Sneaky Interviews Seaview from Cat Conundrum, A Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery by Mollie Hunt

Hello, Mr. Cat. Welcome to Sneaky’s the Library’s blog. What is your name and your author’s name?

Hello, Sneaky! Why, I’m called Seaview, but that’s a long story. It isn’t my real name, you see. My author’s name is Mollie Hunt. (That is her real name.)

Mice to meet you both. What book(s) have you appeared in? Please list them and their genre.

Cat Conundrum is the name of the book. It’s Mollie’s  7th cozy mystery. I’m a first-timer, but it may not be my last.

I hope it isn’t. You sound like you would make a great recurring cat character.

 Are you in a series? If so, please give information about it.

As I understand it, the Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mysteries are a series, but you don’t have to read them in order, so you can start with mine. He-he! They feature Lynley Cannon, a sixty-something cat shelter volunteer who finds more trouble than a cat in catnip. She certainly has her hands full with me.

Sounds pawsome.

Are you based on a real cat such as your author’s? If so, please give further details.

I am a what humans call a Maine Coon cat. I’m big and strong with luxurious long silver furs, and though my author has seen cats like me at cat shows and in pictures, alas she has none of her own.

You must be quite handsome. I’m handsome, too. I’m a Siamese. I was loosely based on Debbie’s cat, Oliver, who has since gone to Rainbow Bridge. I am honored to keep his memory alive in the Cobble Cove mysteries.

Can you share an excerpt from one of your books that features you in an important scene? If so, please include it.

Here you go! In this scene, Lynley has agreed to foster me as the police search for clues to a locked-room murder!

Cat Conundrum, Chapter 6

The microchip helps pets reunite with their people, sometimes across many miles. If your microchipped cat gets lost, a vet or shelter can easily trace you as long as you keep your information current.

The cat sat, comfortable as could be, on the back of the couch, staring out at the ocean. He was a large boy, extremely large, with the luxurious, long fur and sweet little tufts on his ears indicative of the Maine Coon breed. The color was a silver-gray with hints of cream on his underside. Samples of the blood on his paws had been collected for analysis, and as soon as we’d got back to the guesthouse, I’d washed off the remainder, revealing sparkling white booties. He was gentle and friendly, nothing like the aggressive wildcat the police had first presumed him to be. I’d been calling him Seaview, after the museum where he was found. He wore no tag and I couldn’t feel the distinctive capsule-shaped lump between his shoulders that would signify a microchip, though the shelter would check once their volunteer managed to make it by. Still, the perfect fur, the calm demeanor—he had to be somebody’s cat. I was certain someone would come forward to reclaim him soon.

That didn’t explain how he’d come to be in the study with the dead man. Had the man brought him along with him? Had the cat snuck in somehow? Once the victim had bolted the door, he would have been stuck for the duration.

The severe scratches on the victim’s face had not been done by a cat, even though on first scan, they had fooled Denny Paris, a seasoned animal investigator who had seen his share of maulings. But there was blood on Seaview’s paws—how did it get there if he weren’t the aggressor?

“Lots of questions, eh, Seaview?” I asked, giving his sideburn a scritch for which I was rewarded with a low, rolling purr. “I don’t suppose you could tell us the answers. You know it would save us all a lot of time and trouble if you would.”

Seaview’s only reply was a love-blink from his beautiful sea-green eyes.

What a purr-fect excerpt. Thanks for sharing.

What do you like most about your role in your authors’ books?

I get to be both the villain and the hero. But you have to read the book if you want to know the twist.

Wow, Meow! I must do that or at least ask my author to read it to me.

Are you a talking cat in your books or just a silent one like I am who just meows occasionally?

Well, well, if you have ever heard one of my breed speak, you would not mistake it for a mere meow. Sometimes I trill, sometimes I scream, most of the time I just purr. But as to human-talk, I do not bother.

I was that way once myself at the beginning of my series, but now readers can “see” my thoughts and so can my fellow pet co-stars in the series. It’s lots of fun, but the human characters in the books can’t understand anything we pet characters say, so we have to use regular feline methods of communication – purrs, meows, yowls, etc.

What advice would you give other cat characters?

My friend and fellow feline, always be yourself. Though your author may think they want you to do this or that, it’s up to you to guide them in the purr-fect direction.

Excellent advice, Seaview.

Do you have any new books coming out? Please give dates and details.

The next in Mollie’s series will be Adventure Cat, coming fall of 2021. The feline star of that story is Spot from Cat’s Cradle, a Crazy Cat Lady short story, who will be making a startling comeback. I, however, may not be around for a while since my home is on the coast. There is a familial tie with Lynley’s friend Special Agent Denny Paris, so you never know. I could show up any time.

Mollie also has a sci-fantasy coming out at the beginning of 2021. Cat Winter is the second book in the Cat Seasons Tetralogy where cats save the world. Those cats do speak, but I don’t know them personally.

Your author sure is busy. You remind me of Salem, the black cat who made a guest appearance in our latest mystery, No Gravestone UnturnedHe also may return at some point but now resides in another state.

Are you and/or your author on social media? If so, please list your links.

You can find Mollie Hunt, Cat Writer on her Blogsite:

Amazon Page:

Facebook Author Page:


Sign up for Mollie’s Extremely Informal Newsletter at:

Pay her a visit. She’s all about cats.

Your author is like mine, and they are both members of the Cat Writers’ Association. We are so lucky.

I’m sharing your blog tour and giveaway below. Best whiskers to you and Mollie.

Cat Conundrum (Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mysteries)
by Mollie Hunt

About Cat Conundrum

Cat Conundrum (Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mysteries)
Cozy Mystery
7th in Series
Independently Published (October 29, 2020)
Number of Pages: 292
Digital ASIN: B08KSK1531

A locked room. A dead man. The cat is the only witness, and he isn’t talking.

Locked-room murders are being committed in sleepy little Long Beach, Washington. As to the killer, Sheriff Matt Boulder has no idea who or why.

The sheriff needs help. He calls his friend, animal cop Denny Paris, and gets a surprise bonus: Lynley Cannon, amateur sleuth. This isn’t how the sixty-something cat shelter volunteer envisioned her beach vacation, but when Denny asks her to join him in the search, how can she refuse?

While the officers investigate one line of inquiry, Lynley takes a different approach. Her only clues, a cat found at the murder scene and a rich man’s missing wife, lead her thread by thread to a scheme more insidious than fiction.

But who will she tell when she turns out to be the one in the locked room?

About Mollie Hunt

Native Oregonian Mollie Hunt has always had an affinity for cats, so it was a short step for her to become a cat writer. Mollie is the author of The Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery Series, featuring Lynley Cannon, a sixty-something cat shelter volunteer who finds more trouble than a cat in catnip. The 3rd in the series, CAT’S PAW, was a finalist for the 2016 Mystery & Mayhem Book Award. The 5th, CAT CAFÉ, won the World’s Best Cat Litter-ary Award in 2019. The 6th, COSMIC CAT, is the winner of the Cat Writers Association Muse Medallion Award for Best Cat Mystery 2019.

Mollie’s sci-fantasy, CAT SUMMER (Fire Star Press) also won a Muse Medallion, this time for Best Cat Sci-fi Fantasy. CAT SUMMER is the first in her Cat Seasons Tetralogy where cats save the world from an evil older than history—twice! Mollie published a stand-alone mystery, PLACID RIVER RUNS DEEP, which delves into murder, obsession, and the challenge of chronic illness in bucolic southwest Washington. Two of her short cat stories have been published in anthologies. She has a little book of Cat Poems as well.

Mollie is a member of the Oregon Writers’ Colony, Sisters in Crime, Willamette Writers, the Cat Writers’ Association, and the Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA). She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and a varying number of cats. Like Lynley, she is a grateful shelter volunteer.

Author Links

You can find Mollie Hunt, Cat Writer on her blogsite:

Amazon Page:

Facebook Author Page:

Fire Star Author Page:\



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