Harry’s Kitty Korner #24: I’m Proud to be a Mini Panther on National Black Cat Appreciation Day

Meow there. It’s Harry. I know I’ve been too lazy to post lately, but I have some exciting news to share today. Not only is this National Black Cat Appreciation Day, but a poem has been written about me and is featured in a new poetry collection, Meows and Purrs: A Collection of Cat Poems by my purrson, Debbie. The poem, “Mini Panther,” also includes my photo. Check it out here:

Mini Panther

Mini Panther

Dark as night

Golden eyes shining bright.

Tame yet wild

Stalking prey

On a string I wave.

Crouching low

Ready to spring

At the sound

Of the catfood tin.

Mini Panther

Sleek and slim

Sturdy body, long lean limbs

Tiny black kitten

Now full grown

My Mini Panther guards our home.

Purchase Link: http://mybook.to/mapddl

To celebrate my having a poem written about me and this wonderful holiday for black cats, I’m sharing some more photos of me to prove that black cats are special. I think you’ll agree after viewing them. Please comment on this blog if you do. I love compliments.

Also, check out some of these great books featuring black cats including Debbie’s No Gravestone Unturned.


If you have a mini panther or house panther, as we are sometimes also called, show them your appreciation today. If you don’t have a dark-furred feline, why not adopt one? They make pawsome pets.

Have a great Black Cat Appreciation Day!

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