, which, without her, might remain unsolved.

The question is: How can she do any of that with such a handicap?

About Tanya R. Taylor

Tanya R. Taylor has wowed readers with her riveting plots and compelling themes.

She is the author of several #1 bestsellers on Amazon and published her first book titled: ‘A Killing Rage’ as a young adult.

She has worked in the Financial arena and is also a seasoned ghostwriter. Her book ‘Cornelius’ climbed to #1 in the Teen & Young-adult Multi-generational Family Fiction category. And her supernatural, suspense/thrillers – ‘CARA’ and ‘INFESTATION: A Small Town Nightmare’ are multiple times #1 international bestsellers.

Tanya writes in various genres including Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Thrillers, Science-fiction, Mystery and Suspense.

She has a passion for the welfare of children and animals. Her hobbies include Reading, writing, and researching.

Author Links






Purchase Link – Amazon

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